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  1. So does everyone to my knowledge (except 360 users which I get), yet the devs of these great games keep proving me otherwise. I go to my second point of my last post, they're lazy and don't properly explore control options - All the good PS3 FPSs use R1 to fire. Doesn't take a rocket scientist does it?
  2. Ghost, I was agreeing with your network problems but I was also adding my seperate transgressions to it. The clip on triggers aren't the solution, the solution is to get it through the developer's skull that we primarily want a control scheme using R1 to fire, just like the PS2. They need to stop getting a bone on over the PS3 touch sensitive L2/R2 triggers and get with the fucking program. Serially. I pretty much refuse to play an FPS online with R2 as fire. It's just wrong. They only do this control scheme because they're lazy cunts and copy the 360 one anyway. Obviously it doesn't bloody work, since the buttons are completely the other way around. SORT IT OUT! Or I'm not buying it. And I'll convince every one I know not to buy it. So there. /FUCKED OFF
  3. Close to my thoughts exactly Ghost, I don't even want to buy it now knowing I can't use R1 for fire. I'm so unbelieveably pissed about it, it's like they do it to taunt me. How in the hell did they manage to bring about the worst imaginable control scheme from day 1 (the demo)? Usually it takes time to build these god-awful schemes that only a handful of rejects use, but somehow, Rebellion managed it. Well done guys.
  4. Get out! Traitor! Don't come back till you've got the game again!
  5. Poor network connection I can begrudgingly accept from a demo but poor control schemes from 2008 I do not. Which is my main complaint. It's pretty much this: + = DO NOT!!!
  6. Yeah - if you could get into one in the first place. EDIT: I just got into one, which lasted literally two seconds. Shit, shit, shit, shit. It's really not acceptable for a game of this expectancy. With that bollucks about unprecedented demand, fuck off. It's an ALIENS vs. PREDATORS game, practically the most famous monsters of the past two decades. You got your figures wrong fellas. It has been highly popular since the middle 90's during the last one and that wasn't exactly tame was it?
  7. Serially, this is crap. Linkster, get out of the thread and start hanging over your collegues. They might be able to develop a game, but they can't work a control scheme for shit nor a network.
  8. No Sie, it's truly annoying when a developer can get a game so right but fail so badly at a control scheme they should know off the bat. He's right and whether he mentions it or not, custom controls should be always an option. Especially a game like this which has multiple species with different controls. You should be able to map every feature to any button you want! This should exist in every game! Especially FPS. AND ESPECIALLY FPS FROM 2010! ANY ONE THAT HAS R2 AS FIRE THAT CANNOT BE CHANGED SHOULD BE SHOT, IF THEY'RE STILL ALIVE THEY SHOULD BE SHOT AGAIN. Seriously, how dare they!? FUCK THE R2 BUTTON! FFS. Might not get it now, I've never bought an FPS on the PS3 that only uses L2 and R2 for aim and shoot except OF: DR which was poor! Seriously, WTF?!?!?!!?!?!?
  9. Tekken 3 or Time Crisis with the G-Con .45. I'd probably give it to T3 though for being such an achievement on the PS1. It was quite special when it arrived. Worthy mention: Silent Scope DC
  10. You really should bother getting that Aerial socket fitted first.
  11. MMM Shining sequel. I don't have much premise for writing in here only that I preferred 'The Shining' the movie to the book, and unfortunately Kubrick is not around anymore to follow on (King might be glad about that). Anyone in the right mind who saw both Kubrick's and King's version would agree the former is the masterpiece. King can't make a TV/film if his life depended on it. (maybe a story for one of his future books?).
  12. What do I have to do to get some FLASH around here?
  13. You're a dickhead, mate. Don't insult unless you expect them to be returned. To be fair, you should get them left right and centre, you're an arrogant self-indulgent prick.
  14. Is it only part of Visceral Games that worked on this or the whole studio? I'd hate it to be the latter working on this emulated filler, I would rather they get back to doing what they know best; Dead Space.
  15. Fuck knows how much is lost in the PSP version then. It still has possibly the best graphics on the system.
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