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  1. Kimi as "star in a reasonably priced car" on Top Gear, March 11th. http://www.autosport.com/news/grapevine.php/id/97794
  2. I am so glad Capello went and Pearce got this. A much higher level of tactical awareness. Also Micah Richards has had a run out that he very richly deserves. We are lucky the way that Hart has developed to be a world class goalie after the problems we had just a few years ago. And it is good to see Leighton Baines not as nervous as he has been on previous England appearances. If he can reproduce his club form he will do well. Also it is good to see fat Frank out of the side. He hasn't contributed for years. Just a pity that we lack strikers.
  3. That is not "everyone else in the entire industry".
  4. Back in 2008 I said that this would happen. And can prove it: http://www.bruceongames.com/2008/09/01/high-street-game-retail-its-inevitable-death/
  5. Now England are just playing in the Wesh half. Anothe knock on not given.
  6. England just lost 3 points to a rare refereeing mistake.
  7. That was close to being a penalty try. The ref has been continually warning Wales about their dirty play. So the sin bin was no surprise.
  8. Well Wales are supposed to have the great strike runners. But England are matching them at this so far.
  9. England Ireland. Should be very physical. The England new boys are on trial big time. Personally I think that they are doing the right thing to build for the next world cup. England have the talent to do well next time there with the right management.
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