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  1. Quality coverage of the shit leagues in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jul/24/football-league-club-season-championship-league-one-league-two "Who are these teams ... Ipswich ... Town? Fuck that, source some below the line quotes and that'll do".
  2. I started a couple of months back on PS4. I really liked it up until level 50 (the cap in the base game) - and bought Heavensward. I'd been warned that you needed to finish the main story quest line before you could go onto the expansion, but hadn't been prepared for what a boring grind it would be. I should stress that obviously if you were playing it at the time then it was probably quite cool - new content being released in each end game patch and a lot to do in each, but for someone like me trying to catch up it was dull and they don't even try and hide the grind. An average evening saw me talking to someone, being sent all the way across the map to somewhere with no teleport to talk to some else, then having to go back to the original person to pass on their answer, then going somewhere else with no teleport to talk to someone, then back again, then sat in a queue for 20 minutes for a trial. For which, you'd get next to no experience so I wasn't even getting a head start on the grind to 60. And that basically soured me on the whole game - I moved onto the expansion, played up to the third area, level 54 but the shit quest design which purposefully wastes your time in pointless travel time and grinds (keep getting quests to kill the same bloody mobs in that Chocobo forest) got on my nerves so I stopped. Whilst still pre-ordering the latest expansion and keeping a running subscription. That'll show them.
  3. Have we done predictions yet? First - Aston Villa I've decided that John Terry will get them promoted. We've just let Stephen Taylor go (yes yes, I view everything through a prism of Ipswich Town Football Club) - I can understand why as he only has one working leg but in the few minutes he actually managed to play last year he made everyone else look so much better just by telling them what to do. In his last game his hamstring went, he was obviously in pain but he was still the guy keeping everyone together, telling them not to panic and just keep the ball until the bench was ready for the substitution (hilariously Luke Chambers then ran round the team screaming "DON'T PANIC" in their faces, if he wasn't so shit at football I'd love that guy). Anyway, my theory is that all Villa need is for John Terry to sit at the back and tell everyone how to be a good footballer, not be racist or shag anyone's wife and they'll go up. Second - Middlesborough Playoff winner - Wolves Only because of you lot on here - still, why not eh? Relegated Hull Birmingham Nottingham Forest Probably not, but all three could go completely pear shaped and any would be quite funny (unless you're a respective fan). Ipswich prediction 19th. Mick preposterously bitter by November. Calls the fans "Cunts" in a press conference in January after we lose to someone shit in the FA Cup Third Round. Quits in May for no real reason except it will be difficult for the club.
  4. Mick seems to have taken against Emmanuel basically. In theory, I would assume Iorfa will be back up for Spence but I think both Emmanuel and Iorfa are better than Spence so who knows. With a bit of luck we'll get a good season out of Iorfa but it seems terribly short sighted to me. If he turns out to be good then Wolves will have him back, we'll be stuck with a fairly limited player in Spence and Emmanuel will end up somewhere else as I think we've treated him a bit shabbily.
  5. So it looks like my favourite Ipswich player (Pitman) is leaving - to Portsmouth (he will score a fucking hatful of goals). And his replacement is rumoured to be Jon Dadi Bodvarsson from Wolves. Now, letting your best striker leave for nothing is risky business so this Bodvarsson guy must be pretty prolific ... Three goals in 24 starts and 24 sub appearances ... They must have been bloody good goals though right? Right? Right? C'mon @dr_manhattan^ @Boothjan make me feel better about this.
  6. Post on the main Ipswich fans forum today: "I'm genuinely far more excited by the signings we're making now than I would be someone like Neves." That's right Wolves - you may have spent £17 million on a Champions League calibre midfielder but we've signed a striker that failed to succeed in the Scottish Premier League. We've been in this league for too long, I think we've lost perspective of what is going on outside of the Championship. We're like the Japanese holdouts, the club that time forgot.
  8. Haha, yeah that's pretty much it. Effectively there's only one team in Suffolk and one team in Norfolk (and there's a long boring post to be made about how Ipswich have taken that for granted) - we don't have anyone else to have as local rivals, and we've usually been at or around the same level for much of our recent history. To put it in context, Colchester is closer to Ipswich and they fucking hate us (I watch a few games a season there from the away end with various friends' shit teams and it always amuses them that all the songs are calling Ipswich cunts), whereas we just don't care about them - why would we? When we were last in the Premier League (some forum members might not have been born then), Norwich were in the doldrums then so some Town fans had some weird ideas that West Ham were now our local rivals. Quite rightly, West Ham looked at us like a load of insane yokels (and then Martin Reuser scored a free-kick and we won 1-0 at Upton Park - which makes us the real winners).
  9. Ah, the Championship - where dreams go to die. Welcome to our new parachute payment overlords - if any of you newbies want to know the Championship ropes then, as an Ipswich fan, I'll be happy to help as we've been in this fucking league for fifteen years. We've bought a striker (Joe Garner) who is worse than one we're letting go (Pitman), signed two players that we had on loan / short term contracts last season (Emyr Huws and Jordan Spence), got a Man City winger on loan (Bersant Celina) and got a freebie (Tom Adeyemi). We've let Douglas go, Bru and Pitman can leave if they get another club and Berra has gone back to Hearts. Fairly underwhelming - however, I don't think we're going to go down and instead those bookies odds are a money making exercise in taking money from frustrated, angry Ipswich fans (which is most of us). The club and Big Mick really fucked up last season - the team was shit, Mick was pointlessly antagonistic to the (dwindling) fans and from a PR perspective they just got everything wrong; season ticket prices went up, they upped the age for subsidised tickets from 60 to 65, got rid of cheap season tickets for kids and replaced it with a more expensive option (for stupid pointless reasons), didn't comment on Mick's performance for ages, got rid of student tickets (replaced with young person tickets or something, screwing over mature students) and so on. And season ticket sales tanked as a result - they still haven't announced how many they've sold and the longer it goes on then the rumour mill keeps lowering the number of sales. Simon Milton has left from behind the scenes and it feels a bit like rats leaving a sinking ship. But, in spite of all that - in the last week or so the club seem to have finally realised they've fucked up (guessing the terrible season ticket sales helped) and are making small signs that they're modernising and coming into the 21st century. They're removing the on-the-gate premium so match day tickets will be cheaper. They're giving people that have already renewed their ticket £10 to spend in the club shop / on tickets. They're pushing for a reciprocal £25 away ticket deal with all clubs (which is a bit rich as we're one of the most expensive games for away fans). And so on - I still think next season will be terrible football wise but I'm more hopeful about the club in general. This should be Mick's last season in charge so I'd like to see clear signs that they have a succession plan and aren't just stumbling towards oblivion (which is what it seemed like last season, when we were all looking nervously at the likes of Coventry and wondering how the hell we'd survive if we went down). So to summarise, we're going to win the league. COME ON YOU BLUES!
  10. I saw the Flaming Lips at UEA on Monday - preposterous fun.
  11. So that was the season that was. 90% of my posts in this thread have been me moaning about how shit Ipswich are but, by fluke of being born here, they are my team and I do genuinely love going to watch them. With that in mind, here's the official SuperMBo Top 3 Championship Moments of 2016/2017 (#SMBOT3CM2016/2017) 3, Brett Pitman is the best I bloody love Brett Pitman. Of course, we're trying to get rid of him because when you're the rip-roaring, goal scoring Super Blues you have no need of your best striker and last year's top goal scorer (stick him in any Championship team that passes the ball and he'll get you 20 goals next season, most of them probably against us as he takes out two season's worth of frustration on our hapless defence). Anyway, Boxing Day 2016 was Fulham at home and we touched the ball about 8 times over 90 minutes so we needed a pick-me-up for our next game at home. Fortunately, it was Bristol City and Pitman scored an 88th minute overhead kick as we annihilated them 2-1. In a season where Tom Lawrence scored absolute worldies every other week it was still the best goal we scored all year. 2, Realistic mascots When I was a kid, and then teenager, and then young adult, and then adult, I'm sure that mascots were know-nothing twats and when asked what the score would be, would get over-excited and say "11-0" or something preposterous. Their favourite player would be David Lowe, or Chris Kiwomya, or Darren Bent - basically a striker. Which is fine - they're young and over-excited and its a special day for them so they want Ipswich to score a load of goals. And sure, they should appreciate the quiet majesty of Steve Whitton over Chris Kiwomya, but they've years to get old and bitter about football, let them have their day. However, increasingly the mascots at Ipswich are old before their time. This season they trudge out - "Hello mascot, who is your favourite Ipswich player?" "Luke Chambers" - LUKE FUCKING CHAMBERS?!?! Is that what we've reduced the children of Ipswich to? All that our mascots can cling to as a favourite player is a limited defender who tries hard and does a good fist pump? "Our captain Luke Chambers, a good choice, and what do you think the score will be today?" "I'll take a draw". Its their big day out at Ipswich Town, and they're happy with a photo with Luke Chambers and a draw ... And then it happened, at home to Reading - "And what do you think the score will be today?" "I think we're going to lose". When even your mascot, on their special day, thinks you're going to lose, you know you're shit. 1, Jonathan Douglas kicks a ball into his face On the 1st of October, 2016, at home against Huddersfield, Jonathan Douglas kicked the ball into his own face. Even just thinking about it now has made me laugh out loud. That was the moment I knew I'd renew my season ticket again for next season - you can't put a price on those sorts of memories. See you all in next season's Championship thread (Brighton and Huddersfield fans, we'll see you in the season after next's Championship thread - AHA!)
  12. Pffft, look at all your pitiful clubs trying to better yourselves. You make me sick. Far better to have strong and stable management from Big Mick and No Nick Name Terry. You don't get to stay in the Championship for 15 years by having ideas above your station.
  13. I'm a big fan of Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series; 10 big books and it gets very complicated very quickly (he's writing another trilogy set before this series and the guy who created the universe with him, Ian C Esslemont, is also writing books at a rate of knots). It's a big undertaking but it is one of the best realised fantasy worlds and stories I've come across. It rubs some people up the wrong way though. First book is Gardens of the Moon. Mark Lawrence has written two trilogies (and just released another book - Red Sister) that are definitely in the vein of Abercrombie and I enjoyed a lot. The first book of the first trilogy is Prince of Thorns (the Broken Empire trilogy) and the first book of his other trilogy is Prince of Fools (Red Queen's War trilogy). I've recently been reading through Peter Newman's Vagrant series (I think there's three main books and a couple of mini ones). I've read the first two main ones and really liked them - not life changing (and I seemed to get through them in a couple of days) so perhaps wait for a Kindle sale. The Locke Lamora series is still limping on - I thought the second was ok rather than shit, but the third is complete shit.
  14. After a long slog I've finally finished 2.55 and can finally move onto the Heavensward content. What a load of massively signposted tosh. I really, really enjoyed 1-49; 49-50 and the last dungeon was bloody annoying (with the cut scenes meaning I could either play or watch, and I stupidly chose to watch the cutscenes) and 2.0-2.55 has been some of the worse MMO questing I've ever come across. The absolute nadir was the (spoilers, I've just played through so some other people might too): Anyway, hopefully it'll get back to me being able to actually play the game and kill some things again instead of being an errand boy and talking to idiots (seriously, every npc character in the game just uses their linkshell or whatever to talk, but the player has to travel to talk in person - I teleported 98 times from 2.1-2.55, I know this as I got 99 free teleport tokens for a recruit a friend thing and I've only got 1 left). Edit - hang on, has Alphinaud's voice changed? Or has he just stopped moaning.
  15. I like some of the non main quest line stuff - most of the normal people you meet and interact with are total dicks that are more interested in hair loss or making a quick profit than the fate of the realm. I (mistakenly) thought the story in this was supposed to be good, so I've been watching everything. This did mean that in the 8 man dungeon that ended the story going to level 50 I did absolutely nothing; we ran in, a cut scene started, whilst I was watching that the other seven people killed the first boss, so as soon as my cut scene introducing the boss ended the next one showing its death started and so on. I never saw the other people in my group again as everything they did just meant I got further and further behind with another cut scene to watch. It made the whole "YOU'RE A BLOODY HERO" thing a bit hollow. I'm up to 2.4 now, so not long until I can actually play the fricking expansion I paid for. In 2.3 I killed the Primal threatening the realm and then was set to work doing the really important stuff - running errands for the receptionist. I'm a sucker for these sorts of games but it seemingly goes out of its way to be shit at times.
  16. I started playing this on PS4 a month ago and have been really enjoying it until I hit 50. Christ, I realise I'm playing old content and it wasn't really designed for people like me (who are just trying to plough through as quickly as possible to get to the new stuff) but the main story quest is a slog. I'm on 2.2 and as far as I can tell it's been purposefully designed to waste time - travel to this place that doesn't have a direct teleport, talk to person, travel back to where you were (which doesn't have a direct teleport), talk to person, travel to third place without a direct teleport, talk to person, travel back to where you were, talk to person, travel back to where you just were to kill three mobs, travel back to old Scion base (which doesn't have a direct teleport) and so on. And none of the story is interesting. I'm getting upgrades to my gear, but don't get to use them as all of the quests are talking to people. About boring things.
  17. Aye, my choice would be Huddersfield just for doing something a bit different with regard to the ticket pricing and (hopefully) showing other clubs that you can be a bit more proactive than just bemoaning financial fair play and screwing idiot fans over. Fulham were the best team I saw all season so its a pity they didn't make it. Second best bizarrely were Derby who absolutely annihilated us without even breaking a sweat (unlike me, who'd inhaled a McDonalds on the way home from work and force marched into town to make it in time for kick-off).
  18. I'd say definitely yes. After C you can pick what level to start on, so you can literally go to the last fight - pick whatever option you didn't last time to get D in about ten minutes. Then do the same for E (a bit longer to get this).
  19. I just went through the thread thinking "Surely someone has said Super Furry Animals!". Some of the later albums are a bit hit and miss but that initial run of Fuzzy Logic, Radiator and Guerrilla (with "The Man Don't Give a Fuck" in there and pretty much every single having excellent B-sides) is an incredible collection of music. I saw them do Fuzzy Logic and Radiator at the UEA last December and they're still brilliant live.
  20. I absolutely hated Seveneves - I'm not sure if I'm just getting old or if Stephenson's powers are waning but having loved Snowcrash, Cryptonomicon and the Baroque Cycle, I then thought Anathem was good, Reamde ok and Seveneves an affront to whatever you chose to be your God. I used re-read Snowcrash and Cryptonomicon every couple of years and I've made a conscious decision not to in case it turns out to be me (I don't think it is - Seveneves is just awful). And in the interests of not being entirely negative, I finally got around to reading Ancillary Sword this week, having had it for ages (and really enjoying Ancillary Justice). I thought it was really good, seemed to fly by (to the extent that I was surprised when I got to the end) so I went straight out and bought Ancillary Mercy, which I will read in approximately 2019.
  21. Please be Mick, please be Mick, please be Mick, please be Mick ...
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