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  1. Really far into this now. I've finished all the main levels, with loads of coins and 43 out of 48 bees. It really is a wonderful platform game. Essential for anyone who likes these types of games. Its gimmick, the way overworld puzzles feed into and alter the platform levels, is pretty inspired too. Some are really cleverly done. The music is fantastic. The only thing I'm not convinced about is the impossible lair itself. It's very long with no checkpoints so can feel like like a bit of a chore to return to. And you do end up having to repeat the thing because it is challenging. You can't use Tonics either, so Laylee's extra air spin time one that I've been using since very early on and makes movement more enjoyable can't be used.
  2. My new Quest arrived today as a replacement for one with a broken fan that was a replacement for my launch day one that had a broken controller. I've had wonky game systems before, but two broken ones in six months is pretty impressive. Oculus support were ace replacing it to be fair, and it's nice to have a fresh smelling Quest unsullied by Beat Saber sweat. which I'm very much looking forward to jumping back on at the weekend.
  3. Abysmal game last night against Chesterfield. We looked okay for 30 minutes, threatening and creating without scoring, but then Chambers blindly headed it back to our keeper who wasn't where he thought he was and they went 1-0 up. Second half was some of the worst football I've ever seen from us. Basic long ball punts and haplessly trying to work it though the middle of a Chesterfield side who simply had to stay roughly in shape to ensure the win. They were a poor side and we were dreadful. We missed Pearson at the back who was ill and we continually miss JJ Hooper up front. Apparently Keates is going to freshen up the squad. The three or four players last night who are nothing like good enough is abundantly clear. I think Keates probably needs to freshen up his ideas too. We play Chesterfield again on Saturday away in the FA Cup, 22 1/2 years after the fixture was an FA Cup quarter final. Chesterfield subsequently unlucky not to beat Middlesbrough and get to the final of course. Can't believe it was that long ago.
  4. I've been dipping into and loving this. One of the most pleasant surprises of the year so far, it's an excellent polished modern mascot platform game that's head and shoulders above the first game. There's enough different stuff that works very well going on around the core Donkey Kong County platforming to make it feel distinct enough and from early on there's a real sense that it's had a lot effort spent on it by people who know what they are doing. It's rammed full of secret bits and bobs to uncover and get which I love. Add in the way the main levels work in two different states like frozen or flooded and the whole design of the thing feels quite rich.
  5. We drew 1-1 with Harrogate in a stupid pointless league game. Totally threw the victory away missing a penalty before they scored. It was memorable as the first game since the return of Dean Keates as manager. but also because the referee did something I've never seen before. After getting fair bit of (partly justifiable) stick for giving a succession of decisions to Harrogate, he momentarily pretended to give a very obvious foul on our player Jennings to the opposition. After waiting just long enough for Jennings to start going ballistic and crowd to erupt into appropriate levels of disapproval, and with a massive grin on his face, he swiftly switched the decision in our favour. It was quite funny to be fair, but man what a cunt.
  6. Dean Keates returns then, appointed Wrexham manager until the end of next season. He did better than I expected last time, taking over a significantly shitter group of players than we have now and gradually made us competitive, but the football was incredibly boring and ultra defensive. Surprisingly so from a former creative player. We've been weak defensively this season, so it's not the worst kind of football philosophy to get us climbing the table, but longer term I do hope he has progressed as a manager and perhaps learnt from his failings at Walsall too. Full back Jennings got our goal in an encouraging sounding performance and draw away at Woking on Saturday. Keates will promptly ban him from crossing the half way line.
  7. Definitely. Waiting to get Mr Scooty and Blue Falcon was shit though. Vehicles should have been unlocked too.
  8. Wrexham 1 Ebbsfleet 0. Out of the bottom 4. Bankrolled bully boys Solihull away on Tuesday.
  9. Fished it. I didn't need any help along the way which makes me ace. I thought the dungeons were enjoyable, but a bit rudamentary. Simple collections of rooms lacking strong themes and that idea of little puzzles sitting inside a bigger one you get later on in the series.The penultimate dungeon is the only one really attempting to do this and is by far the most interesting. There was some really decent usage of the 2D platform bits throughout the game, although they'd overstayed their welcome by the end just serving to complicate navigation in the last dungeon. The world itself is nicely compact with enough stuff to discover. The graphics suiting this small scale zelda feel perfectly. I thought it was well structured with a good balance between the set quest path and things to do and explore. It too often expects you to wander around a bit stumbling upon clues or event triggers though. Similarly, boss fights are too often about trying options rather than offering anything challenging, satisfying to do, or clever to work out. A good game then, that's showing its age a bit. I've got a mixed opinion of Link Between Worlds, but at its core it's definitely better than this. Which it should be to be fair.
  10. Current part time assistant, little genius, and Wrexham manager through the 90s Brian Flynn takes charge at The Racecourse tomorrow. It could be a really special game and I'm going to miss it sadly. It could also be fucking awful though. New manager appointed after next Tuesday.
  11. Apparently he's been sniffing around, but I think bringing Keates back would be a mistake. He did well steadying the ship after Gary Millls and then making us competitive again, but the football was one dimensional and poor. We progressed as a team after he left under Ricketts. Keates would probably mean retaining the current coaching team too, while the prevailing wish of fans is a completely fresh start. I'm not sure who is realistic, potentially ace, and available to be honest.
  12. Wrexham have sacked manager Bryan Hughes. He deserves credit for nudging us back on course for a decent finish last season, and it's shame to see a great former player ultimately fail so badly in this way, but it is the right decision. Fingers crossed the next one is a goodun. A keeper on loan until Lainton returns and a capable defensive midfielder would be nice too.
  13. He doesn't appear to be a particularly capable manager is the root of the problem. Efforts to change the way we play have gone from looking like a work in progress to a disaster. Defensively we have been awful this season. Our number 1 keeper has been unavailable which hasn't helped, but his poor defensive recruitment, including defensive midfield, over the summer along with a more open approach to play has left us fragile and error prone. That fragility and results have affected confidence all over the pitch.
  14. So Bryan Hughes hasn't been sacked yet despite a vote of confidence and subsequent terrible result against Aldershot. We play Fylde tonight who we always lose against, so the board are probably wanting to get that out of the way first, providing extra sacking justification and allowing a fresh start against bottom of the table Ebbsfleet on Saturday. Thank god I'm on holiday in France and don't have to suffer following these games closely.
  15. Switching to system memory from SD card made no noticeable difference at all to the frame rate drops. They are perfectly tolerable though. Never played this beyond the intro before so it's almost all fresh to me. It looks really lovely. Preferable to old school sprites, but not as nice as Toon Link world of the DS games. And it's slick and familiar and joyful to play. A huge contrast to the Zelda of Breath of the Wild too, so feels appropriate for them to bring this one to the Switch.
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