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  1. Also Ipswich. Long-time season ticket holder (whatever that means these days - got to see one game live last season although IPlayer meant I watched all the games). I think we'll go up - there's been something rotten at Ipswich for absolutely ages. For a long time we've been really bad at playing football - the standard of play and just basic things like passing and moving have been beyond us. I'm hoping that Paul Cook's purge of the squad and the takeover and everything else will be the change we need to actually be fun to watch again. Player to watch - merman isn't exaggerating above when he said "Dumping most of last season's squad", we've got rid or are trying to get rid of about 90% of the squad. However, the one player who came out and said he'd fight for his place in the team and has just been promoted to train with the first team squad is Armando Dobra. I love him to bits - he's the perfect blend of skill and short fuse. If he gets fouled then you know that a short while later he will be seeking retribution in a none-too-subtle way. We were bloody awful last season and Dobra is the only player that I'd want to keep so I'm very pleased it looks like he'll be here. We'll probably sell him next week. RE: James Wilson - solid defender, no nonsense, low risk, put it into touch style player. He will not be playing it around at the back. Last season he was injured a bit, only played 18 games and somehow got Player of the Year. I think there was an element of his reputation rising through absence - as he didn't play that much he wasn't as awful as most of the rest of them. If he can stay injury-free then he's a handy player to have in the squad but I wouldn't get too excited about him.
  2. Some sort of platforming element that takes everyone a different amount of time to complete, allowing those that have already got through to try and push each other to their deaths. Other raid groups put most of their time and effort into killing each other too right?
  3. Bit of a schooling today - was surprised that we played the same team as against Brentford; you can't keep getting away with it and today we didn't. There's no getting away from the fact that our squad is paper thin at the moment, but it really showed up Mick's lack of flexibility and tactical nous today. Basically Fulham had watched a video of the Brentford game and set up to exploit our weaknesses. We're basically playing four strikers, but not in an all-out-attack formation, Waghorn and Sears are sort of playing midfield, and sort of tracking back. So Fulham doubled up on their left, and had someone hug the touchline. This was obvious within five minutes. We didn't come up with a way to counter this all game and basically they ran riot. We could have swapped Waghorn and Sears (as Sears will absolutely run his legs off all game and man mark people if he's told to), we could have pushed someone up on our right and exploit the space, we could have swapped to five in midfield, we could have done anything - we did nothing. And yet ... it could have been so different (and in keeping with our season so far). Fulham hit the post and had all the possession, but we had a couple of good chances but whereas we've scored from pretty much every half chance up till now, today we didn't and once Fulham scored we had no ideas. Still, can't grumble from four wins from five. I hope Mick doesn't resort to type and has faith in the team and we continue to try and play football. It's probably a forlorn hope, but I'd love us to be more flexible tactically. I know we've basically only really got 13 fit first team players at the moment, but Fulham knew what we were going to play and could set up accordingly - it shouldn't be that easy to play against us.
  4. Played well again and suited the game as he's good at getting foot in / stepping in when someone tries to go past him. Also had a couple of good marauding runs forward. Again, not really sure what Wolves' motivation was in sending him out on loan; have you got someone really good as your right back?
  5. Brentford is a good day out - good pubs and good stewards. Based on today, they play too much football - just checking the stats they had 65% possession but didn't really do anything with it. Given our make-shift defence they should really have just ran at us, played it behind the back-four, anything really other than nice neat intricate passing, which we just stood back from and then just tackled / blocked when they actually got anywhere near the goal. It really was an immense performance by every single player - such a change from last year's half-arsed crap. Crystal Palace on Tuesday - God only knows what sort of team we'll put out; youth team I assume as we can't afford to play any first teamers given how threadbare the squad is.
  6. Great game today - absolutely immense performance from Ipswich. Our squad is paper thin with injuries and illness; our starting 11 included four full backs and four strikers. Still, got to enjoy it whilst it lasts.
  7. WE'RE GOING TO WIN THE RUDDY LEAGUE!!! Wolves can come second.
  8. Join us Dennis! Search your soul, you know blue is a much more sensible colour for a football shirt than yellow!
  9. Three wins out of three for Uber Mick and his team of bastards. I hope he sticks to his guns and doesn't bottle it when the inevitable loss comes - we haven't really been the stereotypical 'McCarthy Team' for the last three seasons and, should this be his last year at Ipswich (and I hope it is) then I hope he really goes for it and goes out on a high. The new strikers are total bastard, Robert Fleck types (showing my age there) and it could be a good mix of the likes of them, players like McGoldrick who can actually pass the ball and then, hopefully, some of our youth team coming through - who are actually good players but in previous seasons haven't had a chance to play.
  10. We've signed a striker!!! What the shitting hell is going on? I can only assume that, whist walking to the game last Saturday I was hit by a car and the subsequent good game, win and now signing are all some weird fevered dream brought on by the copious drugs required to keep me alive. None of this can be real! https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/32007/town-confirm-waghorn-signing
  11. Most importantly, with the closure of the Robert Ransome - where was I going to drink before the match? As my old man is suspicious of anything that isn't a Wetherspoons we moved over the road to the Cricketers. First signs were terrible - drastically understaffed, but as the crowds lessened (probably with people getting bored of waiting to get served going some where else) it settled down and my Dad was happy with his burger and beer deal and I got stuck into drinking away my heart ache over there being no Pitman (he scored two for Portsmouth against Rochdale). Onto the game, I thought we played pretty well - it was a good game. It was very much back to the style of two seasons ago - right up until we got absolutely shat upon at Reading away, McCarthy completely lost his nerve and we played dour, shit defensive football for the next one and a half seasons. Dozzell looked bloody good in the 40 minutes or so - real pity that it seems so serious an injury and I hope it turns out to be something lesser and he's back relatively soon, or if not it doesn't impede his progress as he looks to be a proper player. Birmingham can probably feel themselves pretty hard done by - we should have probably won 2-0 (Sears missed an open goal when it seemed easier to put it in) but around that Birmingham had some good chances and the best of the first half and were probably good value for a draw. I don't think either team are really any good and won't be challenging the top 6 which is one of the reasons I'm so pleased we won as I'm already seeing these sort of games as six pointers. Iorfa is bloody good - like him a lot. Whilst I'm annoyed that we sent Emmanuel out on loan (as I'm not sure Iorfa is that much better, and at least Emmanuel is ours) I think this will work out well for both clubs as he slotted in really well, and from Wolves' perspective he will get the chance to play himself back into form / work out some kinks or whatever your motivation was (you must have a really good right back for him not to play for you). Bart was as good as ever, Garner looked sharp and took his goal well (and is clearly a feisty fucker, so he'll either become a cult hero or get frequently sent off for stupid things, or why not both?) and even Knudsen had a good game (set up the goal and did another good cross that eventually led to it coming back in for Sears to make a mess off when he should have scored). Luke Chambers did a few nice fist pumps so well done him. All in all, a good day back at Portman Road and we've still got some of our better players to come back in.
  12. You cheerful, optimistic bastards. Buying players - who do you think you are? Melchester Rovers? The main Ipswich fan forum is Those Were The Days - there's a guy on there (HarryfromBath) who before each game does a 'View from the opposing fans' kind of thing where he goes on opposition teams' forums and collates a report on what they think about their team, the season and their chances against Ipswich (they usually think we're shit and that they're going to win). They're very good. He's just done a pre-season report for all the various teams - here's the Wolves one: https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/31970/turning-portuguese-i-think-i’m-turning-portuguese…--wolves-pre-season-report Feel free to also read the bitter comments at the bottom from sour Ipswich fans.
  13. Quality coverage of the shit leagues in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jul/24/football-league-club-season-championship-league-one-league-two "Who are these teams ... Ipswich ... Town? Fuck that, source some below the line quotes and that'll do".
  14. I started a couple of months back on PS4. I really liked it up until level 50 (the cap in the base game) - and bought Heavensward. I'd been warned that you needed to finish the main story quest line before you could go onto the expansion, but hadn't been prepared for what a boring grind it would be. I should stress that obviously if you were playing it at the time then it was probably quite cool - new content being released in each end game patch and a lot to do in each, but for someone like me trying to catch up it was dull and they don't even try and hide the grind. An average evening saw me talking to someone, being sent all the way across the map to somewhere with no teleport to talk to some else, then having to go back to the original person to pass on their answer, then going somewhere else with no teleport to talk to someone, then back again, then sat in a queue for 20 minutes for a trial. For which, you'd get next to no experience so I wasn't even getting a head start on the grind to 60. And that basically soured me on the whole game - I moved onto the expansion, played up to the third area, level 54 but the shit quest design which purposefully wastes your time in pointless travel time and grinds (keep getting quests to kill the same bloody mobs in that Chocobo forest) got on my nerves so I stopped. Whilst still pre-ordering the latest expansion and keeping a running subscription. That'll show them.
  15. Have we done predictions yet? First - Aston Villa I've decided that John Terry will get them promoted. We've just let Stephen Taylor go (yes yes, I view everything through a prism of Ipswich Town Football Club) - I can understand why as he only has one working leg but in the few minutes he actually managed to play last year he made everyone else look so much better just by telling them what to do. In his last game his hamstring went, he was obviously in pain but he was still the guy keeping everyone together, telling them not to panic and just keep the ball until the bench was ready for the substitution (hilariously Luke Chambers then ran round the team screaming "DON'T PANIC" in their faces, if he wasn't so shit at football I'd love that guy). Anyway, my theory is that all Villa need is for John Terry to sit at the back and tell everyone how to be a good footballer, not be racist or shag anyone's wife and they'll go up. Second - Middlesborough Playoff winner - Wolves Only because of you lot on here - still, why not eh? Relegated Hull Birmingham Nottingham Forest Probably not, but all three could go completely pear shaped and any would be quite funny (unless you're a respective fan). Ipswich prediction 19th. Mick preposterously bitter by November. Calls the fans "Cunts" in a press conference in January after we lose to someone shit in the FA Cup Third Round. Quits in May for no real reason except it will be difficult for the club.
  16. Mick seems to have taken against Emmanuel basically. In theory, I would assume Iorfa will be back up for Spence but I think both Emmanuel and Iorfa are better than Spence so who knows. With a bit of luck we'll get a good season out of Iorfa but it seems terribly short sighted to me. If he turns out to be good then Wolves will have him back, we'll be stuck with a fairly limited player in Spence and Emmanuel will end up somewhere else as I think we've treated him a bit shabbily.
  17. So it looks like my favourite Ipswich player (Pitman) is leaving - to Portsmouth (he will score a fucking hatful of goals). And his replacement is rumoured to be Jon Dadi Bodvarsson from Wolves. Now, letting your best striker leave for nothing is risky business so this Bodvarsson guy must be pretty prolific ... Three goals in 24 starts and 24 sub appearances ... They must have been bloody good goals though right? Right? Right? C'mon @dr_manhattan^ @Boothjan make me feel better about this.
  18. Post on the main Ipswich fans forum today: "I'm genuinely far more excited by the signings we're making now than I would be someone like Neves." That's right Wolves - you may have spent £17 million on a Champions League calibre midfielder but we've signed a striker that failed to succeed in the Scottish Premier League. We've been in this league for too long, I think we've lost perspective of what is going on outside of the Championship. We're like the Japanese holdouts, the club that time forgot.
  20. Haha, yeah that's pretty much it. Effectively there's only one team in Suffolk and one team in Norfolk (and there's a long boring post to be made about how Ipswich have taken that for granted) - we don't have anyone else to have as local rivals, and we've usually been at or around the same level for much of our recent history. To put it in context, Colchester is closer to Ipswich and they fucking hate us (I watch a few games a season there from the away end with various friends' shit teams and it always amuses them that all the songs are calling Ipswich cunts), whereas we just don't care about them - why would we? When we were last in the Premier League (some forum members might not have been born then), Norwich were in the doldrums then so some Town fans had some weird ideas that West Ham were now our local rivals. Quite rightly, West Ham looked at us like a load of insane yokels (and then Martin Reuser scored a free-kick and we won 1-0 at Upton Park - which makes us the real winners).
  21. Ah, the Championship - where dreams go to die. Welcome to our new parachute payment overlords - if any of you newbies want to know the Championship ropes then, as an Ipswich fan, I'll be happy to help as we've been in this fucking league for fifteen years. We've bought a striker (Joe Garner) who is worse than one we're letting go (Pitman), signed two players that we had on loan / short term contracts last season (Emyr Huws and Jordan Spence), got a Man City winger on loan (Bersant Celina) and got a freebie (Tom Adeyemi). We've let Douglas go, Bru and Pitman can leave if they get another club and Berra has gone back to Hearts. Fairly underwhelming - however, I don't think we're going to go down and instead those bookies odds are a money making exercise in taking money from frustrated, angry Ipswich fans (which is most of us). The club and Big Mick really fucked up last season - the team was shit, Mick was pointlessly antagonistic to the (dwindling) fans and from a PR perspective they just got everything wrong; season ticket prices went up, they upped the age for subsidised tickets from 60 to 65, got rid of cheap season tickets for kids and replaced it with a more expensive option (for stupid pointless reasons), didn't comment on Mick's performance for ages, got rid of student tickets (replaced with young person tickets or something, screwing over mature students) and so on. And season ticket sales tanked as a result - they still haven't announced how many they've sold and the longer it goes on then the rumour mill keeps lowering the number of sales. Simon Milton has left from behind the scenes and it feels a bit like rats leaving a sinking ship. But, in spite of all that - in the last week or so the club seem to have finally realised they've fucked up (guessing the terrible season ticket sales helped) and are making small signs that they're modernising and coming into the 21st century. They're removing the on-the-gate premium so match day tickets will be cheaper. They're giving people that have already renewed their ticket £10 to spend in the club shop / on tickets. They're pushing for a reciprocal £25 away ticket deal with all clubs (which is a bit rich as we're one of the most expensive games for away fans). And so on - I still think next season will be terrible football wise but I'm more hopeful about the club in general. This should be Mick's last season in charge so I'd like to see clear signs that they have a succession plan and aren't just stumbling towards oblivion (which is what it seemed like last season, when we were all looking nervously at the likes of Coventry and wondering how the hell we'd survive if we went down). So to summarise, we're going to win the league. COME ON YOU BLUES!
  22. I saw the Flaming Lips at UEA on Monday - preposterous fun.
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