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  1. Fat thumbed accidental neg, sorry.
  2. I think you're also missing: Hotline Miami Doki Doki Universe Escape Plan Titan Attacks
  3. I guess he means a Streetpass app on your phone that would get passes from other people then sync with your 3DS later. The idea being you (and other people) would be more likely to carry your phone everywhere. It'd be a bit less special I think. There's something nice about pulling the 3DS out of my bag, seeing the green light of happiness and knowing I've crossed paths with another owner who is carrying their's with them too. Although I guess we'll kinda lose that when the Relay feature rolls out soon.
  4. I've picked up enough so I guess I should get swapping Looking for: Summer sale - Dead Island, FM2013, Kerbal, Prison Architect Bastion - Wilds, Shrine, Windbag HL2 - Alyx, G-Man, Bring the fight, Metrocop Have: Summer sale - Skyrim, Torchlight (x2) Bastion - Distillery HL2 - Gordon, Gordon & Alyx, Actually just take a look at my inventory I'll trade anything I have from Isaac, Guns of Icarus, L4D2, Magicka and FTL Edit: Thanks Billy!
  5. I think it's about street passing the same person multiple times. I've got a number of balloons from someone who occasionally shares my morning commute including a bunny shaped one which was, I think, the same day they hit rank 7 in Streetpass Quest.
  6. Club lol finally opened. Amazing. The bit with the town theme and my pic flashing up was extra good because I switched the theme to Superman last night.
  7. Cannot get into Fire Emblem. They just keep... talking.
  8. I attach all my tools to letters and then retrieve as necessary.
  9. Lovely town though! Slightly worried I've messed up the boat. Waited on the pier with Mort, got bored and wandered off to the HH Academy. Came back to find no Mortimer and no Kapp'n. Hopefully it'll all be fine tomorrow.
  10. Make a pro design at the Able Sisters and you can make sleeves and back different. You can also choose from long, short or no sleeves.
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