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  1. Oldham at home - game felt like a practice match. If we'd actually put away more than one of the myriad chances we had then we'd have earned the right to do all the little flicks and step overs etc but instead we let in a soft goal following a long ball and now have a replay that we probably don't want. Fair play to Oldham, their fans were great - brought just under 500, had banners against the owners and so on, outstanding stuff for an otherwise fairly meaningless cup outing.
  2. Post when we're winning, post when we're winnnnnning, I only post when we're winning. I was pretty underwhelmed with Ipswich's performance against Plymouth - obviously can't plan around illness on the day but playing a not fit left back at right midfield instead of a not fully fit Celina made no sense to me and we just had no width until late on after we brought on Celina, where upon we spurned multiple good chances and should really have got a point we didn't deserve. And then Wycombe mid-week! For about 21 minutes they absolutely ran riot - we couldn't lay a glove on them. It's hard to tell on iFollow so I still don't know if we changed something or they got complacent but the game changed completely and all of a sudden we looked very, very good. We equalised and then they barely touched the ball for the rest of the half. Second half - more of the same although they got a second wind and our defence was very solid.
  3. Exciting end to the game today - Celina scoring the winner in the 93rd minute (or there abouts). Throws his shirt in the crowd whilst celebrating, Chaplin has to go and ask for it back so that he can play the last 90 seconds or so.
  4. Ha! I've had a bit of a sulk on since the Cambridge game and then the first 41 minutes or whatever today where largely the same as the second half of the Cambridge game - two poor League One teams struggling to do anything (and Portsmouth had a golden opportunity after about 10 minutes that they spurned). Then the Pompey keeper thinks he's still at Man City and tries to take it round Bonne - absolute madness, gifts a goal to us (although Bonne did very, very well to score) and it's plain sailing from there. Great second half - if everyone can just gift us a goal and fall apart for the rest of the season that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Absolute garbage on Saturday (watched it on I Follow). Something that I've been hung up on since we got relegated to League One has always been the need to have a simple, repeatable tactic that works in all weathers / grounds and can be effective against any team. Wycombe is always my example - they had a big bloke up front and knocked it up for him to challenge / cause chaos amongst the central defence. Cheltenham this year - long throw ins that are better than corners. Not saying you can only get out of the league playing long balls etc, but you need something simple and repeatable to fall back on if Plan A isn't working. Ipswich's tactic is so bloody complicated - it looks brilliant when it works (and going forward it has worked quite a lot this year, it has been the defence that has let us down most weeks) but away against Accrington Stanley in driving rain in a very open stadium we just had no clue in the second half. No idea how we could make it work against a team playing a well drilled pressing game in conditions that weren't conducive to knocking it about and intricate passing. We don't have a plan B - I thought we did after our equaliser in the first game of the season (long ball from keeper, flicked on header, goal - playing a 442 for the last 10 minutes) but we're so inflexible at the moment. Are we up for a relegation battle? I still think the players we've got are too good for it to be this ineffective for too much longer - it has to click at some point (please!). However, Cook has to be more proactive - too often it's just like for like substitutions. We weren't in the game at all in the second half and he waited until Accrington took the lead before making a change. Not that either was really effective.
  6. And up until the first goal it was absolutely turgid - dreadful weather, neither team being able to trap the ball, more throw ins than passes. Then a lose ball, Burns absolutely roasts his man (they made a substitution at half time purely to stop Burns, and then the next three goals came down the other side through Celina drifting out there) and suddenly we looked like an upper League One quality team! Morsy makes a huge difference (like someone's older brother coming in - he just seems bigger and better than everyone else) but the system does finally seem to have 'gelled' (to use Cook's phrase). People actually know who they're supposed to cover etc (it helps that Morsy is shouting at them all game). I'm sure we'll get injuries but there are some good players that might be sidelined - where does Edwards fit in (and he looked unstoppable in the matches he's played), we seemed to be planning everything around Vincent-Young being an attacking right back but we're so much more stable with Donacien in there, Pigott wasn't even on the bench last night! Nice problems to have I guess.
  7. It was hilarious, I'm in Sir Bobby Robson lower so it was just in front of me - just seemed so obvious and stupid, amazing it worked. Game itself was frustrating - did enough to win, the finish for Wednesday's goal was very, very good but the build up was us having the ball, being half arsed, giving a free-kick away, dealing with the free kick, switching off, concede. We then had multiple very good opportunities, spurned them and then looked completely out of ideas and very much like Lambert's team last season (side to side passing, no penetration) until Bonne decided to hide behind the keeper. Tomorrow night should hopefully see Morsy start - the season kind of rests on him it seems. I went to the game against the West Ham U21s (used up my free ticket from having a season ticket last year) - he looked good in that game and will hopefully give a bit of structure to the centre of the pitch. Talk of Edwards coming back as well - surely a team with Morsy, Edwards, Celina, Bonne etc. can win a home game!?!?!
  8. It was very scrappy (watched on I Follow) but we (Ipswich) were desperate for a win so I'll take it. One of the great footballing regrets of my life was going to the FA Cup game against Lincoln in 2017 - there were lots of Lincoln there (from memory we gave you one of the main stands as it was peak McCarthy so hardly any Ipswich fans were going to games, especially Cup games). They were selling half and half Ipswich and Lincoln scarfs outside. A half and half Ipswich and Lincoln scarf! I can't believe I just walked past.
  9. Urgh, Ipswich then. So incredibly frustrating so far this season. Some of the best football we've played in years (I was going to write something like "... since Magilton was in charge" but then I was thinking "Or should is it the most entertaining since Joe Royle" and then I started thinking about how long ago that was and it was just all too upsetting). But WE KEEP ON GIVING STUPID GOALS AWAY! MK Dons are a good, well-drilled side. Will expect them to be in the running for automatic promotion but we had them sussed - they had loads of possession but it was all in front of us, controlled, no real threat. EXCEPT FOR WHEN WE JUST GAVE THEM THE SODDING BALL WHEN WE WERE TRYING TO PLAY IT OUT FROM THE BACK! We're currently in the worst of both worlds - creating chances but not putting them away (Bonne missing the open goal against Cheltenham which would have put us two up, missing a penalty against Burton, missing a one on one on Saturday plus multiple crosses from Edwards which had an open net and just needed someone on the end of them etc.) plus just giving away one or two goals a game. Literally giving them away. If you saw the goal Morecombe got where Wolfenden dithered whilst playing it around at the back and their guy could run in and score then you've seen the goal MK Dons got where Evans dithered whilst playing it around at the back and their guy could run in and score. It wasn't even the only time we did that - twice in succession in the first half we had dithered on the ball whilst playing it around at the back and one went out for a corner, the other they hit the bar. There is the core of a good side there. Our two goals were great (Bonne's first goal is an absolute cracker) and in general I thought the gameplay was really good - MK Dons played really nice passing to one another in the middle of the pitch but ultimately didn't do a lot with it whereas we were breaking really well, Edwards is far too good for League One and was running through at will etc. But there were already some boos in the crowd at full time which is so shitty but even though this is pretty much a new team, people are judging them on the continued run of disappointment that is Cook's last 16 games last season (which were just as crap as what came before), Lambert taking us down without a whimper and then not even getting us in the running to get out of the league, Paul Hurst, McCarthy's last seasons etc. Still, gets me out of the house on a Saturday.
  10. It was a really good finish. I very much enjoyed the game on Saturday - just being back watching football felt like a novelty in itself. The good 21k at Portman Road. Harper looked really bloody good. Evans looked good. We were actually enjoyable to watch. Bonne's goal showed that we had a plan B (long ball down the middle, flick on and goal). The bad Our defence. The lack of depth that we have in the centre of defence. Did I mention our defence? Overall, showed a lot of promise and I still remain wildly over optimistic in our chances of winning the league. Morecambe were well organised, pressed hard and had a good game plan. And we were absolutely bloody awful at times in defence and pretty much gave them two goals (Stockton took both of them very well). I think it's the sort of game we will have to expect at Portman Road where teams come with a defensive game plan and we just can't give goals away like that and expect to win. After we equalised to take it to one all, I thought there was only going to be one winner and then we piss around at the back, Woolfenden gets caught and we're chasing the game again. The system doesn't fully work yet - Chaplin didn't have a good game and we're not making the best use of Pigott. I'm hoping that Edmundsen is fit soon and also that we've got another central defender lined up as otherwise we're looking very thin at the back.
  11. There's a lot of potential there. He was very highly thought of, then Crystal Palace made an offer last close season and I think his head went a bit - he clearly wanted the move (which is fair enough), we wanted more money (which is fair enough) and I think he sulked, for want of a better word, when the move didn't go through. He went from maybe being the first name on the team sheet to being on the bench, which I think further affected him, then when he came on he clearly felt he had something to prove and had a ten minute spell of making stupid challenges and injured himself. The rest of last season he was either injured or was so / so in a mediocre League One team. Which all sounds very negative but I do think he's a really good player and, like a few of the players that have came through our academy, basically needs to get away from Ipswich to see if they're any good. I thought a Premier League Team might take a chance on him and then loan him out - I think he's at least Championship quality and he clearly thinks he should be playing in the Premier League.
  12. Also Ipswich. Long-time season ticket holder (whatever that means these days - got to see one game live last season although IPlayer meant I watched all the games). I think we'll go up - there's been something rotten at Ipswich for absolutely ages. For a long time we've been really bad at playing football - the standard of play and just basic things like passing and moving have been beyond us. I'm hoping that Paul Cook's purge of the squad and the takeover and everything else will be the change we need to actually be fun to watch again. Player to watch - merman isn't exaggerating above when he said "Dumping most of last season's squad", we've got rid or are trying to get rid of about 90% of the squad. However, the one player who came out and said he'd fight for his place in the team and has just been promoted to train with the first team squad is Armando Dobra. I love him to bits - he's the perfect blend of skill and short fuse. If he gets fouled then you know that a short while later he will be seeking retribution in a none-too-subtle way. We were bloody awful last season and Dobra is the only player that I'd want to keep so I'm very pleased it looks like he'll be here. We'll probably sell him next week. RE: James Wilson - solid defender, no nonsense, low risk, put it into touch style player. He will not be playing it around at the back. Last season he was injured a bit, only played 18 games and somehow got Player of the Year. I think there was an element of his reputation rising through absence - as he didn't play that much he wasn't as awful as most of the rest of them. If he can stay injury-free then he's a handy player to have in the squad but I wouldn't get too excited about him.
  13. Some sort of platforming element that takes everyone a different amount of time to complete, allowing those that have already got through to try and push each other to their deaths. Other raid groups put most of their time and effort into killing each other too right?
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