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  1. Agree, I rushed to the store but as it's a purely single player affair it'll have to go on the wish list to be grabbed during a sale.
  2. Is everyone invoking Excite Truck being legit? That's gotta be one of the most fun arcade Racers ever made so if you're telling me there's a new game that lives up to that spirit, then I'm in. Even if it does use a license I loathe.
  3. But the issue was with people manipulating his digital image to do nasty things. Put it on Geforce Now or Stadia and the filthy perverts can't put him in a three way with Norman Reedus and Conan O'Brian
  4. They still happen, they're in the seasonal challenges.
  5. but the way she makes Paul uncomfortable is incredible!
  6. Thanks for this. that channel is amazing. I've been making my way through Late Night Big Breakfast on there. Such a good concept of a show and I love both the fast pace and subtlety of the jokes. This is a pretty good clip to highlight the nature of it
  7. That's not fucking up the release though. For a minute I was worried that WB had been scummy and decided to go cinema only.
  8. I don't think I've lost it at a TV show as much as when they showed the prep work for the NZ rap battle and watching David Correos go off. I wish this season could have gone on forever.
  9. I was very critical of the single player AI in the game's thread but it is a superb multiplayer game.
  10. So you're telling me that due to unforeseen complications, Tripwire have had to terminate his position early to preserve the life of the parent company?
  11. This is very disappointing. I S Ranked the original game, enjoyed getting every single achievement done and was going to grab the dlc but not now. I looked into the development of the game because this take seems as odd with the quite often overt leftist politics that the game presents. It seems a smaller five person team, let by Alex Quick approached Tripwire with the concept and then Tripwire acquired the IP and took over lead development, so yeah fuck those guys I guess.
  12. This makes it look like I swerve across the track into you and completely omits the car in front giving me a little tap causing me to lose it. FAKE NEWS!
  13. I got a 30 second stop and go because I forgot you need to drop down to first for the pit lane limiter to kick in. Then having served that penalty, making sure to use the pit lane correctly, I came out on the track to find the game telling me I had another 30 second stop and go because the game doesn't like me.
  14. Yeah, Only Murders in the Building is the TV show I didn't know I needed. The top trio are amazing together and I love it. I'm also pleased that Mighty Ducks got renewed for season 2. The first season was so pleasant it joined Ted Lasso as one of those refreshingly well made shows about nice people.
  15. I'm probably going to switch my car before the race tonight but I'll make sure it's updated on the website before the race. I was thinking the Audi as the times I've used it the car has seemed super stable and with my limited (no) practice available in the weeks it seems like a solid choice to just get me round the track. Also, not to complain but I did notice the étiquette had slipped a little in the few races I managed between injuries last season. Lots of conversations from people who had finished their run whilst other people were finishing up qualifying laps or still battling out on track for position.
  16. Yeah I have no interest in wrestling but there are so enthusiastic about it being good or bad that it's always interesting to listen to. Not sure why some people struggle with a small deviation to the topic at hand.
  17. I've picked it up on Xbox in the recent sale so would be up for a few races. I know the Series X|S versions aren't out until Feb but from what I understand the Series X version runs closer to 60 now and the game isn't quite the train wreck it was. It's good to have a picture of Meers to visualise the enemy during the race. Congrats.
  18. God no, go harder on the source material. The best bit of the film was him running a shame cruise before it descended into a lost script of an unproduced Pirates sequel.
  19. They had supporting content, not required reading lists. The handling of the Didact, the main villain was shocking. I remember just thinking " who's this dickhead and why should I care?". You don't introduce main characters in the side novels prior and not give them a proper introduction to the audience of normal folk.
  20. The 343 games are the ones that felt like they were designed for fan service by hardcore fans and have given extended universes bad names. I'm not reading 17 ancillary novels to understand who this fucker is or what that lady is super important. Explain yourself properly in the main series dang it! They have even admitted it themselves as a problem they are aware of and acknowledge. Before shortly announcing a spin off comic and novel so you can get all hot for the Infinite posse before the game comes out. Fucking Didact bullshit all over again. Somebody needs to reign in the brand.
  21. It's the biggest failing of the show so far. You'd think the director would listen to one take, whip out their phone and show the actor what they did before. I guess without being an underling of sorts the character never developed his affectations?
  22. After seeing this post I just tried the add on with the Xbox version and unless it's my imagination the aiming and movement with a controller seems a lot better than the default game and I may have noticed a tiny little auto aim snap at some point? I was messing about with my sensitivity late last night so it might just be that I fixed it last night and this is all a placebo. I wish it didn't have such an aggressive blur but with the coloured lighting back in the game already looks a lot better to my eyes.
  23. Excited for this but wish it incorporated the improved lighting from the Saturn version. It definitely looks flatter for it.
  24. They're brilliant. One of the only publishers that actually takes care of their staff, even providing them with suites when they visit trade shows. They also encourage exercise during work time and organise cube crawls where the staff get to move around and interact with other people. Definitely give them your support and money.
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