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  1. Good. I will check it out again and see if I can cope with it.
  2. SweatyTravolta

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Very clever. I guess you're right, that cutting remark has persuaded me there is no discrimination against women in the workplace. I guess we can lock the thread now?
  3. SweatyTravolta

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    He went up to a professional woman who's job it is to solve these problems and asked if she'd tried turning it off and on again. It assumes that because she's a woman that she doesn't know what she's doing.
  4. SweatyTravolta

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    "one less prick to fuck a woman"
  5. SweatyTravolta

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    yeah but total biscuit was a complete asshole and death doesn't suddenly turn him into a saint. She wasn't wrong with her statement on that issue.
  6. SweatyTravolta

    Pac-Man CE 2 Plus (Bandai Namco next masterpiece)

    I don't think I played more than two rounds of this, despite buying it day one off the back of how good CE was. There was just something massively off about it
  7. SweatyTravolta

    E3 2018: Nintendo E3 Direct - We Hope You Like Smash

    Yeah and the Direct was at 0900 so that should be 1800 for the UK as the presentation was at 1700
  8. SweatyTravolta

    E3 2018: Nintendo E3 Direct - We Hope You Like Smash

    Didn't the stream say 10am?
  9. SweatyTravolta

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    They shouldn't have shown anything of Death Stranding until they actually had something properly ready to show. Sure it looks weird but that doesn't make it good. Everything else looked incredible though
  10. SweatyTravolta

    Yoku's Island Express

    I've picked this up on my Switch, purely because of the overwhelming majority of positive opinions in this thread. You all get a cut right?
  11. SweatyTravolta

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Solo 2018 - A robot makes a joke about someone finding her clitoris. I don't need to go to the cinema to be reminded of my sexual incompetence.
  12. SweatyTravolta

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I might even rank it as the lowest of all the Star Wars films. I made a joke before going in about how I was worried the franchise had sunk so low and coming out I was a little bit annoyed that I might have been right. It's just so damn bland and boring with nothing happening to raise a pulse. The prequels were bad movies but they had pod races, Duel of the Fates, General Grevious, Count Dooku and the second half of Revenge of the Sith. Donald Glover and Paul Bettany both put in solid performances and I guess congratulations to Ron Howard for making the film coherent. Star Wars should be able to elicit some sort of emotional response other than a shrug of the shoulders.
  13. SweatyTravolta

    TotalBiscuit died.

    Sorry that I'm not faking tears for someone who while alive engaged in the harassment or women out of the industry and worse.
  14. SweatyTravolta

    TotalBiscuit died.

    and there's the problem. I find it hard to feel bad that someone who was such a piece of shit has died but I hate the thought of anyone at all having to suffer what he went through. So conflicting but I think I come out still on the side of fuck that guy, he was an arsehole in life so why should I feel bad for his death. I dunno, life sucks.
  15. SweatyTravolta

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    I wonder if all the realms are a bit pants? I was absolutely loving this, even getting up way before work to continue the story but after a brief weekend away I returned to traverse through Alfheim and it was a struggle. It was just boring and everything I loved about exploring Midguard was missing. I hope this doesn't repeat with every realm as then it would just feel like unnecessary padding for an otherwise amazing game.

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