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  1. for me i found it far less frustrating to redo all the bits dom kept dying at than i did to endlessly repeat the on-rails/split paths sections. maybe that's just because i and my human dom aren't good enough at the game, but the mine cart section and the split paths in the hollow (before the theron fight) took us about an hour each, because we had to both have a good run at the same time, whereas on solo you know dom's gonna take care of business in the split sections. i think the rails sections and the split sections are the least enjoyable bits in the game, so if i'm going to be endlessly re
  2. 50%? just boss it on insane and you're golden. hang back, learn to snipe (and DON'T play it on co-op!), job done. NOTE: i may have made that seem a little easier than it actually is.
  3. sold my n64 and everything that went with it for £70 for beer money one summer (maybe i was 16, 17?) and have come to regret it. at first i was like "nah it was worth it 'cus if i hadn't had that money i never would've been out drinking on the night i ended up kissing ____" but since then my opinion on ____'s kissing prowess must have deteriorated somewhat, because man i miss that machine. the woman who bought it was going to save it for her nephew's birthday in a couple of months. i remember thinking that other people had crazy families, because i'd never had a birthday present from my parent
  4. they previewed it (and sounded pretty positive about it) a couple of issues ago (the fifa 10 issue maybe?). maybe waiting for a european release? i thought it was now due to arrive here on consoles early next year.
  5. alistarr

    Halo 3: ODST

    the usual RRP for 360 games is £49.99.
  6. not going to try tackling your first point because i don't know the answer but unless i'm very much mistaken (possible) the graph is dealing in percentages - it's showing what proportion of people who own the console are actively making use of it. so a lot more people are playing the wii, but also a lot more people have a wii sitting on the shelf not getting used, leaving the active user percentage lower than that for the GC. also, the percentage band runs from 5 to 12, which means it's not exactly a massively wide gap. you've still got easy as many active wii users as 360 users there, by my r
  7. people are always saying that the gamecube follow up to f zero x is basically the same but better looking, but i haven't played it so can't confirm. the n64 version still plays pretty well now but i don't go back to it very often. wave race is awesome. so, so well made. like you say, it just handles right.
  8. this is genius in sinister ways i can't yet find the words to describe. my xbox is crying, it doesn't want to be this way but it's powerless to stop itself. is there a support group it can maybe join?
  9. the demo does have this, but when i tried it i drove round for about half an hour before bumping into anyone, and then we both just stopped next to each other and then tried to follow each other for a few minutes. then we reached a race start point and i pressed whatever button it is to race and it said "you have to leave your free roam session to start a race" and i gave up. what i saw of the world was all good though, and the one race seemed very easy but pretty fun.
  10. i'm not sure but i'm pretty certain the words "street" and "fighter" would both be in the title somewhere.
  11. when i spotted dead pixels on my DSi screen two weeks after buying it i called nintendo and they said i'd have to send it to them and they'd fix it and send it back ("it normally only takes a couple of weeks" were the words the guy used to describe the timescales involved) and that my downloaded games would remain intact. i then questioned in several different ways what would happen if i wanted at any point to upgrade or replace my machine out of warranty and the response was "the games are tied to the console no matter what, and if you want to keep them you have to send us the console and we'
  12. Dogs will not attack if you have your back turned to them.
  13. my shiny new DSi had a couple of dead pixels and amazon very kindly shipped me a replacement and told me to send back the faulty one within 30 days, so i took the opportunity to download pictopict using the free points on the DSi with the dead pixels and try it out before sending it back to amazon, kind of as a free trial. it's kind of fun but also seems to struggle to strike a balance with its difficulty curve - each level is either easy throughout its brief duration or immediately difficult and then consistently so throughout. i'd like some levels which worked their way through from easy to
  14. hello there. i'm pretty sure £30ish was the original price, and that's about what it's still going for most places. it seems to be rather difficult to come by (ebay/amazon marketplace/playtrade are the best places to find it, rather than "proper" retailers). £30 is definitely a fair price for it - i actually bought a ds mostly because i wanted to play with this, mind, so maybe i have a misguided notion of how much money is acceptable to spend on music toys. i ran up against a few minor frustrations with the limitations of various things (going to edit a drum tone stops the track playing back,
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