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  1. I didn't even know I had a Ubisoft account until I got the email. Username was just my gamertag though so it might have been an automated account from on of their games.
  2. Suddenly he's left the island. RIP Jim, Tonight I'm watch Black Belt Jones.
  3. One bit of advice I'd give to John is to make sure your English is as simple as possible, direct and absolutely no slang or phrases. It's actually harder than it sounds. Drop me a PM John.
  4. I heard a retailer broke street date on a game I really wanted. I got the news from the forum on afternoon so I got up from my desk left the office and drove into town to buy the game. This was unauthorized absence from work and I would have been in trouble if caught but nobody missed me. Really worth it, either way!
  5. How old Young are you? Which also makes me question your experience of the retail industry beyond being a till monkey on a weekend.
  6. Should be the opposite with a HUGE install base.
  7. Don't know. My point is that back in the 00's they got favorable treatment.
  8. Supermarkets were getting more than traditional retailers.
  9. Yup, make all the effort to steal the gaming market from the traditional game retailers by loss leading pricing. Once your competition is on the ropes stop giving a fuck completely and continue to sell beans and cheap toasters. Not just the fault of the supermarkets though, the publishers were falling over themselves to give them bulk discount, price protection and retro active discounting. Let's blame pre-owned, long generation and piracy for lack of sales.
  10. £5 for the stick, £1 for the PSP and GC games and £2 for the GBA and 50p for the games and mag. Not a bad little haul this week.
  11. Time Crisis Virtua Cop 1 House of the Dead 1 Operation Wolf Alien 3 the Gun Golly Ghost. These are the best.
  12. It's an investment that it's the next COD and they are building a community that will follow through on Titanfall 2,3,4.
  13. New tech that does everything the Xbone does.
  14. Basically in summary. There is a lot of new stuff to play on the Xbone if you buy one, but IMHO nothing worth buying an Xbone for. Oh and £429.
  15. Your worst gaming nightmare slowly played out over 90 minutes. You still don't want one.
  16. Nothing is winning me over at all right now. Meh/10
  17. Didn't think much of it at the time due to flashier competition. Now I rate it higher.
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