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  1. Or not. I don't think amanset's arse is quite up there with Wii Fit girl's.
  2. Biz? Auds? God I fucking hate Variety.
  3. I'm surprised (and pleased) that these movies haven't been lined up for remakes yet. Although it would be a bit bizarre if they released a new "Back to the Future" in 2012, they'd be travelling back to the distance past of 1982 (assuming they go back 30 years like in the original).
  4. Why oh why did we not get a full series of this, where instead we got the shite Warehouse 13.
  5. Total Recall is surprisingly true to the short story IMHO, one of the closer Dick adaptations (although obviously everything that happens on Mars is new), as well as being a classic 80s movie. There's no way that a hack like Wiseman can even approach the greatness of that movie, so please don't even bother. Are there not many other Dick stories to adapt? I'm guessing they'll go ahead and call this "Total Recall" to cash in on the good name of the original movie. Humph.
  6. I've watched the entire first season, and its mildly entertaining, but that's about it. Probably the highlight is the episode with the trees mating. Its one of those shows that if it were never on again I wouldn't care, but if its on I'd watch it. So not really glowing praise, but its a diverting half hour.
  7. I'm willing to bet money this doesn't happen. Starz picking up Legend of the Seeker on the other hand, quite likely IMHO.
  8. The fact that Nolan has not yet made a bad movie, and has made at least 3 genuine modern classics, is pretty much all I need to know.
  9. No, I'm afraid scottcr is correct, as much as the other episodes people here have brought up are bad, Fear Her is the worst moment in recent Doctor Who history, its just unwatchable.
  10. Indeed, the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is exactly the same as the Going for Gold theme tune.
  11. Anyone remember Sport Billy? I don't know if it was shown in the UK or if I watched it when I was a kid in Brunei. I fucking hated it though. [yt]huJlDsfXf5U[/yt]
  12. dr_lha


    It certainly is. Still as low key as ever, but with more naked pregnant ladies and still thankfully no Boogie Nights style prosthetic penises.
  13. Add a couple of the missing dungeons as well please!
  14. So you wanted Zelda to be more brown?
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