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  1. 1-1 away at Yeovil. Someone has started a "How long Parky?"thread on our message board. Sounds like we were sporadically good, but weren't amazing, with new players still finding their feet, which is understandable, and it was about a billion degrees, and we did concede to a fantastic long distance goal. It is a huge one against Chesterfield on Tuesday though. Even at this early stage. At least a six pointer. We usually play very well against the better teams, but Chesterfield sound like they have made some astute signings and goal machine Tshimanga up front for them is just getting back to fitness.
  2. Oh yeah you can instantly see he's a class act and as with Mullin clearly playing way below the level he should be at. He's not even fully fit yet. Should flourish in that creative attacking mid role behind Palmer and Mullin who both assisted well for him for his two goals. I think he'll complement them perfectly. Luke Young on the other hand might not be a league one level footballer, but I think functions mostly fine in a deep midfield role he tends to play in these days. Although probably an area that we could upgrade to be honest, and probably not his best position. He was back to back player of the season in a more advanced midfield role under Keates. I think the assumption is that he might ultimately find himself benched with O'Connor playing that deeper role when all players are fit, but then it's also clear that Parkinson really likes him. He wears the captain's armband, sets the tone, and works his socks off every game.
  3. Wrexham were the better side today, but a bit predictable against a big stubborn Eastleigh team who treated us to an astonishing level of time wasting tricks from the very first minute. 1-0 down to a soft goal, but then bloody hell Elliot Lee! Came on for the last half an hour, ball glued to his foot, creating chances, travelling passed players with ease, and scoring 2 goals. Ridiculous debut. Up there with the very best I've seen. 2-1
  4. Big news for Wrexham, we're no longer the only club shackled by the transfer window in the conference because we're from Wales. Something I might have moaned about in the past Like every other non league club, we're now free to sign players whenever we want up until March Reckon we should now sue the conference for 14 years of discrimination.
  5. Completely, but that'll make it even sweeter for Dorking when they inevitably take points off them. I went to watch Wrexham beat Macclesfield 4-0 today. Bizarre to go to a pre-season friendly where only two new players started. Has to be a record this millenium. Good to be back though. There was a black Lamborghini that looks like a batmobile parked up in the club car park that can only belong to Robbie Savage.
  6. Love this. Nice to see a club with hope in their hearts again, and a brass band. But oh dear Oldham you'll understand soon enough.
  7. Finished it. Pretty enjoyable, but I did find myself willing it to reach it's conclusion. I think I'd have liked them to have run with it more in terms of cat movement and actions, made it a bit more free and joyful. The world looks and sounds lovely, but it's lacking in interactivity. Cat interactivity that's not just press x to interact I mean. And I thought the sidekick wasn't quite good enough. I don't know, maybe the dialogue wasn't good enough, maybe if there had been some more sophisticated gameplay interaction with it I might have liked them a bit better. The supporting cast characters were great.
  8. Second bonus area in Crash 4 and I get stuck behind some metal crates for ages because it tells me I need to hold the stick in some way to double jump over them. I search the internet to work out what's wrong and discover there is a crouch button that you hold to do a double high jump, which it doesn't tell you about in the controls menu either because I'd checked that too. If a game can't even get the tutorial right...
  9. Elliot Lee finally signs. Heavily rumoured three weeks ago and talking in a podcast saying he was looking for a "project" for his next move. Nailed on since. I've seen Youtube best bits videos make the most average of players look good, but bloody hell he's capable of some best bits. Luton fans seem to think he'll be fantastic for us. Jordan Tunnicliffe in too. Last at Crawley and also good in our league for Fylde. Can play across the back three and should improve us a bit defensively. And 35 year old goalkeeper Mark Howard who just got player of the season at Carlisle and played for Parkinson at Bolton. Apparently we've been attempting to splash mega money on Crewe's Tom Lowery.
  10. Chesterfield, Solihull and Notts County will be strong, so I'd imagine 100 points plus will be the expectation for Parkinson to try and ensure Wrexham get that top spot this season. There was a drop off in squad quality beyond the core players last season so we've ditched half a dozen so far and it looks like we want better in two or three starting positions and will look to strengthen bench options too. We don't need to sign loads though really. Rumours of targeting league one players are out there, but it looks like our first new addition will be centre back Jordan Tunicliffe, who has rejected a new contract at Crawley and appears to be good. Pressure is going to be on, everyone expects us to win the league this year. We'll do well again I'm sure, but I'll let you know exactly how confident I am once I see our final squad. Over 6,800 season tickets have been sold!
  11. I must have finished it 4 times including the HD version and I'm pretty sure I'll still think it's magnificent if I played it again today. My main criticism remains that its not quite bold enough. Too often reverting to Ocarina fan pleasing safe ground. To be fair, it does do almost everything better than Ocarina, but I wished they'd run with the wolf thing even more and maintained the focus on that rather than it getting a little sidelined later on in the game. They definitely should have built up Zant's part, possibly making him the only big baddie. The world was familiar but fleshed out which was great, but it was better when it went beyond that. More expanded or hidden hyrule would have been ace. But those dungeons. And Midna and her Lament. Pure magic.
  12. I'm not 100% convinced about this yet. I don't think it feels quite enough like a full football game. Dodging a tackle to get a shot and goal away are probably the most satisfying moments you get which is more like a fighting game. The pitch is a bit too compact I think with less room to breath than the previous game. Charged had a bigger emphasis on passing too and to me felt a bit more like football with power ups and special abilities and little less like a scrap. I don't think I like this way of doing things quite as much. And I'm still losing sight of the ball far too frequently. That just isn't going away. I'm still enjoying it to a degree and the animations of all the characters are superb, it's got loads of character, but yeah not completely convinced I'm going to stick with it yet.
  13. Strikers Charged wasn't particularly strong in single player either though was it? I played a bit of the demo and wasn't immediately convinced the changes they've made will make for a better game than the Wii one which I loved online. Stripping back the individual main player moves and variation in arenas, it seems less over the top, which instinctively I see as a bad thing. Although tricky to judge its success being throw into the chaotic deep end of 2 vs 2. Working out who I was controlling and sometimes where the ball was not as immediate as my old brain allowed for. Team colour choices that were being made for me weren't as distinguishable as they could be. Black shirts a particularly tricky one to pick out. It seemed slick as fuck though. Looking forward to getting stuck in with a couple of beers tonight.
  14. I promise you that Notts County will reach the play off final next time.
  15. Neutrals watching that might disagree, but the playoffs are indeed a load of shit. At least there was so much happening today that I barely had time to be nervous during the game. Twice I had people by me asking me the score. "is it 3-3 or 4-4?" A fittingly crazy game of football to finish the season off. And of all clubs, at least it was Grimsby who I like. I thought their fans were great and their players battled like fuck. Although we did finish four places above them in the league. Yep the playoffs are still shit. So yeah gutted. At least this feels different to other playoff defeats. Where it either felt like we'd blown our big chance or thoughts of we'll come back stronger next year were predominantly based on hope. And it's just been great to be at the football this season hasn't it? Who cares about that winning or losing shit, it's not important, it just serves to complicate the enjoyment. I had a fantastic day today. Honestly.
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