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  1. Oh definitely, my immediate instinct is to question what they are getting out of it. We don't own any land now thanks to our previous owners, so we can cross that off the list, but I'm still cautious. And I like fan ownership. We don't need saving or anything, so why gamble?
  2. Wrexham have had an offer of a full takeover. It is being put to a Supporters Trust vote to pursue discussions, so it must be worth considering because the board have simply dismissed approaches before without getting to that stage in the past . After being fucked over by our two previous owners, my instincts are for us to remain fan owned, but they are described as "two extremely well-known individuals of high net worth" which is certainly intriguing. Names revealed if the WST vote to consider the offer. We've assembled a solid looking squad for next season now with the last addi
  3. Blue Monday seems to be one of those songs that works dead well in this. As does Another One Bites the Dust. Illustrated almost perfectly with my Freddie Mercury and Dennis Waterman combination https://rave.dj/T2SPWKmzBQF0MQ
  4. I'm thoroughly enjoying this. The wonderfully over the top AI aggression and rubber banding to the max make it feel far more distinctive to play than it first looked. It has a quite unique rhythm to it, with that long build up where you are simply trying to stay in with a fighting chance of victory. A bit like being in the leading pack for much of a long distance running race with the hope of getting in a decent position and using your super sprinting skills right at the end. It works well because the courses are fairly short and races not too long, so I've not found myself getting frustrat
  5. Atomic Gravediggaz - Make me suicide again https://rave.dj/ejtFfpK2SVWUEQ
  6. Wrexham's capacity is over 10,000 and we've calculated that 2,600 is doable with social distancing. The plan is for no food and drink to be served in the stands, presumable so people can arrive and go to the bog while keeping their distance. Hospitality stuff will still happen, but with reduced numbers. We've got a reduced playing budget, but reckon we'll still lose 500 thousand next season. Hard to estimate though really. We've made some new additions and almost have a realistic 11 to put out now. Most recently striker Ponticelli has signed from Coventry after briefly
  7. Shame for Notts County, but it always feels fair when second place still manage to get promoted. I think I'm right in saying that before the season was cancelled Harrogate were due to play Barrow at home and were in slightly better form too, so there was a very realistic chance that they would have finished top.
  8. No season tickets available for us yet. We have 7 players contracted. All decent ones, but 2 of those haven't quite worked out and we'll be attempting to move on, so a fair bit of squad building to do. Wise to hold off making new signings at the moment though I reckon.
  9. Relying on it not pissing down over the autumn and winter in the United Kingdom to maintain social distancing sounds like a foolproof plan to me Altrincham won National League North playoff final so a nice localish game for us to look forward to when football does come back. Weymouth won the south one.
  10. Enjoyed your new one GokouD. I've gone for Goomba and Propeller power ups in 3D Mario with some Thwomp action thrown in. It''s very much using similar ideas to other levels I've done, but with the new items. Goombas can't fly 884-XWK-MXF Going to try to make something completely different to anything I've made before next time. Probably when I'm off work in a couple of weeks time.
  11. Just spent 10 minutes fiddling. Putting a Goomba mask on and then strolling up to a Koopa dozing in his car and robbing it Plenty of potential there for a mask/box plus car level. Bullet Bill looks especially ace driving one.
  12. Certainly seems like they've abandoned the idea of an extra style or two on top of 3D World. There's fuck loads to play around with in this update though, so I'll forgive them. And they do also need to get cracking on reinventing 2D Mario for the next proper 2D Mario.
  13. Not bad. Albarn and Hook going well together.
  14. Ah didn't know that, I'll certainly now be keeping it away from windows in the future. It also fucks the tracking of the controllers up so I did wait for the sun to go away anyway.
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