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  1. For some of my buyers I'd drop in an extra common virtually valueless game for free if they were a regular. Kept them loyal.
  2. I remember it selling well in my shop and then very quickly getting returned. A real dud that.
  3. Wonderboy, loads of games then nothing.
  4. Those games were not LCD they were gas tube something displays. And are totally awesome, I remember begging to borrow my mate Galaxy Invader for the weekend when I was at school and he lent it. I could not stop playing it and I'd never had any sort of videogame at home before.
  5. I'm not expecting a GTA clone again. Still keep an open mind.
  6. The first game that I felt truly put me inside a classic Disney animated film. I was on the fence about buying a Gamecube at the time but when I saw the game running instore I brought the bundle version right there.
  7. Double Dragon Advance on the GBA was enjoyable.
  8. The reason it does not fold is because the 2DS only has one screen panel masked by the plastic cabinet to look like 2 screens and not 2 separate screens. So the design makes a bit more sense when you consider that.
  9. Because someone can be bothered to get out of bed before you.
  10. And case zero is free also, play that first.
  11. Just back from seeing this and the forum opinion is correct, it's great Partridge. Only 8 of us in the screening all catching on different bits to laugh at.
  12. Another Android console, everyone's jumping on-board. Last month it was Madcatz Mojo.
  13. The light sensor in the gun is no longer working, try opening the gun and cleaning it. Probably going to need a new gun though.
  14. Too expensive, bad OS, Not enough games, poor 3rd party support, too low spec and lack of confidence in it's future. But if it get's dropped like the Dreamcast I'll fill my boots with bargain bin prices and games.
  15. Try reading them as Ecclestone or Tennant.
  16. That's because everyone involved in the following projects missed out on the satire humor and cultural cometary. They just saw scifi robot man and violence.
  17. Speculation, Wife gets in trouble and needs rescuing. Robo has to choose between love or his directives.
  18. In one of my previous jobs Die Hard was a firm favorite and any opportunity to quote the film during work or especially during meetings was a skill much enjoyed. So we were at this factory in China (one of the biggest used by many known manufacturers) and they take you on a tour and in one of the presentation rooms they had a scale model of the whole site in a glass case. They told you what each building did and little lights on the model lit up when they were talking about it. I lent over to the project manager next to me and whispered
  19. No, the door was on the right and the counter on the left. Great staff though Ash, Barry and Graham. All socially dysfunctional in their own way, but they did know their games.
  20. They would have brought back a load of games to sell at a high markup also. I used to have a friend that ran an import game store and would do a little distribution to other indies. We'd always know what time the flight was landing and give a few hours for the games to get delivered only for sometimes the packages to get stuck in customs. I remember him telling me the stories of bringing back suitcases of Sega Saturns from Hong Kong, looking for suppliers at Hong Kongs Golden Centre to get good deals on games. Interesting times.
  21. The launch day JPN PS1 they sent someone over to Japan to buy some and the people were waiting for the plane to arrive back in the UK to get their console. I think they paid a grand for it.
  22. London CEX in the 90's was the best ever for imports. Now they are just a Cash Converters for Videogames and stuff.
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