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  1. Forum rules, you've got to state a price. Further negotiation is OK.
  2. The Master System kicked the Nes's arse over in the UK. At one time the SMS was Europe's best selling console and once the 8bit home computers passed it was the entry level system for gamers. I know in my school nobody had a nes but there were lots of us that had Master Systems. The nes only got any attention because of the Ninja Turtles bundle, before that it was only a system you'd heard of, maybe played the Mario demo console in Dixons before you got kicked out.
  3. Blatant get kids to accidentally buy it on the parents card right there.
  4. That show really brought the house down!
  5. I tried the Logitech one yesterday, Fitted my iPod touch just fine. The quality and build were good. I didn't buy it for a number of reasons, £80 (it does have a rechargeable battery though), only works with a Lightening Connector so I could not use it with my iPad, none of the icade games I tried worked with it although the guy that demoed it for me had Asphalt 6 that worked well. No analogue and as I know there's an analogue controller available why would I choose one without?
  6. 10/10 glad I don't have to hand in my man card
  7. Those plastic cases and full colour manuals felt like official imported games. Great stuff.
  8. 391, missed out on most of the home computer games unless they had a console port.
  9. I'm telling you, I don't know. You're just going to have to kill me.
  10. That's the truth, the only games with virtual controls I have are ones that are icade compatible and they usually just stay on my iPad. The exception is shumps that have touch anywhere control, they're fine, platformers/fighters? Forget it!
  11. Star Command is worth it at that price and a lot of the problems it had have been fixed with regular updates.
  12. Great buy, but you'll find they are the "razor blade" model for extras like the cleaning fluid. You'll profit from it if you put in the work, even on the forum with a disc repair service.
  13. It's the only console that doesn't have a bad game on it. All of them are competent and technically sound. The gambling games might not be your thing but they are well done, don't glitch or anything. It's unique in that respect and it has some stunners in it's small library.
  14. 5-Saturn 4-Megadrive 3-PC Engine 2-Dreamcast 1-Xbox 360 I like arcade games and arcade style games, so my first choice is the best console for what games I play, plus it's capable of it's current generation of game styles too. Megdrive? well we know what that's about. The PC Engine if you had it, was the one for the best home conversions of many arcade games. The PC Engine was the MAME console. Then you added the CD ROM drive and it was ahead of everything for a time. Dreamcast has been talked about enough, I can't add anything more and the 360 was the best of this generation with XBLA giving it a turbo boost.
  15. If you just want to play a game then no it does not matter.
  16. CD burners and blank media were somewhat expensive at the time.
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