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  1. Hmm, looks far better than the E3 demo in motion, albeit old it still makes you wonder how they could go from that to this. I call bull-shit. I used to like David Jaffe, but I've now realised he is a bit of a penis. He has fuck all to do with this game except he was involved in the previous two. This "designer" needs to bring it or fuck off. How long has he been working on his new game? Since Calling All Cars - which is a long fucking time. It best be a new Twisted Metal or I'm sending my feces to his door.
  2. Oh, I knew that. bit obvious really. Then my tip is better! Watch your ammo counter when you reload, press L3 as soon as its full!
  3. Three previews of Breaking Bad Series 3 (nothing spoiler heavy): Oh it will be breaking, oh it will be bad-ass.
  4. I thought the trailer looked really good, a lot better than Dead or Alive's. I used to like Mortal Kombat, but I was really young. I saw a clip of 2 and it looked awful. I saw MK1 again about 3 years ago and thought it was proper shit. The Tekken manga film is pretty good BTW. I thought so anyway. I got it on VHS one Christmas, was a brilliant present, because it was totally unexpected. My mum must have gone through one of the manga mail order channels to get it. Bless her.
  5. I thought sprinting after the ammo counter refilled was cheaky enough. Gonna' have to check this one out. Sounds like a serious glitch though, would make even the longest reload timed gun a breeze. Which makes me wonder why it hasn't been patched?
  6. I hate subtitles in games, I turned them off pretty sharpishly in this. Subtitles totally ruin any impact a certain dialogue has, because you read the text and aren't surprised by the vocal. It was just before Bayonetta told one of the bosses to fuck off as well. I was thinking to myself "did she just say that?"
  7. sucker4life


    It's really not gimmicky anymore, in films like Avatar anyway. From now on I'd much rather watch a film like Spider-Man, Transformers or any other blockbuster with big explosions "RAHHH!" in 3D. After seeing Avatar in 3D I'm real keen on playing a game in 3D, especially Wipeout HD. I can see it being big, even with glasses. I mean; the industry already has us waving our arms round like spaztics with the Wii & about to get us stood up doing it at the same time on the Natal. Can't see it catching on your daily 'Corro or Eastenders mind. As for the bits in the films that aren't 3D, there are certain parts that wouldn't look right in it, and I think it really adds to the effect when something suited in 3D unexpectedly comes out at you.
  8. How does the online co-op work in this? I've rented the game and want to play the campaign with someone online, can you stop and start with a new online player each time as you progress? Obviously, I don't want to miss parts of the game and at the same time would like some smart "AI".
  9. Exactly. But if you really want one you can pick one up in Cash Converters for £60.
  10. What if we did a race at the end of result posting as an extra addition? Would be quite cool to see how times differ with us all on at the same time. Just a thought, maybe Asura could turn this thread into a Speed lap tournament & I was also wondering about 'Fury' tracks? Are we allowed to choose them should we get the 1st place time? Any cheap skates rattling about?
  11. Granted, I haven't played the 360 version but I can't find much wrong with it, yeah there's some screen tearing here and there and the textures might not be exactly like the 360's version but so what? It's really not that bad when you compare them next to each other, especially not worth buying a new console over just to get a smidgen difference. But here's measuring time anyway kids :
  12. No PS3 patch is out, don't know how it would be classed as a "tub of shit" though, plays and looks just fine.
  13. I think it's a bit more bloodier than COD4, I liked WAW's gore personally. When you shot someone up close in the head, their heads came off like they should and watching a claymore death on the Killcam looks awesome, even if it is yourself getting mutilated.
  14. Yak! No chance with this one, I'll maybe give it another go tonight.
  15. I'm going to rent it in a bit, what difficulty should/can I start on? I played the demo on 'Easy' and it was like the game was on autopilot, is the 'Hard' mode really, really difficult?
  16. Hope we get the unaltered cut since it's going straight to DVD here.
  17. Hope we get the unaltered cut since it's going straight to DVD here.
  18. The PSP has been hacked wide open, I personally don't think Sony have a leg to stand on. I mean every single thing that has come out for it software wise has been hacked and pirated. Except the latest firmware - but you can still play the majority of the latest games on GEN CFW.
  19. Where's "At the mini bar!"? The voices in COD4 were better though. "Happy new year!"
  20. I know it's worth while doing barrel rolls, I wouldn't have got the times I got had I not used them. I'm just talking about that corner in particular, and how hard it is to achieve one there; meaning you spend more time trying to achieve it than ignoring and speeding right through.
  21. Simply-Games are doing it for £35 which is the cheapest preorder known to me, I was thinking of holding out for a supermarket deal but might not.
  22. Cool, I wasn't aware about the danger close perk thing, I'll have to try that out as I use claymores a lot, I noticed that too with the scavenger perk. You can refill after the first two explode though
  23. It's on the last corner before the starting line, tough to do though and I think attempting to do it on a speed run would only decrease your time not improve it.
  24. Everyone's PS3 does it, don't worry about it.
  25. I'll start with: sucker4life - dj_hazardous - Icarus (Fury) -Moa Therma - Venom - 37.47 Can probably tighten that up a bit tomorrow when I'm not pissed and nackered.
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