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  1. NLP is real. It works. Suggestion is real. I'm sure there are times when Derren wants us to think that he's using suggestion, when actually he's usually more traditional magic tricks, and I don't mind that. I think, if anything, it makes the trick seem more impressive, because rather than thinking 'well thats obviously impossible, I wonder how he pulled that trick off', you're thinking 'did he just implant that suggestion into that guys head? that's amazing'. Hypnosis is the same/similar to suggestion (not sure whether that is technically true as they may be slightly different) - and it works. When he extracts things by looking at peoples eyes, it's probably a trick. Although it may be a case of him reading peoples body language. Eye movements in certain directions can help with that sort of thing. Again, he may be pretending to do this when in reality he's using a traditional method of magic trick, but by basing it on something believable - rather than saying 'its magic!', it provides a more interesting trick. Two more things - As we're on the subject of 'the best thing hes ever done', I'd have to give a mention to the time he played 10 international chess masters (winners of major tournaments and stuff), all at the same time, and won the majority of the games. The trick itself was merely 'good', but the explanation of it and how he pulled it off was jawdroppingly impressive. - He has been hounded by mildly famous skeptic, Simon Singh, of The Independent (I think it's that paper). Simon didn't like how Channel 4 put Derren under the 'science' section of its website and he wrote some articles explaining how it firmly belongs in entertainment. On an unrelated note, Simon Singh is now in a major legal battle with the British Chiropratic Association who are suing him because of an article he wrote for the Guardian explaining how it was a con. The guy from Bad Science is fully supporting him on it as are various other prominent people n stuff, it's worth looking up (case might actually be over now).
  2. Haha. He IS the skeptic community! Did you ever see his show, Messiah? It featured him debunking Christianity, Alien Abductee believers, Psychics, and 2 other groups of nuts, in the coolest most fantastic way possible: by finding the 'respected' people high up in those communities, demonstrating his powers to them, and getting them to admit on camera that he legitimately held all those powers and that they endorsed him as one of their own. And then he explained how he fooled them whilst they sat there with egg on their faces. I think it was the funniest thing he's ever done. Oh and, like someone else mentioned, if you've ever seen his series, he often explains cold reading, explains how people use his tricks to make people believe the supernatural, etc etc. He was interviewed by Richard Dawkins for the excellent documentary 'The Enemies Of Reason', too ( ).
  3. The blood looked hilariously fake but Jamie's reaction was priceless, he seemed to think it was real. Gervais was good as usual. The clip from his film was great, I can easily see it being the funniest film of the year. Stuart Broad was very down to earth (I met him once and he's like that in real life, too). Only bad bit in the show was Ross's reaction to Gervais's joke about the Russell Brand incident - he just sat there for a second looking embarrassed and then they cut to the next question. Cop out, he should have had a great comeback ready for it.
  4. Public domain? What does that mean exactly, it's legal to download it? Funnily enough, Quentin Tarantino mentions in the screenplay of Pulp Fiction that the opening scene with Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer should involve them talking in a quick fire way (talking as soon as the other person stops speaking, with no space for breathers), giving the example of His Girl Friday.
  5. Is 500 Days out yet then? It feels like it's been 'coming soon' for the past year. As fluff rom-com goes, The Proposal actuallys looks pretty perfect. Trailer was funny and made it look good.
  6. This tour thing is going to last 5 hours? That's awesome, I thought it'd be a mini-recap or something.
  7. Anthea Turner one was amazing. I like this one from American Idol:
  8. From another forum: I didn't even know you could listen to music and browse at the same time.
  9. Same. It's best to just wait for the next HBO/Showtime thing. Boardwalk Empire has been picked up for a full season, and it will probably be excellent. Network TV is fail.
  10. You mean the way he emphasises certain words? Nah, it actually does work.
  11. I agree when it comes to the character of the neighbour. It felt like they were trying to create a stock character for the sake of it - "oh look its the Annoying Neighbour again!!". And then when he started showing up in every episode, that just reinforced the feeling that they were just working him into every plot. Compare the character of the annoying neighbour in this, with Wanda from Curb, and you can see how Curb totally pwns it. Although, I kinda feel sympathetic to the makers of LB since they're constantly being compared to one of the best comedies ever.
  12. Just finished watching all of this series. I've enjoyed it a lot, and I think it's quite rewatchable too. Has been strongly influenced by Curb, but it feels very different because there's a lot of britishness here. The notes scribbled throughout are a bit poor, the only one that made me lol was the one about people in panto shouting "Its beneath you!". The daughter and the wife are both very hot. The wife especially. Series 4 comes out this autumn/winter, too.
  13. Hanson


    I'd be more into them if more of their songs were like Just A Day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGrUVHqt2mE Fantastic video, too.
  14. Might have already been mentioned here, but Nick Cave wrote a screenplay for Gladiator 2 on request of Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe. They considered it for a while but ultimately passed. It's pretty weird (it involves Maximus fighting his way out of the underworld) and I wish it had been filmed, if only for the fantastic ending which I just know know would have blown people away. http://goneelsewhere.wordpress.com/2008/04...-script-review/ (theres a link near the bottom, not to be confused with the other random link to some guys spec script)
  15. Hanson

    Reading/Leeds 2008

    The best way to deal with that is to hang onto the last person in the line of people going forwards. They'll open up the crowd for you and you get to be closer to the stage without any effort. Oh and, make sure you find someone shorter than you, and then stand as close as possible behind them as you can, don't even let people walk between you. It ensures you never get someone massive suddenly standing right in your way.
  16. The one about models will probably be big, I might check it out. Glee had an okay pilot. As for the rest of them, will just have to rely on word of mouth because the synopses sound quite poor (as the synopses of many great shows invariably do). I'm surprised there hasn't been a show about rock stars on tv though. There was a pilot about an ex-rock-star recently that was never picked up, but I'd love to see something similar to Almost Famous, following the pursuits of a rock band on tour and so on. TV would be the perfect medium for such a story, too (more so than a film, novel, or whatever). There's a million rock band biographies out there waiting to be filmed by someone like HBO. The clip of Modern Family seemed a bit odd. They've taken the script and performances of a cheesy sitcom and filmed the main parts in a handheld indie-movie like manner, and it's pretty jarring.
  17. Never seen him live before, so definitely gonna go when he starts his next set of live shows. Think he's brilliant. The bit on his american show where he convinced people to give him their wallets (by handing them his bottle of water and confusing them by talking), and the bit where he paid for jewellery using bits of paper were awesome. And it never gets old listening out for him giving subliminal hints in his language when he's trying to make people think of stuff.
  18. From season 9, the best episodes were for me: Release - conclusion of Doggett's story (Empedocles from s8 is the first one about this, and its just as good). Great music in this episode, one of the best scores and direction in the show. Sunshine Days - for the awesome storyline. Terrible effects at the end, Improbable - episode about numerology killer with a great ending. Great direction in this episode. 4D - mentioned above
  19. Bit mixed up there. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man is in black and white, throughout, I think. Luke Wilson sherrif episode is Bad Blood. I don't think it's in black and white. Home is the inbred family one, from season 4. I'd add that there's a lot of fantastic standalone episodes in seasons 6-9. And the mythology isn't too bad. It's important to remember that a bad episode of the X-Files is as good as your average episode of, say, ER or CSI or Law and Order. People - especially the hardcore fans - tend to get carried away when they criticise these 'good shows gone bad'. Even if it's no longer groundbreaking and incredible, it's still remains very watchable tv with fantastic production values. I'm still amazed that they managed to pull off a new quality episode week after week, it's not like this was The Twilight Zone with it's basic cardboard settings, or a typical drama with a single set of characters and locations.
  20. Terrible, terrible screenplay. I've not read the novel but I just know they could have made something more cohesive and interesting than this.
  21. If you look at the basic synopsis of the film it seems kind of unoriginal (regular guy finds drug money, goes on the run and gets chased by people who want the money), but the way it's executed in the film makes it seem completely, utterly, new. I haven't seen it since the first time, I want to have a quick read up on the symbolism and interpretations so I'll know what kind of things to look for. Anyone read the book? I have a feeling it's just as brilliant as the film.
  22. Yeah you're right, JC mentioned in an old interview a major part of the reason he went with the CGI tech was for the freedom of camera movement it allows. It lets him move the camera around in real time and see on a monitor how the finished shot will look. I think a lot of big films can only afford the time and money to do a few fancy extra special camera shots in a film (like the one turning all around the moving car in War of the Worlds, the overhead shot of inside the apartment block in Minority Report), so I think we're gonna be blown away with the camerawork in this film. One of the coolest effects in Matrix Reloaded was the way that the camera seamlessly went through the cars during the motorbike chase scene. I'd love to see some crazy shit like that in this film.
  23. What effects studio made that POTC guy and what are they doing now? Benjamin Buttons entire head was completely CGI for the first hour of his film too. You can't even tell, you just assume its part CGI for the face.
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