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  1. He's literally using alt-right terminology in the tweet posted by moosegrinder, so either he's massively, massively ignorant or that's where he is politically aligned. His frequent use of it would lead me to believe the former. I wasn't comparing the acts, just saying it's OK to like the creative output of a person without dying on a hill for them. A more apt comparison probably would have been the Oddworld games, despite Lorne Lanning being a 9/11 truther.
  2. That might be the case if it was a one off but he has consistently posted bad stuff over the years, shown no remorse and because of that the deleting them seems he was more sorry to be found out rather than sorry for his opinions. You can still enjoy his games without having to try and defend a shitty person. I think Skull Island is an amazing movie, made by an apparent sex pest. I enjoyed the first episode of The Nevers, despite it being a Joss Whedon endeavour. You won't see me sticking up for the people though.
  3. There's only one specific type of person who uses the term "far left" and they more often than not end up being banned from here when they let the mask slip.
  4. He often complains about cancel culture and the far left, said that women aren't biologically designed to be interested in tech stuff and went on a now deleted epic covid conspiracy twitter rant about how it was made in a lab by the Chinese. Also he said Breath of the Wild was shit. Jonathan Blow is a complete asshole package.
  5. Good, another reason to say fuck Jonathan Blow. The whiny right wing misogynist. I hope everyone plays his game wrong and he has another melt down.
  6. It's fantastic. I'd never seen it but in my run up to Godzilla vs Kong I watched 14 different giant monster flicks and finally got around to watching it. Bloody brilliant film that's just an extended episode of The Thick Of It but set in Japan during a Godzilla attack. Nothing highlights this more than the whole press conference arc was executed to pure perfection. Plus the final form of Godzilla is genuinely repulsive and unleashes probably one of the more devastating attacks on a city in the whole franchise. I was shocked to see it was a marmite film but then I think people yelling "less hum
  7. Apologies for the accusatory tone, I think it was too aggressive. I often wonder if Sterling is trapped by the same algorithm they often screech about. I know they've complained in the past that unless they do one of these over the top outrage videos, only a fraction of people watch. I think it's a shame as they often bring up very good points and covers stuff that other people don't. Full disclosure, ever since Sony announced the store was going I inadvertently ended up modding my Vita. I had grabbed my Vita out of storage and wanted to make sure I got everything I wanted. Turns out, there
  8. because there will be people, perhaps not even born yet, who might be doing a series play through of a franchise they like and want to play a game that isn't legally available anywhere. These things should be preserved. It would be really nice if the game companies facilitated this but it's such a complicated thing and there's no easy answer.
  9. Sorry that you feel I was repeating it back at you but it was a point I'd made previously in the thread and from your response of "there would be a stronger argument for pirating them", in my reading, didn't come across as fully supportive of preserving games. I also find your final sentence here a little hostile considering we seem to be coming from similar places, this seems like one of those threads where people get their wires crossed and end up arguing the same thing against each other. I would agree with you that it doesn't just become open season for people who could afford to buy them
  10. Aren't these those weird types who download entire romsets just to have them and never actually play anything? I'd like to think that anyone genuinely interested in a game who has the financial means, would pay for it on a new platform just because its easier. I'm certainly guilty of buying Fez or RE4 multiple times, just because it's what I've got hooked up atthe time. I'd sacrifice at least ten children to get a version of Outrun 2 on the new consoles just so I can play it again. There will be people like you describe but they would never have bought the game anyway.
  11. That's why I said previously that everyone has a point where they're OK with it. I'm not gonna turn around and judge people who illegally download a game they have no other way of playing. I think perhaps people are thinking too short term here and how it impacts playing these games in the next six months, not so much about preserving them for future use. We'd have to nuke half the Retro forum if we wanted to prevent talk of pirating games.
  12. So you've never downloaded a rom? I don't think it's so much people downloading the games a month after the store shuts down but say in ten years time someone wants to play the portable version of Outrun 2006, a game that's not even available legally on any platform anyway. There's no way to play that game. In your mind it's gone forever and tough luck to anyone who didn't get to play it.
  13. If games are only playable available via piracy then I'd have no problem pirating them. I think I already own anything worthwhile though. It's a shame Sony don't care about their history, more people should be able to enjoy Tokyo Jungle. Piracy is such an emotive subject though but almost everyone has an age or moral threshold where they decide it's ok. If those against piracy has never had a folder of NES roms on their PC, then they're liars. I think Xbox is the only place I feel comfortable buying digitally as they at least seem to be putting an effort in to have one
  14. They've got two(ish) months to figure it out for the next race but completely agree that it fell apart at race time. Whoever came out of T1 with the lead was guaranteed the win because of the ridiculous amount of dust. They showed an onboard from Button's semi final race (or KERAZY RACE as they want to call it) and he turned right and was presented with a windshield covered with sand and dust. It's no surprise that the semi final races and then the final came down to the cars all being 30 seconds apart, because that's what you needed to be able to see. Very disappointing because the qualify
  15. Isn't all the VRAM stuff a bit of a nonsense? I remember back in the long ago days of the 3080/3070 release and everyone was upset at the paltry amount of VRAM, watching people explain that it's mostly a load of bollocks and all those numbers are just the game asking for that amount of memory but not necessarily using it. I know for example that during the Watch Dogs Legion free weekend, I set everything to Ultra with raytracing on my 3070 and the little VRAM bar was yelling that it was going to murder my computer and burn down the house. Running the benchmark and it was a solid 90fps throu
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