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  1. This game has a lot of problems, but the single biggest for me is the fact that I may never get this tune out of my head as long as I live.
  2. I disagree with this. It feels like a step back from Legends Arceus to me. That had a wonderful quick flow to catching, battles and exploration. It also felt much better to control. You’d think that was the test/proof of concept for this but I feel like they’ve made something worse.
  3. I’m also finding this delightful on Switch. It’d be even better if there’s an option somewhere to always skip the tons of animations it expects me to watch before and after every shot. It really makes the match play bits drag. Is there one that I’ve missed?
  4. Pungee


    Can someone point me in the right direction with clip 26b in 2OE?
  5. I'm have the non-Steam Windows version registered on my account, but that's basically it, yeah. Maybe you don't even need XIVLauncher if you have the Steam versions...
  6. Yep! I followed this guide: https://goatcorp.github.io/faq/steamdeck.html
  7. I got this up and running on my new Steam Deck and am very impressed with how the whole thing runs. Finally, my dream of running levelling roulette dungeons on the sofa while my wife watches TV is a reality. I haven't been able to copy over my controller hotbar layouts to the Deck, despite Google telling me I should be able to. I've uploaded the config on my PS5 and then downloaded them on the Deck, but I can't see how to apply them. What am I missing?
  8. I'm almost all digital on my PS5 because I'm an impatient little idiot. Once I make the decision that I want to play something, my desire to get it immediately outweighs my desire to be sensible and get a disc I can trade in later. I do an awful lot of 'but what if there's a problem with the post and the disc doesn't arrive in time for the weekend where I have time to play' and 'but I'm always busy and it's a pain to get down to Cex to sell it' in my own head.
  9. Order it! I’ll absolutely take it if you don’t want it once it arrives. Happy to pay over RRP for your troubles too
  10. Just bought this in the Steam sale despite having already played almost 500 hours across Switch and iOS. Very excited to get into Downfall and all the other mods I've read so much about
  11. Just put my 'after Q3' pre-order details into one of those order date calculators and it's not looking good, lads. If anyone here is thinking of selling theirs (any size/model is fine, as well as it being above list price in this market), let me know and I can try and save you the horrors of ebay
  12. This is the tune that my brain defaults to. When I'm running on empty and I'm trying to get our baby to sleep, this is the tune that comes out and I make up lyrics for. I do it so much that my wife does it all the time too, despite never having played or heard of Yoshi's Island.
  13. Have Nextlander started their Beastcast reunion podcast yet? If so, how are they? I see it's listed under their £8/month tier on Patreon. The Vinny/Bakalar/Abby/Alex/Dan era of the Beastcast is some of my favourite podcast content ever so if this is delivering on the promise of new versions of that, I'd be very tempted to give it a go.
  14. Lads. What’s my best option for a steering wheel and pedals stand that’ll fold down easily for storage (and is compatible with a Logitech G29 wheel)? I was about to go for this based on the number of reviews but thought I should go to the pros first.
  15. I avoided playing Dark Souls 1 for a while entirely on the basis that the topic title on here ("Praise Sunshine Gary! Praise the sun!") got right on my tits.
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