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  1. I'll have whatever the person at MGM was smoking at the time they came up with that deal.
  2. I somehow feel that this most stupid of conversations is both more entertaining and on some level, more insightful than the new Spitting Image.
  3. The guys is a massive bellend but I am looking forward to putting a bullet in him as soon as he appears.
  4. My mouth was so dry after the race, I think I forgot to breathe for much of it. I was so engaged in a first stint battle with @mrben09 that I almost ran out of fuel. Even when I got ahead he was so much quicker than me and reeled me in straight away. Then we seemed to lose each other in the pits and I was about 20 seconds up after exiting. That fuel efficiency of the Ferrari really does save time during the stop. Checked the timing boards to see @Valver just over 2 seconds behind me, did some neck stretches and settled in for another half of racing. It was fascinating to see the
  5. I'll be there, just not had any time for practice this week. I'm disturbed at people finding enjoyment at Silverstone.
  6. Gears 5 is the worst entry in the franchise. Better off playing the Ultimate Edition of the original
  7. Nah, someone, anyone should be pushing the premier league to explain why we're getting arm pits as offside. Everyone should be happy as it'll make the game better for everyone. Thinking the Pickford thing should be investigated shows up the real nasty football fans who can only find pleasure in the misery of others. That was an awful attempt at a tackle.
  8. I don't think you need to worry about upsetting many Starmer fans here. It's a great video and shows what you can do from outside the establishment.
  9. No, it's bad. It's no Paul Ricard but it is just fast, flat and boring.
  10. Yeah, watching my video back, if I were to check my mirrors any more than I already do I'd have the worst case of whiplash. The first lap going into turn four, I check my mirrors four/five times on the lead up to the turn because I know someone is on the inside line coming out of turn three. I just didn't think turn 10 was anywhere close to being an over taking spot, considering the angle of the corner and the fact that no one was alongside me during turn in, coming from much further back. I would say this might highlight that reverse grid races don't work as the faster drivers are
  11. That's what I did, lifting on a straight, allowing the pass on the inside. I just didn't expect the follow through. Probably should have done it at a later point if needed and maintained position.
  12. Yeah the in game pit crew suck. I heard "clear on the left" and turned in. I will remember not to acquiesce to blue flags in the future. I know it's the official championship rules anyway but sometimes I feel like an arse holding up the clearly faster driver.
  13. The race from my POV, with time stamps on the youtube channel, if you want to see you from my view. It's mainly @Valver, apparently we were track buddies. I hadn't realised that @Thor did exactly what @davejm did and used me as a bumper on his way past! You two should take note about how @mrben09 and me race safely through that corner. Not so much the next one though. Also any driving tips would be most handy.
  14. I like Ben, especially on the Aftershow but you're not wrong. Both Ben and Abbey are peak YouTuber over the top excited at all times. Sometimes I used to stick a quick look on to fall asleep to but with either of them on there would be shrieking within five minutes. Not exactly restful.
  15. With less than two minutes to go as well! Honestly I felt bad for you, sitting there watching me lose control every time my tyres hit the track when trying to rejoin. If I could use discord during the race I would have told you to just go after the first spin. You deserve some sort of post Championship medal for patience. Even with the spin it was a fantastic race, got to have some excellent, clean scraps for the whole 23 minutes and that's all I want from the series. Everything leading up to the spin was edge of the seat stuff and I enjoyed every second! Even in the moment I was s
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