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  1. I’m incredibly late to this game but I picked it up on Switch just before New Year as I had some coins that were going to expire. Despite it being right in the middle of the venn diagram of genres I never play, I’d read it being praised enough times to give it a go and I’ve somehow played it for more than 25 hours already. I’ve finished it with The Silent and The Defect and both runs were incredibly satisfying. The Silent one was based around having a million damage-boosted shivs, while The Defect run was based on the relic that conserves unused energy between turns, the cards that let lightning orbs hit all enemies and a ton of Defragment cards that boost orb damage. I think The Defect is a bit easier as he seems to have so many options for generating tons of block from just a few cards. I can’t remember the last game that I was playing so much that it actually annoyed my wife to the point of her bringing it up but this has managed it. It’s so good, lads.
  2. Up to 49 on my AST and I’m not sure if I’m cut out for playing a healer full time. I get tense every time I join the dungeon roulette. The lower level stuff is easy enough but now it’s throwing in stuff like Stone Vigil and Aurum Vale it’s getting incredibly hard to keep everyone alive, debuff-free and with the right cards applied, and the sense of guilt when people start dying at a boss is killing me. Fair play to the full time healers out there, you’re doing good work.
  3. Cutter's Cry is a big step up for healers compared to the other dungeons, isn't it? I'd never had a single party member die in 11 levels of playing AST until we wiped three times in a row on the giant worm boss. I think I'm struggling to know when someone if affected by a negative status effect and what it actually is. Particularly since I've only played one other class (ARC/BRD) and so have no idea what the little icons represent for the abilities of the other classes. I guess this wouldn't be as much of a problem if I was playing with a mouse and I could just mouse over the tiny icons on my party list but it honestly seems impossible to keep up with who is affected with what using a controller. What am I doing wrong? Can I set it somewhere so only negative statuses show up there?
  4. Question for the healers out there. Once you reach the full party 8 player stuff, how do the healers decide who is looking after each tank? I’ve never seen them discuss it in party chat. I’ve just started playing around with AST and it’s a lot of (confusing) fun so far. Took advantage of those sweet instant queue times to jump from 30 to 35 in what felt like 10 minutes. It also made me realise how much more involved/focused you have to be when playing a healer. It gets stressful quickly when things get hectic, even at the simple Haukke Manor/Brayflox’s Longstop level I’m at at the moment.
  5. Yep. I’m almost at the last two Before The Fall sections and it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ve resorted to reading the ‘journal’ summaries of the quests on a FFXIV wiki and skipping through dialogue/cutscenes as it honestly feels like this bit is never going to end. Currently sat in an estimated 24 minute queue for the Shiva fight. Just let me get to Heavensward and switch to a healer already.
  6. I’m in that exact section they mention between ARR and Heavensward and agree that it is painful. If it wasn’t so addicted I’d wait until these updates go live to carry on. Ah well, here’s to another evening of warping between location to read some dialogue text and then choosing from three slightly different earrings as a reward.
  7. Yeah, that makes sense. It's a good sign that I should get on with the main scenario quests so I don't end up in too many gear score-gated dungeons where people would expect me to have these abilities ready to go. I'm planning on switching to Astrologian for a little while once I unlock Heavensward stuff to try my hand at the healer queues and for a bit of a change from playing DPS. Gonna deliberately start from the very easiest dungeons and work my way back up since I can only imagine the furious tanks left in a heap on the floor by a healer who has no idea what they are doing in the more complex ones.
  8. I'm at a similar point to Vorgot. Level 52 and working my way through the post-ARR but pre-Heavensward stuff and the seeming endless amount of Hard mode dungeons/primals/everything else that opens up once you see the credits. I would play this all day if my real life responsibilities would let me. Now I've got my full Choral Attire set for my Bard and cashed in a bunch of Poetics to get a very fancy looking Ironworks bow, I finally feel like I'm not a total beginner. The one thing I've found a bit weird is that I have skills that I've hit the required level for (e.g. Wanderer's Minuet at level 52) but I don't think I can unlock these until I get to the Heavenward content as the quest giver is in a place I can't access yet. Is that right? Looking at the sheer number of main scenario quests left to go before I unlock Heavensward, I can imagine I'll be way past 52 by the time I finally reach the person who can give me the quest.
  9. How does the game handle level syncing abilities for the expansion jobs that start at higher levels? If I was to unlock Astrologian that starts at 30 and then join a dungeon synced to below-30 (e.g Sastasha or whatever), would I just keep all the level 30 abilities I started with? Or does it strip certain ones out?
  10. I’d love to get involved in that. I’m level 49 and at the end of the Seventh Umbral Era quests. Am I miles away from unlocking it?
  11. God, this game is good. Did a run of Haukke Manor, Brayflox’s Longstop and the Titan fight with other novices (well, they all had the little novice icon like I do at least) and they are all excellent. The presentation and personality of all the dungeons so far has been great and I’m sure they’re saving the best stuff for later on. I also don’t know how they made MMORPG combat satisfying but my new Bard loop of Mage’s Ballad and the damage over time attacks constantly resetting Bloodletter so you can rapidly alternate between Heavy Shot and Bloodletter is just lovely.
  12. After a couple of attempts at the free trial and never getting beyond level 20, this has really grabbed me this time and I picked up the £12 PSN edition that included Heavensward for free. I'm enjoying it so much and there's so much to do that it's ended up with me being massively over-levelled for the main scenario quests, which I'm finding a bit dull and repetitive at the moment. I've read that the main quests do go through a dip, with things picking up massively in terms of entertainment and variety once you hit a certain point. Is that true? When does that point arrive? I'm level 34 with my Bard and am slogging through main scenario quests that are roughly level 27 (I've just been sent to Little Ala Mhigo looking for that masked guy). How close am I roughly to getting to the more interesting stuff? I'm enjoying everything else so much, if the main quests can step up a bit I can't see myself playing anything else for a while.
  13. I think Superhot VR played wirelessly on this in enough roomscale space has a legitimate claim for being the best game ever.
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