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  1. You never got to the point where you wouldn't buy one (to keep) for a tenner. I'd be interested to know the thinking behind that! But you do seem more interested in books than games, which would beg the question.
  2. People have been able to do that as well (on a free basis).
  3. And... THE CRYING!!!! Those parts were woeful, provided good comedic value for me and my friend though.
  4. People have been saying it's got no games since a few months after it's launch, I don't see how it holds any truth now. All it would take is a feared list to disprove that theory anyway.
  5. Also, as others have mentioned, Prime kicks some massive bum in it. And Starscream's still rubbish I thought all the humour sunk in well, even though the
  6. Is that what he wants? Seemed like a pretty useless post.
  7. I'd agree there, It doesn't make much sense to buy all consoles in existence for no particular reason, unless you're rich like 50 Cent.
  8. Isn't v5+ firmware a Gripshift only method of running user code?
  9. Great read, but I think nostalgia and growing older has a big part to play in all this, I too still love the DC and PS1 - I have no fonder gaming memories. But I also think this applies to the people from previous console generations in that, they have fonder memories of the Atari's, Commodore's, SNES's & MEGA-DRIVES's compared to the consoles which succeeded.
  10. Agreed, but to elaborate in such a mannor would make me think otherwise. You don't go round calling your guilty pleasures heaps of utter fucking shit do you?
  11. It's hardly something you'd forget So, what's it got to do with Terminator again? How can it be a heap of utter fucking shit and at the same time be enjoyable? Doesn't make any sense man!
  12. This film was awesome but Megan Fox running in slow motion made it 10x better.
  13. Well, I'm pretty sure something will come from her flirtation with her boss, otherwise I doubt her workplace would have had so much screen time in this series. I don't think it would be stretching things if she came back without the real explanation to be honest.
  14. It wasn't just on the basis of one thing he said whilst sedated though was it? It was what he said that related to a secret she thought he'd been hiding for a long time. Unfinished business. I don't think the breakup will be a big part of the story next series anyway, maybe Walt will make a new lie to cover this one or fake illness to get his family back, so far he's managed to do everything else!
  15. I rented this today & although it's a good game and definitely worth finishing, it's also a game I'm glad I didn't buy. I've only got 3 chapters left after getting stuck in this afternoon. I'd say it's really easy, but I am playing on Casual.
  16. I found what he said odd considering his company offers peripheril only games, which cost loads! (new tony hawk, guitar hero).
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