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  1. Fatsam

    Cadence of Hyrule

    Two dungeons done and I think I'll only stick with it to the end because of the Zelda theme and it's a pretty novel idea. It's too easy after a bit of upgrading and feels repetitive now I've opened up the whole of Hyrule apart from that little section. Maybe it makes more sense in the original which I've not played, but with the wealth of ace Zelda music at its disposal it seems a waste for the gameplay to be based on some basic moving to a beat stuff rather than some more sophisticated following of the actual songs in fights. Not that I'd know how that would work in this, but killing enemies on the beat is not as satisfying as it should be. It all seems too straightforward. Maybe the difficulty level is the issue as has been noted. The game doesn't require you to get better beyond an early understanding so perhaps refinement, enemy variation, and value of different weapons and items is simply lost. It's a shame because you do get a sense that these people do really love Zelda and have had loads of fun making this. It's alright and something a bit different and I don't regret buying it, but it's not amazing.
  2. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    You can probably tell I was getting a bit knackered by the last 4 in the group. Most of them are trickier than hard levels on the original soundtrack so going fast often ends up resembling expert. I might have to go back and just do one or two on normal speed and see how I get on. My greatest achievements on Friday were managing to reclaim a top 100 score on 100$ Bills and improving my score on Beat Saber. Aided by turning on disappearing arrows for an extra bonus.
  3. Make sure you have a Pro because this also runs at a disappointing 30 fps on a normal PS4 apparently.
  4. It does seem an odd one, they were a popular element in the first game. Maybe they have plans to add costumes in a future update. Possibly working across themes this time.
  5. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Cheers, but bloody hell jonamok, I've just had a look at the scoreboards. You've not been messing around this evening have you? Might have to try and reclaim one or two of those vol 1 and vol 2 songs back tomorrow too.
  6. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Got the day off tomorrow, I quite fancy spending a bit of time thwacking away to some Imagine Dragons. Where are these quest notifications informing you that people have bettered your beat saber songs appearing by the way? I've not had any anywhere.
  7. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Set some new scores for you on the Vol 2 songs jonamok. I'm sure you'll beat a couple of them fairly easily when you've recovered enough for some more. Really had to go for it to topple your Elixia one. A simple perfect clearance was nowhere near enough. My arms are fucked.
  8. I support Wrexham and we're going to be promoted this year. As one the two highest placed teams who didn't go up we're also in that Scottish Challenge Cup Sutton were in last season. Draw TNS and we'll get the bizarre scenario of a Welsh team representing an English League playing an English team representing a Welsh League in a Scottish football competition
  9. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Yeah, it's my favourite too. You get more of a window between blocks to really go for those satisfying big swinging extra slice points on hard and fast. Expert is more about smaller quick movements and just trying to get through the track with minimal mistakes. It is indeed a bit flappy at times. And the song is obviously shorter doing it on fast so errors towards the end after an otherwise decent run are less of a bugger. You're right back in it trying to correct sections more quickly.
  10. Emerging from the water in Dolphin Shoals to the sound of that sax? Pointless? It's mostly about the spectacle and the thrills and allows them to get more creative with track design. Stuff arcade racers really benefit from. The bouncing off each other in anti grav is quite inspired too allowing them to narrow the track sections a bit because it can accommodate more players.
  11. I think the innovations have generally been positive moves in the series. Tweaks are rightly made along the way, it was right to ditch the double dash two people karts, and I'm not sure about double items in DX either, but the bump to 12 players was a great move, particularly for online, and the addition of bikes works. Mario Kart 8 builds on 7's additions nicely, making decent use of the glider and improving the underwater sections. Even point to point racing, which I wasn't that keen on in 7, works wonderfully on Mount Wario. It's all about balance and using the innovations in an appropriate manner. 8 did this very well.
  12. I'm not sure about the plane idea. I don't find racing in the air as enjoyable. It wasn't in Diddy and it wasn't in Sonic Transformed. I think it's the lack of drifting and satisfying connection to the track, which are a huge part of Mario Kart. Racing over water could be really fucking good though if they look to Wave Race for inspiration.
  13. Cosmetic rewards for achieving stuff are good, but all characters and vehicles and parts (assuming those are retained) should be unlocked from the start. It's a multiplayer focussed racer, there's absolutely no need to lock those kind of things behind a meaningless progression system. Let people play as the character they want and ride around in the vehicle they want to from the start.
  14. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Just achieved top 100 on all the Soundtrack Vol.1 on hard on Quest. Escape was the last one to do because the difficult section is at the very end and I kept getting through fine and messing up there. Also managed to bring down a low hanging glass ceiling light as I was doing it and it smashed all over the living room floor into a billion pieces Clearly there's need for a more detailed guardian system. Top 100 on all the first 10 songs
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