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  1. Curated index is the way to go, one for each console and popular topics.
  2. Stag sounds like Party Games that I played on a mates Amiga.
  3. The legendary relationship/human interaction fail threds in Off Topic are amazing though. The way some of those guys show a lack of self awareness or acceptance of mistakes in the face of 100's of people telling them they are in the wrong is staggering. Gaming side is only useful for breaking news, discuss that elsewhere as the topics grow too fast.
  4. Wow, thanks for the amazing post and all the hours I've spent with friends playing Worms.
  5. She was a cam girl, bloody right she's not going to make too much of a scene about "moonlighting". If moonlighting is allowed then why did she use a psedonym? It's far away from Nintendo business after all. The gifts, the "teaser" pictures, the open Amazon wishlist, sex-positivity tweet. No wonder she's good on the lives treats, she's had a lot of experience. It's all there but the press won't touch it with barge pole for obvious reasons. There's little reason to not suspect a gamergater outed her but if those screen caps ever get out there it's going to be one hell of a meltdown.
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