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  1. was an overall good game, ill be available if and whenever you need me
  2. cheers baring mate, you were awesome as well, i thought the whole team played well, shame about players getting kicked and the lagg on second game tho
  3. nice look forward to seeing who you pick, so far so good for me as well, my top 2 havent been picked but as i am last pick there is a good chance that they will be
  4. if anyone would like a game before sunday, as a warm up or whatever, add me on xbox and just invite me. i should be online!
  5. just want to make sure that i am still on waiting list. my forum name is nathan now as you can see
  6. hey everyone, im new to the league, just want to wish everyone luck for the season and i look forward to playing you all
  7. ahh sorry didnt mean to add pic to the post, was trying to get a pic on the sidebar thing
  8. hey, i have finally managed to get on the forum when does the league start?
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