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  1. Aretha Franklin and Mavis Staples sing "Oh Happy Day": And a nice selection of old recordings from the "Goodbye, Babylon" CD box set (which is full of interesting things):
  2. It might be that you've simply attained a level of awareness far beyond my own, but if not then I feel like you could see an almost instant boost to your chances just by playing most of the game with ball cam turned on. It really helps with those situations where the ball's gone out of sight and you're not sure where your opponent is going. Not that I'm someone who should be giving advice.
  3. You should pick a character you think is fun to play after messing with them for a bit, and ignore all character selection advice (if you end up with Ryu then that's still fine!), and you should play long sets with people who are talking to you either in person, on a microphone or in text chat. That will help you identify much more quickly than anything else exactly what it is you need to work on to get up to speed, and inbetween sets you can practice in training mode or in random online matches. I'm sure someone here would happily play a couple of sets with you and talk you throu
  4. Working on my own montage of evasive rolls, it's a tricky technique to master but basically at the point in a double jump where you'd normally input the second jump to rise and block the ball, you input a side roll instead and dodge the ball completely. Do cars have different weights? I switched to Takumi and it feels like I'm flying around all over the place after collisions now, and much quicker spinning in the air. I see that they have different hitboxes and slightly different turning circles, but am I imagining the rest? EDIT: apparently I'm imagining the rest.
  5. Facebook group trying to help bring back USF4, courtesy gillstolemyride: https://www.facebook.com/groups/USF4Revival/
  6. I don't remember there being many beginner Arakune combos when I tried to learn Calamity Trigger! I agree with you generally though, except.I don't really mind that some characters have important difficult links. If most characters had them it would be a problem, but really when you look at most of the mainstays in SF4 it's the same as you're asking for: Ryu can solar plexus into mashed uppercut, or he can link a jab to get a tatsu off, or he can go to cr.MP fireball FADC, or cr.HP for the really big damage. Chun can st.HK xx mashed legs, or cr.LK into an easy link combo, or she ca
  7. That's what I thought, thank you! (but of course it is). I'm generally not keen on U2 unless I just don't trust myself to land the U1 punish (I can't do it vs Bison cross-throughs, for example), but I do have a fondness for wultra - I'll pick it for certain characters or players just to make them think about my cr.LK turning into an ultra 2 where they might otherwise feel they had free reign to play loose at point blank range. With Rufus I've converted to wultra vs Viper and Fuerte and certain fireball characters for a similar reason: that extra thing for them to think about when r
  8. I can't help with the questions, but if you end up going with the last option then you could do worse than this lovely man's trading thread. He might even accept a low offer given how long he's been trying to sell them. I kind of wanted the pretty one myself, but I already have two...
  9. Hey let's talk matchups. I have fought two Chun mirrors recently and they both picked Ultra 2 whereas I went with Ultra 1. They were the ones who were doing it wrong, right?
  10. That's pretty much what I think. I found the post I didn't post in my email drafts, so if you want 3000 words from me struggling to say something similar, well, here you go: I don't even think the input buffer is the biggest issue with the new game, haha. But similar arguments apply to the more standardised optimal ranges of characters which also reduces complexity, and the general reduction of space for experimentation and innovation due to more closed-in system design.
  11. If you tried to learn every instrument in the orchestra, would you ever be good at any of them? I don't fret that I'll never play the harp despite it being an excellent instrument, and I don't fret that I'll never get round to properly trying King of Fighters. I'd rather pick one thing and enjoy practice, improvement, deepening understanding and the specific physical and conceptual pleasures that are present in that one thing. If I jumped around all the time I'd never get to the really good bit of playing a game - truly understanding it and loving it - because you can only really get to that p
  12. I actually started writing a post a few months ago about why one frame links are important in street fighter, but it ended up wayyy too long and I didn't have time to edit for coherence. One day. I do think their absence in SFV is more significant a game design issue than people generally think. Jason we need to get you on Steam somehow. Christmas sale maybe?
  13. But Jason: A tiger doesn't need to kill a rabbit to prove he's a tiger.
  14. Yeah I'm still playing. And if there's one rule we hold dear, those of us who still play this dead game online in 2016, it's this: Never give up. Not even when you're fireball trapped by Rose with no life left.
  15. Can you do anything with the crates without spending money? I'm not paying £1 or whatever to maybe get glowing wheels.
  16. I have a feeling my friend won't want to enter again - he seemed to think we might win at least a couple of matches - so I would probably be available. I am better at rolling out the way of the ball than hitting it, though. Happy to play with anyone any time I'm around - I've reached the point (Steam says 70 hours playtime) where I don't enjoy the game unless I'm chatting with a team of friends, so I've stopped playing except for evenings said friend is playing, but I'm often free for an hour around 8-10pm on school nights. I don't think matchmaking is possible if you guys are on P
  17. Scored two goals in the next round!!!! Life goal accomplished. Got absolutely murdered, of course, but still! How is team rllmuk doing?
  18. Progressed to round 2 via opponent disqualification: YES.
  19. My friend entered this so we are handing out free wins in D10. We don't even know how to create the match... Current ambition is to score at least one goal between us across the four games we'll get (assuming I've read it right and it's FT2 double elimination!).
  20. He was pointing out that Dark Souls III is out on PC. Either that, or he was expressing surprise that you're not interested in Bloodborne.
  21. Super Hang On is my favourite of the 3D Classics games, by some distance. It's so good with all the control and screen options, etc.
  22. Joffo loves 5. Imp loves it better than 4, as of the last time we spoke which was too long ago. Both of them can handily bop me in either game but I still say they're wrong and they should be forced to dislike 5 because my view is the correct one :-) Honestly though I'm sure I would still be putting hours into 5 if I was still a carefree youngster, and I do feel a bit bad every time I post about it because it feels like trolling a thread for a game I don't play. But hey, if it was irredeemably bad we wouldn't be sitting here analysing it so much!
  23. I think in terms of the game they're actually in, and measuring them against other characters in that game, they're all too similar is the thing - everyone has similar strengths and weaknesses and a balanced game doesn't necessarily make a fun game, because the interest comes in large part from the specific imbalances. So I think making some characters worse at the dominant strategy and better at other things in return will make the game better without the character being less viable. But if they can find a way to introduce those imbalances by just giving characters stuff without taking things
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