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  1. There are rocket labs arenas in the casual playlists and everyone quits out every time it happens! The proper new one is fun though.
  2. With the name being Infinite I wouldn't be surprised if it's intended to have a constant drip feed of new characters and little bits and pieces over time. They're probably still too scared to try a real f2p game but fake-f2p like SFV and SFxT at least. Imagine the new Marvel movie coming out and the lead character/stage/costumes releasing around the same time. I would hate it but I can see how Marvel would love it. I'm kind of salty UMvC3 is out on PS4 but not PC until March. I want to push all the buttons against you guys and it won't have cross play anyway.
  3. Glad to see they've patched it so that losing wifi connection doesn't kick you back to the menu :-)
  4. That first gameplay trailer makes it look more like SFxM than MvC4. Or TvC with Marvel characters. I'd love to have an active SFxT-alike game again, though it's probably pushing it to hope for 4 player fights. As for Infinity Stones, Qazi... http://www.gameinformer.com/games/marvel_vs_capcom_infinite/b/playstation4/archive/2016/12/03/two-on-two-fights-are-made-more-chaotic-by-infinity-stones.aspx
  5. Given there are six of them they could make them like CvS2 grooves... I am hype to buy 3 again on PC in March and play it as often as I play it on Xbox (i.e. never).
  6. alistarr


    clippa I missed you. I think Mushihimesama on steam currently has a bug relating to big friends lists. I have fixed it on my PC, so if anyone struggles to launch the game let me know and I'll find my notes on what I did. The game is very very good - it and its sequel are my favourite shmups by a fair distance.
  7. Arcsys loop! Give it a month and they'll announce the next revision. I am too old for it but might get the PS3 version anyway, since Jonster actually paid for my copy of SIGN. Combo practice is fun in this game (last time I played I was still working on getting instant air dash consistently).
  8. Oh, I think I have a key for Wasted if anyone wants it for about £3.99 less than the sale price. Halo very kindly gave me Life is Strange which will occupy my new game capacity for the rest of the year (I still haven't finished my first run through Thumper either).
  9. You know, when I was writing this I was wondering if anyone would care, and I thought: "Qazimod will care".
  10. David Sirlin, infamous for such previous masterworks as the slightly unnecessary re-balance of SSF2T:HDR, the fighting-game-themed card game Yomi, the "Playing To Win" eBook about how to approach playing fighting games if you care most about winning, and of course Chess 2, is working on a new fighting game designed with the aim of dramatically reducing the various dexterity requirements of fighting games and allowing players to focus on mind games and character diversity. It looks atrocious but also like it might end up being fun. If you were interested at all in Rising Thunder or Divekick, fo
  11. alistarr


    You've only had the game for a day! Give yourself a chance.
  12. I just feel sorry for the dog. Finally gets the master's attention and then it turns out he's brought his bloody games console to the park.
  13. Did I hear someone say "1v1 round robin"?
  14. I spent this weekend eating (and occasionally cooking) very curious meals, and inbetween playing Halo 3 Legendary co-op from start to finish with my good friend who never bought an Xbox 360, and had therefore never played this despite loving first two games. It's really, really good! Co-op can feel a bit like cheating at times if you exploit the spawning mechanics, but for the most part we played it straight with the goal of pushing through such as a genetically modified supersoldier might attempt to push through unending hordes of enemies on his way to a specific goal. We ran the
  15. alistarr

    Edge #299

    Do issue 300 without a month, and make issue 301 the January issue.
  16. Can you trade between platforms (I'm on PC)? Here are the tings I have if we can trade and anyone wants them. I use one octane racer/distortion and takumi combo and that's pretty much it. I'd quite like a pixel fire trail so I can do a proper hadoken, or some spangly wheels. I usually give my crates to my friend because I don't want to buy keys. Last night I got paired with a Russian who spent the whole evening quoting lines from Bob Dylan songs in the chat window.
  17. alistarr


    I definitely understand where reviewers are coming from with those descriptions, especially when playing with the lights down and the volume up, but only on a similar scale to attending a Sunn O))) show or watching Twin Peaks at 3am, etc. (i.e. because it's obviously a performance it can't ever really be horrific/damaging). Maybe games journalists don't really listen to Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes, Sunn O))) et al, so this kind of aesthetic is newly unsettling for them? Not that I mean that to be mocking: that kind of aesthetic is supposed to be unsettling, and that's why people listen to that k
  18. alistarr


    Ahh, I was coming here to ask if there was a penalty for dying, as it didn't seem to affect my rank for the stage. That makes sense.
  19. alistarr


    I got the digital soundtrack - it sounds good but I already have enough records I don't listen to. It seems to have different track titles to the two sample tracks on the iam8bit website, but both those tracks are in it ("Pulser" is called "Triangle" in the Steam download, and "Disk" is "Logo Revisit"). I hadn't heard of this game until this thread got bumped today but I am happy to trust the man from Lightning Bolt wholeheartedly with my money, even without knowing - as I didn't - that he's been working on high profile videogames for years.
  20. I took Reus just now, thank you!
  21. I think it was one of the WSO boys a couple of years ago. Adapting to the mans.
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