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  1. SNES Mini

    Dracula X: Rondo of blood isn't it?
  2. SNES Mini

    Anyone considering the Hori 6 button fight pad for this as sold by Argos may want to reconsider. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7455407 This had serious issues establishing a connection for me (though my mini was set up next to my wireless router). Not only that - it was less than responsive on the diagonals. I found executing endless fireballs far more accurate on the stock pad. Not worth the £30 being asked in my opinion.
  3. Titanfall 2

    There's a thread with one in the Bargains section. Ignore me false alarm.
  4. Titanfall 2

    I wish I knew. Maybe they were part of the Beta (I certainly wasn't).
  5. Titanfall 2

    Indeed. I'm also after a psn discount code for TF2 if anyone has one begging.
  6. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    I think that is in fact no mans tart.
  7. Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    If memory serves its simply a case of dropping 3 files into the right directory. Then running one. Remains soft modded until you do a full restart (sleep is fine). At which point you run the re-modding file which is one of the 3 files. I did it a while back so things may have changed. But I doubt it's got harder.
  8. Hearthstone

    I've just moved to the android version of this after changing phones and its almost twice the size of the iOS equivalent running up about 2.6Gb! Less than impressed with that. Its a card game FFS.
  9. Hearthstone

    Well I'm with the plebs down at 13, but I'm yet to see a new expansion card on ladder apart from the jeweled scarab. The meta seems to have slowed considerably though.
  10. Hearthstone

    Has the drop in aggression in the meta prompted a re-appearance of mill rogue? I've seen 4 in relatively quick succession. At least Secret Pally got it over with quickly.
  11. Hearthstone

    Sticking with the enduring frustrations vs aggro of my Reincarnation Shaman deck on ladder this season paid off today when the following sequence gave me my most satisfing one turn kill lethal ever. Turn 7 Priest: auchenai soulpriest & circle of healing to clear my board and leaves only a 1 health auchanai up. Turn 8 Shaman: Sylvanas & Reincarnation to steal the auchenai and leave Sylvanas and the Auchenai on my board Turn 8 Priest: Shadow word death Sylvanas + some minion Turn 9 Shaman: 2 x Ancestral healing to face flipped by auchenai for 28 damage and 3 more direct damage from the minion for the one turn kill! I wish I could say that has been my only type of experience with Auchenai/Healing wave synergy. But I've 'healed' myself for 14 damage in the past when an Auchenia has dropped from my sky golem.
  12. Hearthstone

    I've got this too (gold edition no less) and whilst its a bit difficult to trigger - people can get caught out. The card states: "At the start of your turn, if you have at least 3 Mechs, destroy them all and form V-07-TR-0N." I have seen many people mistakenly think it wont trigger if there are only 2 other mechs out. Thing is it counts as the 3rd mech in the text, Cue much hilarity after some piddly annoy-o-tron gets killed and 'I'm sorry that happened' emote eminates from a chopsy opponent thinking they've cleverly averted its trigger - only for them to see VOLTRON turn up at the start of the very next turn.
  13. Hearthstone

    My progression has been: Hunter-->Warlock-->Shaman I now hate Hunter and Warlock to play against. The zoo/aggro versions played by these decks just seem to be a parade of the same minions. There's little to surprise or confound. I have a mech Shaman deck now which is easily my most successful at Level 11 and climbing, not based on any deck in particular - just my own tinkering. I find Shaman to be the right balance between flexibility and directness at the moment. Priest is fun but too long winded. Had a lot of success with Paladin in arena, I think I'd go there next. Not touched Warrior, Rogue or Druid.
  14. Hearthstone

    What am I saying. Having just read some recent posts - some of you lot are running it (or something similar). Shame on you all.
  15. Hearthstone

    Before I start bitching I'd just like to say how much fun I'm having with this game having parted with zero cash to play it its easily my most played game of the year. I'm even having fun in the face of, lets face it, conveyor belt Zoo decks. But.... I just came up against this fatigue deck in ranked and it wasn't funny at all (I play controly shaman BTW): http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/140918-natural-remedies I'm torn as to whether its a good thing that such a deck can exist. Its testament to the flexibility of the game but my oh my does it suck the fun out of playing. Forget card fatigue, my opponent almost won due to player fatigue. It shouldn't be called 'natural remedies' - it should be called 'paint drying'. If I come up against it again I'll just concede I think. All that time for one win simply isn't worth the bother.

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