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  1. I understand that it's referencing commedia dell'arte (I mean, they literally tell you this in the opening few minutes), but when you build an entire episode around something that is full of knowingly bad jokes and CBBC level slapstick, that still leaves you with 30 minutes of bad jokes and CBBC level slapstick. It's like a great chef doing a spot-on tribute to a service station egg sandwich or something.
  2. I absolutely hated that. The intentionally shit jokes, the slapstick, the innuendo, Shearsmith’s accent, everything. There have been episodes I didn’t like but I’ve never had a reaction to an episode like that before. My days.
  3. I think the run back to the third boss is too long. I thought the bridge would be close to the start but there’s still so much of the level you have to do to reach the tower. I just died at the boss’ final bit despite having an astronaut and a parasite revive and the thought of doing all that again is painful. Not so painful that I won’t have another go in a couple of hours, mind you.
  4. I cannot get the dodge timing right for the rockets fired by the drones in the Derelict Citadel. Just had three runs in a row end once a big group of those show up. I need a Street Fighter style training mode or something to just practice dodging.
  5. Amazing, I think that's it. I swear it's more pronounced/goes on longer when I hear it but I'm sure that's it. Maybe it is just part of the transition from the tense combat music back to the regular level music. I don't think it's this. The alt-fire ready sound blasts out from my controller at a ridiculous volume.
  6. This sounds mental, I know, but there's a repeated sound effect in this that sounds EXACTLY like the first few seconds of the Green Hill Zone music and I can't figure out what it is. I generally hear it just after combat has finished and the last enemy in a room is dead. Does anyone know what I'm referring to? I'm not making this up, I swear.
  7. Just had the game freeze on me during the big teleport in Crimson Wastes where you see (I assume) the top of the mountain. I could still flip between my consumable items but couldn’t pause and had to close the game from the main PS5 menu. Obviously very frustrating but says a lot about how incredibly good this game is that I jumped right back in to another run.
  8. As a follow up to that question, I see that Felwinter's Lie is also available in the Legendary section. Is it still much better than the other shotguns that it's worth an ascendant shard and all that other good stuff? I do love a bit of crucible and haven't settled on a perfect shotgun yet.
  9. That first big monster that poisons you every 30 seconds is really showing up my 'stand there and block everything' gunlance strategy. I suppose it makes sense, but I do find it surprising that this is the first Switch game that I think looks noticeably better in handheld mode. I guess it's inevitable that the flaws show up more when everything is blown up for a 65 inch screen.
  10. I think my wife would murder me if I jumped straight from work into a few solid hours of Destiny on the first hot day of the year so will unfortunately have to pass today. I'd love to do Last Wish eventually though if this is start of a bit of renewed interest in it. What's the deal with Last Wish and carrying newcomers? I remember watching guides for it and feeling overwhelmed by a thousand different symbols, Penumbra, Antumbra etc.. If it's forgiving of passengers like DSC then I'd love to tag along next time. If not then I'll have no choice but to hit the YouTube guides and come prepared
  11. Perfect, that list will do the job nicely. Not surprised Jotunn is up there - I've been instantly killed by it so many times in the crucible...
  12. As someone who missed the entirety of the Black Armoury stuff and Seasons 9 to 11, what's the smart choice at the Monument to Lost Lights exotic terminal? Witherhoard? Izanagi's Burden? I've seen a lot of Anarchy but those raid exotics are expensive as hell.
  13. Xbox gang. As ever, if there's a DSC run happening this weekend that needs a space filled - I'm your man. Just shoot me a message here on via the official app clan chat thing. Thanks!
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