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  1. But they schedule races during the year to limit the chances of rain, that's why it seemed odd to see us doing a wet race on Laguna Seca when we just did Silverstone. I know the question wasn't aimed at me but it depends on how much wet weather there is. I'd only just gotten the game before I joined the group on here at Brands Hatch. So I've literally only driven the tracks that have come up. I'm not even used to driving the cars in the dry, let alone adverse weather conditions or setting up the car efficiently. I'll drive in whatever the server throws up but might look more towards joining more of a beginner league to get used to the game. I guess this issue was likely to come up when the game has been out for two years and has a mix of vets and new guys. I wouldn't want to limit it for those looking for the challenge because that isn't fair.
  2. I don't mind rain on tracks like Silverstone or Suzuka but anything with rapid elevation changes is just not great, also how many wet races actually happen at Laguna Seca? They get rain but not that much and doesn't it take the fun out of nailing the corkscrew? I'm away this week so it doesn't particularly bother me but I would've thought wet races should happen on tracks that often find themselves having wet races like Nurburgring etc. When the practice for Bathurst was set to rain it was a really miserable experience trying to even do a lap. I think in sim racing I find it so much harder to maintain those lower speeds required to keep the car competitive yet stable on a wet track. Missing so much information that you would have in the real world to help you know how to guide the car round. Any tips?
  3. Sounds like it's time for another poll! I'm free whenever after this week.
  4. All these are ace ideas. I'd love to take part in a super endurance race but perhaps as a one off special event unconnected to the championship. When is the championship due to start? I know a few of us are away in the next few weeks
  5. I'd had a nasty knock and was driving with the wheel 90⁰ to the right for a while. At the end of the previous lap I'd looked at time left, the gap between 1st and 2nd and thought that Sharky was going to ease off and cruise to the chequered flag. I'd been driving slower around the last few bends leading up to the start/finish hoping that they'd pass me, finish the race and let me finish too with my busted ass car but oh no, Sharky wanted to showboat, crossing the line with five seconds to go. We need a team of non racing forumites to be the race stewards who we can look to for issuing penalties and take abuse for making the wrong decisions.
  6. Looking forward to Lewis' helmet feature a stop sign over a 5g symbol.
  7. There's a 90 min celebration show live on the Liverpool youtube channel right now. It seems like the audio sync is way off though. No idea why they've got everyone on high chairs, where the backs are higher than the railings and put right next to the railings. Where's the health and safety?
  8. That's not a great apology really. Still asking questions about side effects...
  9. My quality level for racing VR games is "Does it make you puke?" If the answer is no, then it's great. I remember the feeling of driving the cars was fun in GT VR.
  10. But unless he's commenting on the article, calling it out as bullshit, then just simply reposting it is an endorsement. He doesn't seem like the sort of person that would be an anti vaxer though.
  11. Did they patch it post launch then? I remember giving it a go and it just felt absolutely awful to play, with some of the worst car handling around and then the VR mode was vomit inducing, which is odd because GT Sport has great VR support and I'm fine in PCars 2 and Assetto. It is a shame that Sony love nothing more than to Ole Yeller their games though, especially when they have a fan base. I wonder if these days of live games and Ubi showing how to grow a game over years, if it would have been given a chance to become more than it was.
  12. Is it possible to change it for the practice? Just tried jumping on and it was pissing down. Absolutely miserable experience on that track.
  13. I genuinely thought this latest bump would be the shuttering announcement
  14. SweatyTravolta


    Haze was due to have a rape scene but I don't think that ever got too far past the initial pitch. I remember underappreciated story genius Rob Yescombe lamenting the fact that they made them take the rape out. It was supposed to make you really hate the bad guys but Ubi must have realised the characters were unlikeable enough and the rape wasn't needed.
  15. Oh my god, I want to play this game Halo 5? I mean almost five years old, not recent Don't know, can't be KI because that's 7 years old. Battletoads? Battletoads? Halo Wars 2/AoE2 Definitive? Gears Tactics? Halo Wars 2? Fable? Flight Sim! Ori Game of the generation Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves Minecraft Forza Motorsport 7
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