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  1. So what you're saying is we're looking at a game at least equal to Cyberpunk?
  2. It's a bit sad we have to wait for him to sign off on these things and even then, they're pretty bad. The T2 UHD is such a shame
  3. Driveclub has really pretty cars
  4. Him and Jeff go into it a bit more on the last Aftermath. They talk through the reaction to Kingdom Heartache. He also details the criticism that he would get from people that he was just trying to copy the existing guys but if he tried to be more himself he would get criticism for that too and how he only started to feel comfortable again recently. I feel the Giant Bomb community is quite toxic to any new comers. Then you have people, in this forum as well, who like to imagine how staff members think of Ben. Jeff himself has called out this bullshit as the bullshit it is and the p
  5. Ben leaves Giant Bomb, in part because of internet trolls bullying him. Some on RLLMUK choose to continue being utter pricks about it, even after they got their wish and he's going. Gamers continue to be the worst group of people on the Internet planet.
  6. I think their reasoning for it not hanging because of all the visual glitches and bugs is fair enough to bump it from the category. Like, Assassin's Creed Unity was a stunning looking game but you wouldn't include it because sometimes people's faces were inside out and that's not best looking.
  7. A sprint will be a nice way to ease myself back in as I can duck out half way through if I'm feeling uncomfortable. Will be good to feel that excitement of seeing everyone on track again just before we go green.
  8. What exactly is it? Says I need to sign up but I'd like to know what for before making an account.
  9. I was so up for this but after foolishly tapping on your underlined text, believing it to be a link to a poll, I now hate you and withdraw my support. I'm definitely up for doing some team based racing, sounds good. I'll unfortunately have to skip the next two weeks due to continuing issues with my arm but can't wait to get back to racing.
  10. I hope there's some sort of hypocrisy award this year as RLLMUK looks set to give Last of Us 2 a clean sweep, including (potentially) in a category lamenting awful work place conditions. Alan Stock can't belive how they squeezed the game onto a PS4? Do not underestimate the power of an unhealthy toxic environment to drain every last piece of essence out of your staff.
  11. It seems like he'd be of that generation to tell them to get fucked. It's a horrible relic of a bygone era. He should use it for a year just to wind everyone up and then give it back stating the reasons why. He'd get double the outrage! Fuck the empire.
  12. It's absolutely gorgeous. The lighting and time of day make those farms look incredible. Don't forget that for people living in other countries, this setting is exotic or at least different to what climate they are used to.
  13. I've been watching this through this morning, going in knowing that the audio mix wasn't optimal but I wasn't prepared. Everything @Moz detailed above is accurate, the LFE channel is unhinged and free to run rampant across all the other audio and the film really suffers. It was the exact opposite experience I had watching Soul, which is an audio design masterpiece. The intro sequence of that film is Atmos demo material. I couldn't be bothered to mess around with my settings to get through this so just sat with my finger on the remote. I was constantly in a state of readiness. For
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