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  1. I am loving Minion's "Kill everyone" approach to the game - completely at odds with what I did on my first play through.
  2. I wonder if it's a strength / dex thing (played too much DS3, can't remember the stats in BB offhand). I always found him pretty straightforward but I was straight dex - lots of hits and combos, plus bolt paper buffing every hit, so was pretty mobile and didn't need to stay near him for too long to feel I'd got 'value' for that opening. Perhaps strength people get a tougher time from having to commit more to an attack / be stationery. This could be total bullshit.
  3. That boss is the definition of marmite - it's almost a 50/50 split on whether people found him the easiest boss in the game or the hardest. I always tend to clear the first set of spiders, use a bolt paper and wail away, then ignore spiders in phase 2 and 3, reusing a bolt paper if I needed it.
  4. Chalices are used to create entrances to Chalice dungeons at the set of tombstones leading up and round to the left when you're stood near the doll. For each type you need a chalice (which either drops from a boss in the game or from within a chalice dungeon itself) and then a certain number of materials - you'll come across some of them (like Tomb Mould, Severed Eye etc) on your normal play through and a load drop within the Chalice Dungeons themselves. Some of them are pretty rare. There are a number of set dungeons, which are the same every time, and then you can generate random ones. If you get a good random one (i.e. it contains high end gems or whatnot) then you can share it - Reddit and other places have lists of good Chalice dungeons that people have generated and shared. In general, the Chalice Dungeons are ok - people tend to do them either to get the platinum or to farm high end gems. The most common complaint is that, even in the set dungeons, the level design isn't that interesting. They range in difficulty from dead easy (you tend to not go in until you're vastly over levelling the early ones) through to some of the hardest normal game content. I liked them in a fairly mindless way - they follow a common pattern and it was only the bosses that were sometimes challenging (and some of the Chalice bosses are total gits - there are some Chalice Dungeon unique bosses and even the recurring bosses from the main game are usually harder).
  5. Excellent work on Father Gascoigne. Loudly proclaiming your excellence to otherwise uninterested partners / pets / passers by in the street is a common reaction to killing bosses in Bloodborne. It was like a WWE wrestler entrance in my house when I killed the last dlc boss.
  6. He's just surrounded by a poison cloud isn't he? Just move back when he comes forward - I can't remember him doing anything else too outlandish.
  7. Not to my knowledge - from memory there's one near the end of the main game, one near the end of the DLC and then others drop in high level chalice dungeons (possibly).
  8. Re: DLC - I did everything (all optional areas etc. No chalice stuff) but the last couple of normal bosses before going in. Think I was about level 70 or so. Re: FG - you're now good enough to finish the game If you can do him you can do everything it throws at you.
  9. TDK down - really liked that fight, pretty simple but enough fun stuff to skip in and out of and watch out for. Liked that whole area - went pretty quickly from "EVERYTHING IS BULLSHIT" to "I AM A KILLING MACHINE". Got enough weapon materials to level up loads of weapons as well (well, the 'normal' ones anyway).
  10. I think it's pretty good (although that seems to be a minority view at the moment). Listened to it every day at work this week.
  11. I've killed two (the one near the poison dropped a shield I think as well). Killed that one by kiting him back to a ramp and doing drop attacks. The other cornered me under the castle / fort where you fight the boss. I shot him with about 30 arrows.
  12. Takk Hexx and DoctorEgo, that seems startlingly obvious when you say it (especially as BB had that item) but as I hadn't picked one up on my travels I'd assumed there was no such thing in this. Hadn't occured to me that I could buy one.
  13. Started properly on the CoD last night - this is my first Dark Souls game (platinumed Bloodborne) so whilst some of you old timers may say the bonfires are too generous you better believe I was happy to unlock a shortcut back to the bonfire after that fight across the rooftops. That was great. Quick question - how do I get rid of maggots? Blocking a fire arrow got rid of them but that seems a bit extreme - is there anything I can do to myself?
  14. What do I get for being invaded and winning? I've been invaded twice and killed them twice but not really sure I got anything (some souls I guess but not a huge amount). Do I only get invaded if I have an ember? I assume then I'm balancing the benefits of the extra HP from the ember with the threat that I mught get invaded?
  15. Pretty sure I've seen Mogwai at least once on all of their tours since 1997 (however many gigs that adds up to - with festival slots it's over 20). Looking forward to the Atomic shows later this year, just to see what they're like live without John.
  16. And Platinum done - two days to try and play something else before Dark Souls 3.
  17. Increasingly weird behaviour from McCarthy after the draw with Wolves yesterday. Can't help thinking he's getting ready to jump ship (I assume Villa are giving him strong signals or something). To be honest, I wouldn't mind if he did - I can't think of anyone obvious who would be better (who would actually join us) but equally I don't think McCarthy has any ideas about how to get us in the playoffs. I'd accept anyone that won't play Skuze and Douglas at the same time. Increasingly weird behaviour from McCarthy after the draw with Wolves yesterday. Can't help thinking he's getting ready to jump ship (I assume Villa are giving him strong signals or something). To be honest, I wouldn't mind if he did - I can't think of anyone obvious who would be better (who would actually join us) but equally I don't think McCarthy has any ideas about how to get us in the playoffs. I'd accept anyone that won't play Skuze and Douglas at the same time.
  18. Super Furry Animals - Guerrilla
  19. Chalice Cursed Amy I did exactly what Qazimod described until the final phase, at which point I swapped to Simon's Bowblade and used the transformed version of that to shoot the last 33% or whatever of his health away.
  20. YPQ killed. Second try - was easier than the two earlier bosses in that chalice. Just one more ending to go for platinum.
  21. This was my exact experience - he died second attempt on my first playthrough (I got lost trying to work out how to get into the room in phase 2 on my first attempt and got killed by some mobs on the stairs I thought I'd already killed as I didn't realise they went further down). New game plus - so many exploding stars! You'll be glad to know that after about the fifth death you no longer have to direct him, he just runs into the fighting areas. JohnnyRyall's tip sounds like a good one (further up this page) but I just poison knifed him from the balcony before he runs into the closed room. Two knives poison him, he runs about until it wears off and repeat.
  22. Got my new game plus back on track today - it had fallen off the rails against fricking MHotN of all people, just constant A Call Beyond spam which would eventually one shot me (with 50 vitality and wearing full Choir gear). So I cheesed phase 2 with poison knives. And don't feel guilty in the slightest - he can go do one. I'd been umming and arring about whether to go for the Blood Rock as I'd had such trouble with the Winter Lanterns on my first play through. However, whilst I was wearing full Graveguard gear last time, I didn't have the frenzy resistance rune as you pick it up behind those two snake balls in the Woods (and I didn't know about falling attacks so hadn't even attempted to get it). It makes such a difference - you can basically just tank the Lanterns grab attack as frenzy goes up so slowly you've still got time to use a sedative and then kill them before they grab again. So much time wasted when I should have just gone back and got the rune. Still you live (and die, and die, and die, and die, and die, and die) and learn.
  23. Abysmal play by Ipswich today - fair play to Rotherham, you're one of the worst teams I've seen here all year and we did everything in our power to ensure we lost to you today - you scored from us having a free kick in your half! Unbelievable. I have no idea how you've been beating Middlesborough and Wednesday (and clawing a draw back against Derby) - Rotherham look like a team that should be at the bottom of the league. And today we looked like some of their mates who'd turned up to watch and got roped into making the numbers up. I hope you stay up as you'd brought 300 fans along today and the team was clearly playing for each other and giving it a go. Leon Best is still a prick though. McCarthy should look at the game today and think "Christ I fucked that up". We had a game winning midfield on the bench and instead started at home with a midfield of Douglas, Hyam and Skuz, none of whom can pass the ball forward (or at all in Hyam's case). The same team was shit on Tuesday but effectively won due to a penalty from nothing - I just can't understand the thought process that sticks with that underwhelming team when Foley was so good against Forest, and Pringle and Feeney are proven Championship quality who can run at people. Feeney was the high point today for us - looked really good when he came on at half time. Shows the shit situation that Bolton are in that they have to let him out on loan (my understanding is that if he plays another game for them they have to pay more in transfer fees?). Anyway, Wolves next. Hopefully we can cheer up Dr Manhattan's Dad.
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