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  1. Jazzy Barnum-Bobb Best name on our team sheet since Nortei Nortey.
  2. Here you go. Notts County with more of the chances, but Redmond with the game's moment of class. Diabolical goalkeeping from Dibble for the Notts County goal, but maybe that little injury he picked up contributed to that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26LtEX-8E-Q
  3. Reports suggest it was the best performance of the season by Notts County, so to end up with a point there is decent. Wrexham fans seem to think we weren't all that great. Be nice to see Redmond assert himself a bit more in that attacking midfield position than he has done so far for us. Hopefully the apparently ace goal he scored will be the catalyst.
  4. It's destined to be the final Butters. I'll come up and buy you a beer. I did see us against Kilmarnock in a pre-season a few years ago at the Racecourse, but to play a side outside of the English Leagues in a competitive fixture does have a bit of a novelty factor. Interesting about them being weakened from last season. I do wonder about how strong a side each team will put out anyway.
  5. Moving on to a far more prestigious competition, the 3rd round draw for the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer was today and Wrexham's European journey will begin at home against Ayr United who finished 4th in the Scottish Championship last season so are probably pretty good. Realistically I'm not going to consider an away trip in the competition unless it's the final, so to get one of the better sides in there at home is decent I reckon. Can't wait.
  6. That's generally how it works aside from not much more than goals in the BT highlights. Strange that Notts County haven't posted any. As far as I'm aware I think clubs are free to put up what they like after midnight following a weekend game. That's what we do. Wrexham generally put quite extensive highlights up, so you'll get a good one sided view of the game on Sunday.
  7. Higher League's fixtures were released first and then I think the National League just fit in around that if they need to. Not sure if scheduling Notts County vs Wrexham at the same time as a Forest game was a fuck up or they always intended to switch it.
  8. Wrexham 1 Halifax 0 They don't come along very often, but taking the lead when down to 10 men and then going on to win the game are the best victories aren't they? Having lost a lead when down to 10 in the previous match, and throwing away points in the previous game, you could see it meant loads to the players. They'll probably end up mid table, but Halifax were top on maximum points, so it was superb to see us completely dominate the first half. The first 15 minutes or so is some of the best stuff I've seen us play in the conference with fast movement of the ball worthy of a side much higher up the leagues. It helped that we've managed to bag a season long loan gem in forward Mark Harris who looks too good to be playing at this level. We are definitely more open at the back this season though and an exposed Lawlor's lack of pace ultimately meant he had to make the professional foul and get himself sent off with 20 minutes to go. But then Harris ended up with a ball from Rutherford after Hooper's battling and finished nicely. Wev's Notts County away next on Sunday. There should be some goals I reckon.
  9. We were 1-0 up away at Dover before Bobby Grant got himself sent off just before half time. Then lost 2-1 to a 90th minute goal. Pretty disappointing couple of away results really that could so easily have been wins. Oh well.
  10. Bigger parachute payments should help sides a bit more these days, but it is rare for a side to bounce straight back up. Cheltenham did manage to come down and win the league straight away fairly recently, but it's an absolute cunt of a league to get out of. Wrexham threw away three points away at Boreham Wood last night conceding two late goals. Reports suggest that we were pretty ace for large parts of the match though and it was an encouragingly decent performance up to the 83rd minute. Short trip to Dover for us on Saturday.
  11. He sounds like a character from The Fall Guy or Dukes of Hazard or something, but JJ Hooper Scored one and set up one in a 2-1 win against Barrow. He shoves defenders and has a bit of pace, makes good runs with some great stuff down the channels, nice hold up play. Better than anything I've seen up front and central in a game of football for us since Louis Moult left over 4 years ago. You can't fluke all of that can you? Could be a huge signing for us. Nice result to start the season off.
  12. More needs to be done certainly, but I don't think the last point is an issue. Particularly with the level of payments to clubs and how healthy crowds are these days. Football clubs attract their fair share of crooks and too frequently get themselves into financial trouble because of over spending and general mismanagement, but there is no reason why all the league clubs can't operate as full time professional clubs. Even the smallest ones will comfortably have the income to do it.
  13. One or two suggestions were made along the lines of why would anyone buy NSMB U Deluxe with Mario Maker 2 coming out? Which I thought was a bit daft given how different they are as experiences, and why wouldn't you buy arguable the best 2D platform game ever made? Everyone who likes 2D platformers should have both games. I'm also not sure that you could properly replicate any level from that game in a way that fully does it justice, even the ones you think you can. To prove myself right, I've had a go at remaking a Luigi U level because they are short. One of the early ones, Rolling Yoshi Hills, but with conveyor belts instead of actual rolling hills, Monty Moles that don't jump out of the walls, a more cramped level area, and, most significantly, Koopa Troopas that don't dance. I tried to make up for this by adding a couple more secret big coins and a hidden Luigi, because every year is the year of Luigi. GQT-HN1-7LF
  14. Cheers man. The level started out with me trying to recreate Mario kart 8's Dolphin Shoals, but that's obviously dead hard so I deviated from that idea. I do like the car. When's your 3D World level coming GokouD?
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