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  1. Various Non-Pixel devices AKA Samsung Galaxy Family. Just when you thought they couldn't disappoint more.
  2. Who on earth would have guessed we'd be living in a world where the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is far superior to a Star Wars movie, let alone the final entry in the Skywalker saga?
  3. I read all the negative responses in here, so my expectations were lowered and it still managed to be worse than I was prepared for. Another Way to Die and You Know My Name are the only two themes out of the Craig era, which also contains two of the worst Bond themes ever in the Sam Smith one and this dirge.
  4. Metal Slug is a weird one because the slow down is present in the original version, so an accurate port or even an emulator working accurately would have the slow down included as that's what the purists want. I know that when I'm playing an old sprite based game and it starts slowing down, I still get a feeling of excitement that it's pushing the hardware so hard with all the crazyness going on.
  5. Yes. It was surprisingly easy, so fair play to them as a lot of companies would hide that away somewhere. I've switched to Geforce Now and am even playing games that are installed locally on my PC via the service because the graphics are much better than my old 970 can handle with a decent frame rate. I think the tech of Stadia was superior but the service is just bad.
  6. Yeah I've often wondered what a forum of white supremacists and misogynists think about the podcasts I listen to too.
  7. A 17 hour maintenance period is taking the piss a bit
  8. I have converted the extended schedule to UK time. I think it's correct. February 9th Extended Schedule Attention: Servers will shut down Sunday, 0800 0800 (Sunday) – 0100 (Monday) Server Maintenance (Users won't be able to log in) 0100 (Monday) Servers Open (Start of Extended Period) 0400 – 0430 Giant Automata: The Awakening 0600 – 0630 Elder of the Unfathomable Abyss 0800 Server Shutdown (End of the Closed Beta Test)
  9. Sorry, I was travelling yesterday. So annoying they've scheduled this beta this weekend as I'll probably miss out on that Dreamcast Mag. Anyway, the beta has been extended! https://pso2.com/news/announcements/cbtextended
  10. It might be an idea to make a new thread. After all, this is a legit Western release that will actually have people playing it and an editable OP, with up to date info would be handy.
  11. I used my Surface Pro 2 to stream wirelessly and it was flawless. I wanted to test how broken I could make it because I was simultaneously streaming the UHD Premier League from Amazon on the TV. Should've used a wireless controller instead of a Xbox controller via USB.
  12. Did you hack the eShop, because it's full price on my store?
  13. Absolutely love it. Especially the joke about Americans using the singular when talking about companies the heathens.
  14. Wolves look like the second best team in the league. They were fantastic tonight.
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