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  1. Order it! I’ll absolutely take it if you don’t want it once it arrives. Happy to pay over RRP for your troubles too
  2. Just bought this in the Steam sale despite having already played almost 500 hours across Switch and iOS. Very excited to get into Downfall and all the other mods I've read so much about
  3. Just put my 'after Q3' pre-order details into one of those order date calculators and it's not looking good, lads. If anyone here is thinking of selling theirs (any size/model is fine, as well as it being above list price in this market), let me know and I can try and save you the horrors of ebay
  4. This is the tune that my brain defaults to. When I'm running on empty and I'm trying to get our baby to sleep, this is the tune that comes out and I make up lyrics for. I do it so much that my wife does it all the time too, despite never having played or heard of Yoshi's Island.
  5. Have Nextlander started their Beastcast reunion podcast yet? If so, how are they? I see it's listed under their £8/month tier on Patreon. The Vinny/Bakalar/Abby/Alex/Dan era of the Beastcast is some of my favourite podcast content ever so if this is delivering on the promise of new versions of that, I'd be very tempted to give it a go.
  6. Lads. What’s my best option for a steering wheel and pedals stand that’ll fold down easily for storage (and is compatible with a Logitech G29 wheel)? I was about to go for this based on the number of reviews but thought I should go to the pros first.
  7. I avoided playing Dark Souls 1 for a while entirely on the basis that the topic title on here ("Praise Sunshine Gary! Praise the sun!") got right on my tits.
  8. Another Ash of War question here. I’m an INT focused Astrologer currently using a Falchion+1 for up close fighting. I just found the Gravitas AoW which would change it to a Magic Falchion+1 and add INT scaling, which I assume has gotta be good for me. I see the stats would change from just 115 + 15 physical to 82+2 physical and 82+17 magic. Is that better for me? I’m not sure if both apply when hitting things or if I’d make my physical attacks weaker by adding the AoW.
  9. Had a little go at this as I really enjoyed Diablo 3 on Switch and have put roughly a million hours in FFXIV so thought it could by my kind of thing. I'm really showing myself up here as someone who hasn't had a gaming PC before this one, but I hate the controls. I can't get on with the click to move using the mouse/keyboard options and while it does have controller support, it looks like it's a real hacked together job where you are still using your right stick to move the cursor and using L3/R3 to replicate mouse clicks. I feel like I could get on with it if I could change it so it controls like Diablo 3 on consoles. Has anyone got a controller setup that feels good?
  10. Almost done with the MSQ now. Level 89, just arrived at (what looks like) the final zone and have my fancy new set of artifact armour. There is no job in the game that comes close to the consistently lush artifact armour and effect animations that Astrologian gets The Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers sets were all bangers too. Come on lads, lets see your characters.
  11. I was planning on quitting this for a while after finishing the pre-Endwalker quest lines as our kid was due but it turns out that the MSQ is an ideal night shift paternity leave activity. Shout out to the Trust system for guilt-free quitting mid-dungeon if the baby wakes up. Mid-Endwalker spoilers:
  12. I could play this game forever if real life didn’t get in the way. Spent today and yesterday tanking in dungeons for the first time and really enjoyed it. Got DRK from 30 to 40 with no disasters/culpable deaths. Weirdly the biggest pressure at this point is leading the way in the less linear ARR dungeons that I haven’t done in months Also tried Botanist as I’ve never had a go at a disciple of the land job. It’s incredibly relaxing and the rapid levelling and checking off of the logs really pushes the right parts of my lizard brain. Gimme those sweet achievement endorphins.
  13. Super interesting, thank you. Especially on his motivations/confusion and the Azem stuff.
  14. Planning ahead to play after 7pm and so just jumped on a 5000+ queue. Yikes. I just need to finish 5.2 and 5.3 over the next week but I keep getting distracted with silly ideas like levelling a Gunbreaker or starting Paladin from level 1
  15. Extremely anecdotal evidence here, but I've consistently been able to connect on my PS5 (after sitting through the queue) but have errored out with this 2002 error multiple times trying to play on PC.
  16. Aha, nice! I didn't realise the regular roulettes gave the level 80 tomestones. I've only been doing them to do my last couple of AST levels so haven't gone back to them since I hit 80. I appreciate the offer of crafting stuff, thank you. I'll wait and see what changes with the 6.0 update before taking you up on that. I wonder if there'll be a level 80 set of armour available for Poetics like there was at 60 in Ishgard and 70 in Kugane.
  17. That's still just running Amaurot repeatedly for me though, right? It's the only Level 80 dungeon I have access to and I think dungeons below 80 give Poetics. An accessory from the Allegory tomestones is costs 375 and Amaurot seems to only give 50 per run.
  18. So now I've hit level 80 (with two classes, even!) I've hit a bit of a wall trying to get up to an i430 average to do the post-Shadowbringers stuff. I have the i430 armour set from the guy in the Tempest but my accessories/jewellery is lagging behind. I think the only option available for me to get an i430 level accessory is by repeating Amaurot, right? I don't fancy running it repeatedly and hoping for a full set scouting and healing ring/bracelet/earring/necklaces to drop. I ended up spending a horrendous amount of cash at the market board for a set of ninja accessories to get me over i430 so I could get into The Grand Cosmos but I feel like there must've been an easier way I missed...
  19. Just grabbed an apartment in Kugane because I've got a big soft spot for Stormblood/am a massive weeb. I just walked up to the guy and clicked buy - the easiest gil I've ever spent!
  20. Should I buy an apartment? (Assuming I can and that they are easier to get than houses, which I've heard are impossible). The 500k cost would represent 50% of my total gil, but I can't see anything else massively expensive I'll need to get. I haven't seriously levelled any crafting class (and don't plan to at the moment), so I feel like this is my best option for an extravagant purchase and would give me somewhere put all the furniture I've accumulated from the MSQ.
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