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  1. It took me about 5 minutes to pluck up the courage to drag a dead zombie hanging out of a window out of my way. The first time one of these things jumps up and attacks me could genuinely give me a heart attack. I'm determined to play through the whole of this, even if it might take me until Christmas as it seems to be getting gradually more terrifying as I go.
  2. I've put an embarrassing amount of hours into this since I built my PC. It has such a lovely atmosphere. The lovely music, Sean Bean's lovely voice, the lovely little details of your cities when you zoom right in, the little cutscenes of wonders being constructed - I find it all so soothing and lovely and it just eats up time. It's the perfect furlough game. I've had a science and a culture victory so far, both on the Prince difficulty level. I guess I need to bump up the difficulty a bit as it seems you can defend yourself (and even absolutely stomp anyone who starts a war with you) just with an airport and a few bombers. It's very satisfying to capture a city or two from the dickhead who started the war with you to teach them a lesson. Since I got this free from the Epic store, I feel like I should get some DLC. Which of the expansions do you guys recommend?
  3. No no, that's absolutely the correct response. It's hiding a Ryzen 5 3600, GeForce 1660 Super, 16gb RAM and a 1TB M.2 SSD. It does extremely well with VR and everything I've thrown at it from Xbox Game Pass. It stays cool and quiet for working and browsing (and even literally silent if I use the silent mode in the motherboard control thing), the fans do get a little noisy when playing games but nothing off-putting and the temperatures stay under control even on demanding VR stuff. I'm very impressed with it.
  4. I just built a PC in an NZXT H1 case and I couldn't be happier with it. It's perfect for anyone new to building PCs as it comes with a power supply and cooler pre-installed, and also has all the cables pre-routed. It's a super easy build despite being a very small compact case.
  5. I feel like I’m not going to do well with this given how much the Valve logo screen in VR freaked me out just now.
  6. Yeah, I really don't like it. Even with bits added to the headstrap, I still find that it has to push against my face hard enough to leave red marks in order to avoid it being too loose and losing the non-blurry sweet spot. I've been playing (the excellent) Top Golf Pro Putt which really highlights the problem. When facing down to look at the ball, I can't then move my head to the left to look at the hole without the front-heavy headset moving slightly and going blurry. I really struggle to use it for long periods and it leaves my eyes feeling strained, a problem I never had with the PSVR. I also have a giant head so that probably has something to do with it. I manged to grab a Rift S from John Lewis yesterday and will sell my Quest to Cex for basically the same amount, so hopefully I'll be set for longer sessions now.
  7. I appreciate I'm about 5 years late on this but I just dragged myself away from Google Earth VR, the first thing I tried using my new PC and Oculus Link. It's honestly incredible. I've had a PSVR and Oculus Quest since launch but I'm so excited to get stuck into proper, PC-driven VR now. Gonna gradually build up to Half Life Alyx, which I'm worried is going to be too terrifying for me to actually play if the short video of the headcrabs I saw is anything to go by. I'm going to try the Viveport Infinity free trial tomorrow as the range of games looks amazing. Does anyone subscribe? I wonder if it's worth keeping a subscription for in the long term. Also, I'm gonna put it out there: would anyone potentially be interested in swapping my Quest for their Rift S? I'm very impressed with how it all works with Oculus Link but it's still uncomfortable for me to play for long sessions.
  8. I'm in the weird position of looking to move from a Quest to a Rift S, entirely based on comfort. I've tried everything to get the Quest comfortable but haven't been able to. I've tried one of these things that go over back of the headstrap which helped a bit, tried a counterweight at the back, and even waited a month for one of those PSVR-style halo head straps to be delivered from AliExpress which was a cheap 3D printed piece of shit and snapped on day 2 . All I want is something that is as comfortable to wear as the PSVR, which I'm hoping the Rift S will be.
  9. Like everyone else (or at least everyone else a couple of weeks ago), I'd love to get my hands on an ironwood kitchenette but haven't managed to get a cutting board to use in the recipe. Does anyone have one available in their catalogue they could send me? Happy to look through my catalogue if there's anything you want in return or just pay cold hard cash. Let me know!
  10. Same as the others have said, I ran as soon as I managed to sell to try and leave the island between all the other arrivals/departures/connection errors. If you post up a Dodo Code this afternoon, I'll be more than happy to come by and drop off your cash. Thanks for putting up with all of this!
  11. I sold, was stood outside the airport about to leave when it crashed! Appeared back at home with all my turnips and none of the bells. Oh Nintendo, you don't make this easy do you. I think you might be better off limiting the guests to 3 or 4 at once via the Turnip Exchange site. That way it doesn't give the Dodo Code until you are at the front of the queue and keeps things more stable with arrivals and departures.
  12. Haha, yep! Some serious traffic there at Helltown. I managed to get in, sell, leave a tip on the pile outside, eventually get back to my island. Only problem was, when I arrived back, my inventory had reset back to when I first left so I had all my turnips and none of the bells in my inventory...
  13. I’m incredibly late to this game but I picked it up on Switch just before New Year as I had some coins that were going to expire. Despite it being right in the middle of the venn diagram of genres I never play, I’d read it being praised enough times to give it a go and I’ve somehow played it for more than 25 hours already. I’ve finished it with The Silent and The Defect and both runs were incredibly satisfying. The Silent one was based around having a million damage-boosted shivs, while The Defect run was based on the relic that conserves unused energy between turns, the cards that let lightning orbs hit all enemies and a ton of Defragment cards that boost orb damage. I think The Defect is a bit easier as he seems to have so many options for generating tons of block from just a few cards. I can’t remember the last game that I was playing so much that it actually annoyed my wife to the point of her bringing it up but this has managed it. It’s so good, lads.
  14. Up to 49 on my AST and I’m not sure if I’m cut out for playing a healer full time. I get tense every time I join the dungeon roulette. The lower level stuff is easy enough but now it’s throwing in stuff like Stone Vigil and Aurum Vale it’s getting incredibly hard to keep everyone alive, debuff-free and with the right cards applied, and the sense of guilt when people start dying at a boss is killing me. Fair play to the full time healers out there, you’re doing good work.
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