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  1. I just finished Heavensward and have some thoughts. 1.) My days, the boss at the end of the last dungeon and then the final trial look good. Especially for a game this old. 2.) The Ishgard Foundation music is some of the best out there. Someone please tell me the post-credits quests are more fun than the ARR ones. I’m excited for Stormblood!
  2. I'd love to get involved in stuff like this and the raids. I imagine I'd be limited to the older/lower level ones as I'm only in the mid 60s with my highest level jobs but would love to give some of this stuff a try.
  3. I'm a big fan of the extra hotbars on L2/R2 double tap: Main stuff on the L2 and R2 bars, double tap R2 for when something is going wrong and I need to not die, double tap L2 for the utility/getting around stuff. As I unlock more skills I'll eventually replace the travel stuff from the double tap L2 menu.
  4. I'm working my way though Heavensward and, apart from thepointless filler mini-MSQs obviously there to pad things out between the ones where the story actually happens, I am loving it. Doing The Aery and The Vault today has really got me excited for the improvements in dungeons in future expansions - definitely a step up from the ARR ones. I kind of wish I was doing these when they were new and not tearing through them with level synced teammates, but it's still excellent. Level 60 NIN now and feel like I'm settling into the groove of the abilities as the rate it throws new ones at me has started slowing down. Still not bored of the CLANG CLANG CLANG of the mudra combos
  5. I’ve been really enjoying playing NIN since unlocking the mudra/ninjitsu. It almost feels like a fighting game using the different combos on the d-pad for the different effects. They do excellent damage and look very flashy too, which is always nice.
  6. Thanks both. I’m not failing solo duties, just finding them a bit slow with stone/aero/holy not doing a ton of damage and my ability to heal myself removing any sort of danger. I’ve not tried Palace of the Dead. Will definitely check that out.
  7. A couple of questions for the gang: Healers - do you use a different class for solo main story quests? As a 50-something WHM I'm not exactly an offensive powerhouse (even with my companion chocobo) and so I find a lot of the fights for the MSQ slow going. Since I have the double XP buff, I'm tempted to use a DPS job for these and switch back to WHM for instant queue dungeons. I like the look of NIN, but getting it up to level 50 with a 10-15 minute queue for each dungeon run isn't exactly appealing. Everyone - I find that switching to any of the expansion jobs can be hugely overwhelming with a full hotbar of actions thrown at you at once (even at the level 30 jobs I've unlocked at Heavensward). What's the best approach for getting used to these? I thought about clearing the bar for everything above level 15 and starting from Sastasha again and then adding skills back gradually but wonder if there's something in-game to help you get used to these newer jobs.
  8. I suppose it’s the inevitable consequence of playing through multiple releases back to back but I couldn’t help to be disappointed that my beautiful White Mage artefact robes blessed by the ghost of the great prophet were immediately outclassed 10 minutes later by a hideous jester costume given to me as a reward to taking the Ishgard city tour.
  9. This game is just so good. I did the long slog up to Heavensward back in 2019 but had totally forgotten everything and so took advantage of the Road to 70 double XP thing by starting a new character on Spriggan and spending £8 to skip the ARR story. It's crazy how quickly you can progress with a flying chocobo, all the teleports unlocked, instant queue times and double XP for everything. After a few days play I'm now at level 45 with the first pieces of my WHM artefact armour. I didn't get on with healing when I tried it back in 2019 as an AST. I think the extra level of complexity from the cards was overwhelming me a bit but CNJ and WHM has been the sweet spot. I'm really looking forward to doing Heavensward properly once I hit 50, I fell off it at level 55 first time around as a Bard but am determined to see it through this time.
  10. Does anyone have any advice on how to contact SE support for account issues? It looks like they have completely shut down their webchat and phone support (despite the site showing the chat is available between 11:00 and 17:00) and I'm not getting any answer from the email option. I picked up a cheap key for the PC complete edition and was really enjoying levelling some new jobs. I tried to sign in on my PS5 to carry on doing this on the sofa, but got the message that my account was locked due to my account being at risk/the way I was logging in had changed. The problem is, after a bit of detective work, I've realised that the email address associated with my SE ID is an ancient one I no longer have access to. This means now that I can't log in to rectify this, despite knowing the password, as I get the same message when trying to log on on their account site. Am I boned here? I feel like I might be boned.
  11. The XC course over 9 holes at Ridgerock in Adventure Mode might be the least enjoyable thing I’ve ever played in a Nintendo game.
  12. Agreed on Lip Service. Best one from this series and up there with the best overall, I reckon. A Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room/The Devil of Christmas/12 Days of Christine level banger.
  13. Comprehensive victory for orange it is. Time to order!
  14. Lads. Do we think red or orange for the accent colour here? I'm torn. I think red looks better on the d-pad but orange on the bumpers but don't want to mix.
  15. I knew this game was going to look incredible (and it absolutely does) but my most pleasant surprise with this is how much I'm enjoying the gameplay. I want to say it's like Returnal Jr or something but that sounds like a negative and I don't mean it to be. This is my first R&C game I really wasn't impressed by the opening section, but once you start planet hopping, working on side quests and upgrading weapons it settles into a really satisfying loop. Not denying that it helps that it's the best looking game I've ever seen, mind.
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