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  1. wow, thanks for the vote for the second game whoever gave me it, I honestly thought I wasn't great in that match so to receive even one vote is a great compliment! Top stuff again Keeks, always a nice read and a great watch.
  2. id be up for some after BAP if people are on it/still around
  3. no problem, I guessed that was the case. I don't have you added on live so all I could see was that you were on it so didn't know if you had started or not.
  4. The rollercoster bit is even harder when you're running through it with gnome chompski to get the achievement, amazingly that's not even the hardest part, I find the part where you're in the rock show and waiting for the helicopter to be the most difficult. I'd be up for some L4D tonight or tomorrow if there are enough people around for 2 Rllmuk parties?
  5. when is it you guys are thinking of playing?
  6. ill be up for some left for dead, haven't played it online/co-op in a while and its a lot of fun
  7. Sorry about the games last night chaps, I was utter dogshite. Just couldn't do anything because of lag. Obviously it was down to Sky as one of my housemates cleverly decided to restart the router when I was halfway through the second which caused the drop. Hopefully whatever causing the connection issues will be sorted in time for next week.
  8. not sure if I can make practice tonight, should be there for Thursday like
  9. Just to echo what Graham and Smithstock said, amazing effort. Also to say thanks for the votes, I cant take anywhere near the credit for it though, the whole defence were superb in that first and as a team we are certainly starting to gel well and the results will start to show that, still unbeaten currently though so cant complain. onwards and upwards lads!
  10. yeah have to agree with Petey, some very encouraging stuff and we had some quality plays, particularly the build up to the first Athletic goal of the season, that was just unbelievable. Also, there is a lot of creativity in the middle with Smith at the helm, a lot of calm build up and no rushing to always get that ball forward, its very encouraging to see a side that loves to pass and move and from the looks of it can do it well. Both Petey's up top definitely have goals in them as well so im definitely looking forward to hopefully a rewarding season. Also to echo what smith has said with the freekicks, and theres always room for improvement, lets make those draws into wins
  11. ahh no problem lol, just didn't really like the sound of merieles as a right wing lol
  12. is there any chance I could have Qauresma?
  13. Lads. Only just seen all of this, looks like a really strong team and looking forward to playing with you guys!!! Take it this means ill be playing LB/RB ?
  14. What Steely said, especially at being 1-0 down, surely it would be even messier if Thiago Silva had scored instead of Dede?
  15. Yeah, the ball ran loose so i went to clear it and i slid instead, absolutely wounded man
  16. Fucking Hell what a gift to you guys!! Crazy game that second! Well played lads good luck for the rest of the season
  17. Fuck sake lads im really sorry, that has to be the daftest mistake ever The Nathpalm strikes again!! Fucking hell
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