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  1. Xbox One Console Thread

    I've had my Xbox One S since January and have been playing little bits of Cuphead, PUBG and Portal 2 on it with no problems. I used a free month of Xbox Game Pass code this week to download a few things and since then my Xbox has become unusable. It started when I tried to launch NBA 2K17 and it would either crash back to the dashboard after a few seconds or give me the 'This took too long to start error'. I did some googling and found people saying that if you delete the reserved space it should be fine, but no luck. This was a bit annoying, but I could deal with not being able to play NBA 2K17. Problem is, since then everything else is either closing immediately back to the desktop or crashing horribly with ear splitting crash-y noises. Both stuff I've downloaded from Game Pass and stuff I bought previously are crashing. I've redownloaded the games, hard reset my Xbox a bunch of times and fully unplugged it, but no luck. Is it fucked? Any ideas of anything else I can try to save it?
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    This is great, isn't it? I've got myself a Pukei sword/shield and a full set of Pukei armour and am strolling with my hot new poisonous witch doctor aesthetic generally making the New World a much more dangerous place to be. I've got a couple of quick questions for the pros in here: Are all of the big named monsters present in every expedition? I swear some of the times I went looking for a Pukei there was no sign of one and other times I'd find the footprints straight away. If not, is there a way I can quickly see which big monsters are in my 'instance'? Does anyone else's PS4 OS slow right down when playing this? The menus (that are perfectly snappy and responsive with every other game I've played) are terribly slow when this is running and it feels like my PS4 is going to melt if I try and view my friends lists or join parties etc.
  3. Inside No.9

    I thought it was a good episode, but watching it I was so sure that the final (first?!) 10 minutes that finally showed what was going on was going to be some incredibly clever/horrible/sad super-twist. I thought what was revealed was fine, but this episode was a victim of how high my own expectations for this show have risen.
  4. Xbox One Console Thread

    Forgive this super basic question, but I'm very new to Xbox One. I'd love to play Portal 2 again and I see the 360 version is listed as backward compatible. Is it as simple as me going through the checkout with this, and then my Xbox One will download it? Or will I need to find a disc version?
  5. Inside No.9

    That was wonderful. Dangerously close to Toy Story 3 levels of lovely-sad-things-that-make-me-want-to-cry.
  6. Destiny 2

    I finally got a chance to do the Eater of Worlds raid lair and I thought it was excellent. It looks absolutely beautiful and I'm a fan of the shorter length. It took us three hours with five players who had never done it before and so needed walking through the Argos fight. The fight itself is up there with Atheon and Aksis in terms of my favourite raid bosses. It's just the right amount of hectic and stressful and I loved how you're constantly on the move around the (spectacular) arena. They've come a long way from hiding in a room then waiting on a ledge to shoot rockets at Crota. If they expanded the first fight with the cabal midway through to include some interesting mechanics I think it'd be basically perfect for what I'd want out of these raid lairs. If they can push out something of this quality with each expansion then they've got my business for the foreseeable future.
  7. Destiny 2

    This was one of the Dec 5th updates: “Leviathan Raid Tokens will be redeemed at Benedict immediately upon obtaining a Token, instead of requiring a full clear before unlocking” ...but I’ve got 22 of them and Benedict isn’t interested in talking to me at all. Does this update mean only tokens I earn going forward can be redeemed?
  8. PlayStation VR

    Nah, I've only ever used mine while wearing glasses (along with tons of of glasses-wearing friends and family) and the lenses are still perfect.
  9. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    As someone who only really listens to the podcasts, here's my hot take on the Best Giant Bomb Guy ranking: 1. Vinny 2. Jeff 3. Bakalar 4. Alex 5. Abby 6. Dan 7. Jason 8. Brad 9. Ben 10. Rorie The last few months of Beastcasts have been so strong. It's clear how much fun they are having recording them.
  10. SNES Mini

    If anyone in London is still looking, I was just able to order one on Amazon Prime Now for delivery between 10pm and midnight.
  11. PES 2018

    Guys, are the PES World option files my best bet for this on PS4? Is there a single download mega-file that will give me all the good stuff?
  12. Saturday 12pm - Blind Raid Super Session (PS4)

    I can be on at 11 to help with the Nightfall. I did it yesterday and thought it was excellent. I hadn't seen that strike before and anything with quickly recharging abilities is always a lot of fun. I heard that it took the Giant Bomb team more than 6 hours to do the Gauntlet. I'm scared...
  13. Saturday 12pm - Blind Raid Super Session (PS4)

    My version 1.05 update is showing 44 minutes left. I think I might just call this a night. I think it's not meant to be for me tonight.
  14. Saturday 12pm - Blind Raid Super Session (PS4)

    Yeah, looks like we're running the gauntlet post-reset. This maintenance periods are such a ball ache. You're not around at 9, right Banjaxed? If I'm wrong and you are, I'll gladly take you up on the Engine key run - thanks! Edit: Oh, just saw your post above. I'll jump on at 10 if we have enough people interested in the keys or the nightfall, for sure.
  15. Saturday 12pm - Blind Raid Super Session (PS4)

    Argh. Is this Monday EU primetime maintenance happening every week now? I'm still up for an hour of messing around with the Gauntlet until Banjaxed has to go, but I suppose that'll only work if we have 6 ready to go to fly through the Castellum at 8 on the dot. No worries if today doesn't work for six of us. I'd still be up for trying to use our Engine keys if everyone was fine with me looking up how to do the levers to get into the underbelly bit. I know it's not in the spirit of a blind raid, but on the other hand it isn't part of the main event. I'd also be up for a Nightfall run if anyone still needs it.

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