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  1. Well played Athletic, our first 2 lucky goals did it for us in the second then. Also, just read your horrible news Dave, just to echo what everyone else has said and send my thoughts and prayers to you and your family
  2. good second game tonight lads, Pants your goal Sorry I was late for the first, had a few after exam bevvies and the bus broke down when I was on the way home :\.
  3. well played tonight lads. (Smith can you unblock me from pm's so I can get your man of the match votes please ?)
  4. oh. Well I saw comments on the first page of people saying they were in so just followed suit
  5. ive just been really busy with uni work and such, leaving a dissertation until last minute wasn't a good idea. But I only have exams to look forward to now so I have more time on my hands
  6. yeah I should be around tonight, although im still not 100%. I will also do the 2 weeks worth of mom awards I missed out on with this weeks awards in one post, keep up to date and that. (Hopefully) see you guys tonight!
  7. yeah ill be back for next week, I went to the match yesterday as well, fitting end to our season to be honest
  8. Sorry about tonight guys, I said a few days ago I may be missing and I've literally just got home from the library, being the typical lazy student I have left all my work until the last minute and with barely a week until deadline it's fair to say I'm bricking it
  9. Season 19: Jamin 5-5 (4-1 PENS) nathan not to be an arsehole or anything, but that was the other way around
  10. wasn't Gerry or Smithstock Also, didn't get Smithstock's votes in because he's away
  11. Nope doesn't have to though, you've been shamed can be anything
  12. (City Weekly Awards!) Game one was a very tight affair with both sides looking for that elusive first win of the season. It looked as though City were to take a well earned point in this fixture but a sloppy goal cost us. This was representative of the voting with our Gaffer Mitchell picking up the first of these awards. His solid defensive performance whilst controlling the 3 CB's almost single handedly gave us a draw! Mitchell- 3 votes Trevski- 1 vote Funtime Dave- 1 vote Gerry Helmet- 1 vote Heretic- 1 vote The second game of the night saw the ever present defence acknowledged once again. So much so that the team deemed it necessary to vote for two man of the matches in this one. The award this time being shared by Mitchell and Nathan . Mitchell is already a man living up to his reputation as Mr. Fantastic and some amazing last ditch tackles kept us from conceding, whilst Nathan finally managed to find the pass button that has eluded him in previous seasons, with the gaffer himself saying: "Like a man posessed on the wing, breaking/linking up play and passing 200% better than in the cup. Has taken on board his valuable feedback and had a blinder." Mitchell- 3 votes Nathan- 3 votes Pants- 1 vote Smithstock- 1 vote Goal of the Night! With only one goal being scored on the night, you would think that this would be a whitewash. Whilst Heretic does get the nod in this one for his coolly taken penalty, he didn't get all the plaudits. Heretic- 6 votes Dave's Dive- 1 vote The Sergei Ignashevich- sponsored "You've Been Shamed" award In homage to the hardman himself, the first time this award has been seen has also been won by one of our very own. This prestigious accolade goes to record signing Heretic with his wafer thin excuse for taking the penalty. With everyone screaming for Smithstock to take it, Heretic's "I didn't know I had to change the player" argument seemed a likely story, however as he buried it I think we can forgive him! Heretic's excuse- 2 votes Gerry's throw in Lulz- 1 vote Smith's "a trick too far"- 1 vote Graham Dunn- 1 vote "I have no idea...Pants!"- 1 vote Season 21 Stats Man of the Match awards Mitchell - 6 votes Nathan - 3 votes Trevski- 1 vote Pants- 1 vote Funtime Dave- 1 vote Gerry Helmet- 1 vote Smithstock- 1 vote Heretic- 1 vote Goal of the Night awards Heretic - 6 votes Dave's Dive- 1 vote The Ignashamed Award Heretic - 2 votes Gerry's throw in Lulz- 1 vote Smith's "a trick too far"- 1 vote Graham Dunn- 1 vote "I have no idea...Pants!"- 1 vote
  13. yeah I have no problems staying in that position, however I may be missing the next two weeks as my dissertation is due in 10 days.
  14. just waiting on Smithstock to send me his votes and ill post the results from week one
  15. sent pm's out for voting... Smith, can you unblock me or whatever it is you've done so that I can get votes from you via pm? cheers
  16. Guys, I'm thinking of doing some sort of man of the match write ups based on players votes for each game, kind of like what we got last season at athletic ( special shout out to kiko ) unless anyone else would like to do it? If not then ill sort some weekly award titles tomorrow and sort out some sort of end of season awards also. Also, good games tonight and there was a lot of positive stuff from both games. I think once we settle into the new formation we could easily be title contenders with the players we have. Edit: just seen Mitch's post above which is pretty much what I was proposing, although the offer is still there if you guys want it
  17. im only 50/50 as to if I can play tonight. Got a dissertation deadline soon and I have to show my supervisor that im getting 10 pages of work done a day, and so far im on 5.
  18. no I still did get picked last, Mitchell spent all his funds on Heretic and got me for free lol. Team looks good, ill enjoy my one season with you guys. Also, seem to have connection problems atm, it was struggle to get into the game then I got booted out after 30 seconds.
  19. sorry guys, was attempting to get back for the games but im still stuck in uni finishing my dissertation. Apologies and good luck tonight.
  20. wow that's quality, good luck pants mate
  21. I wouldn't mind one game up front if possible as well, haven't been upfront in a long time. Saying that though if there's no space for me im happy to play in the CAM and CDM roles (from looking at the lineup for tonight)
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