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  1. I brought 3 packs because I could not wait. Most of the games and the two bonus games are crap anyway.
  2. My first import game for the MD. Good choice too as its JPN only. However the master System version is closer to the arcade. Master System Megadrive PC Engine NES In that order.
  3. I think it was some kind of pack in to show off your new CD ROM drive. I played it on the Saturn, got bored and played a good 3D game. Riven was better though.
  4. 10 - Super Shinobi 9 - Sonic 2 8 - Streets of Rage 2 7 - Gunstar heroes 6 - Hellfire 5 - Jungle Strike 4 - Panorama Cotton 3 - Phantasy Star IV 2 - Virtua Racing 1 - The New Zealand Story
  5. Not interested in Xbone because; Cost Kinect Non expandable HDD No PVR feature Forced DRM Limitations on used Don't care for TV functions that we'll never get in UK anyway. Free apps stuck behind paywall. Does it even come with a media remote option or are you going to have to talks and wave your arms for that? No backwards compatability Cloud processing bullshit to make it sound more powerful than PS4
  6. People you thought were already dead.
  7. Get there earlier then? Those guys have always been there and we still manage to get things. Often I find that I'll get things from late arriving booters when the vultures have run off to the next boot.
  8. Should be, It's a technical tour de force from beginning to end. It does not repeat itself with levels made up from repeating elements. Amazing bosses and innovative set pieces. AND it's a licensed game!
  9. Massive sovereign ring? Speccy the chavs computer of choice.
  10. 10 - Strider 9 - Section Z I'm only commenting on this one as the rest will be covered many times. It's really great and very rarely included in the retro compilations, forget the NES version it's just not the same. It's very simple looking by today's standards sure, What it does have is really tight responsive controls. If you die, it's never unfair it's your mistake. The graphics are sharp and detailed and have variety between each level and different takes on the gameplay. The music for the time (1985) was supposed to be very good, I don't know as I first played the arcade in 1990. It's on the Capcom Classic Arcade pack that's just come out on PS360, suffice to say I'm near the top but nowhere near the expert players leaderboards. It's that game everyone has one of, that hits all the right marks that other people will dismiss after a couple of plays. It's not flashy, it's simple with depth and some nice glitch scoring secrets too. I get the feeling it was made by someone who went onto greater things at Capcom. After writing that down, I'm going to play it now. 8 - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo 7 - Resident Evil 4 6 - Final Fight 5 - Mercs 4 - P.N.03 3 - Street Fighter 4 2 - Ghost and Goblins (Not as good looking but very tight gameplay) 1 - Aliens vs Predator
  11. Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon is currently free.
  12. Final Fight CD was made by Sega, so all those lovely extras that make it better than the arcade are not by Capcom.
  13. 6 month leases no doubt, that would be the sensible thing to do.
  14. I tried to test the iCade support in the new update but nothing happened. Has anyone managed to get it working??
  15. Are PC Engines and Famicoms RF only? Might not be able to run on a UK TV without modification.
  16. I could one credit the arcade machine back in the day, use the Dwarf, keep the firebomb dragon as long as possible and make sure you know where to knock the enemies off ledges. It's possible but not 100% of the time when you get to Death Adder. Something Like Final Fight? Forget it. You know one of the best feature of the retro games on XBLA are the ones that you can watch a playthrough and see how it's actually possible to defeat impossible games. Amazing skills (and exploits).
  17. It's got iCade support anyway.
  18. Now you mention it I also used to see loads of Atomic Pinballs when I was booting. Than and Barcode battlers.
  19. Sfan

    Rock Band!

    "making it a priority to give you advance notice if songs are expiring and have to come down. We’ll do our best to make sure that you have one last chance to buy these legacy catalog tracks!" Sounds like they will try to do that.
  20. They'll use it to pump adverts directly into your games.
  21. Yes reasonably. I do when I'm traveling and away for a long time.
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