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  1. 10 hours ago, AlexM said:


    That's absolutely true... you're still on the internet though aren't you? 


    I actually pretty much wasn't for about two years, then I foolishly took a new job which requires me to use social media and am currently struggling to avoid that leaking into my personal life. Check my posting history from a couple of months ago, though.


    As much as I miss people here when I'm not here (this is my favourite community on the internet and I'm sure you'll have fun here), I'll be gone again soon. I can live better without this thing which, as exciting as it was when it began, now exists to manufacture compulsions*, flatter moronic consumer behaviour**, and diminish the will.

    *Check the weird, and weirdly justified, desire of the post immediately below my first one here (including user-generated advertising for good measure), which, unless Darren's account has been hijacked, I can assure you was written by an otherwise thoughtful and sensitive human being.

    **Check the upvotes on the post immediately below my first one here.

  2. FOOTSIES is now out on Steam.



    - fun game which focuses on the most fundamental of fighting game fundamentals

    - it's by that hifight person who seems to be responsible for every fighting game tweet I ever read



    - it costs £2.89 and will probably last you about as long as that cup of coffee

    - not even I bought it (yet)


    But if any of you want to give it a go then I'll consider donating half my online poker fortune to the cause. Come find me on Steam.

  3. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1344740/FOOTSIES_Rollback_Edition/

    No I didn't check to see if this was mentioned elsewhere.

    Due for release on 1st October. This is a long-available free local multiplayer PC game, which is getting rollback netcode for online multiplayer as a Steam release.


    Come see me in FOOTSIES, or just post your footsies memes below. First to post a Mike Ross gif gets read and appropriately whiff-punished. Unless I do it first because I'm the best.

  4. It's been two and a half years since I played against a human in this game; in that time I've forgotten footsies, anti-airs, matchups, self-control, and even which characters I know how to play, but despite my brain's forgetfulness there are apparently moments when my hands surprise me by just doing things without letting my brain interfere in the process. This whole ten second sequence occured with my brain off.



  5. 7 hours ago, Dig Dug said:

    FFS now I’m googling region free 360 shumps and contemplating trying my luck on eBay.

    Learn the one you've got first! Otherwise you end up being a collector rather than a player. "One thing at a time" has improved my life more than I can say. 

  6. On 16/01/2019 at 19:01, alistarr said:


    Training mode innit. Still practising that dash ultra.


    I just played twenty minuntes of training mode on this for the first time in literally years, and, through the sheer power of the subconscious mind evidently still working on this problem for me through those fallow years, I'm now up to about 25% consistency with the dash ultra in training mode. I've lost the legs loop that I had just about nailed down before I left, though.

  7. They're probably just competing to see who can land some particular gimmick first for their Facebook feed, and you stopped doing the things that lets them set it up. Marvel online was plagued by it, as was Rocket League when I played that.

    JLM and I used to do similar (well, not kicking people, but choosing which matches to accept in ranked) in SFxT when we were playing at cross assault and farming footage for my famed "throwing people into combos" video. You know the tech I invented by myself and a friend helped me demonstrate.

  8. On 26/07/2020 at 20:25, Klatrymadon said:

    Someone really ought to take alistarr up on that offer. It's a real bargain - you won't find it that cheap anywhere, now - and it's not only one of Cave's strongest but one of the best shmups ever, IMO. (It's great for anyone who may have bounced off some of Cave's other scoring systems, too - Futari's is relatively simple, forgiving and compelling, and you won't have a hugely stunted experience if you choose to ignore it.)


    Edit: ah that's beautiful, Stanshall! Really glad you've got a setup you're happy with. :D

    In the interests of avoiding multiple post office trips I can post this tomorrow if anyone wants it for £35. Sorry for spamming and I promise I won't do it again! (EDIT: now sold)

  9. 3 hours ago, Jashin said:

    I’m not actually too keen on either game on PS4. I find the player movement in Jamestown slightly too slow for the wide play area. Essentially, it’s just not as good as the (Cave) games that it’s obviously influenced by. Looks pretty though. However, given the option, I’d play it over Raiden, which is exactly as dull as it looks, with the added bonus of unskippable and terrible dialogue. 

    i never quite knew why I found Jamestown awkward but I think you're exactly right -- it's like they wanted to make a widescreen Cave shmup and they succeeded, only to demonstrate that you can get everything else right but the game style still actually works best with a narrow playing field.


     The game is still interesting though, especially if it's cheap. The core mechanic of burning the shield to score makes it really fun for a mediocre player like me to try and high score the first level repeatedly. Similar to death smiles in some respects.

  10. If anyone is still after a good copy of Mushihimesama Futari then please check my trading thread, I listed it at £42 delivered because that's cheaper than any other I could find for sale. Weird to be selling my favourite shmup, but I just don't see myself setting up my 360 any time in the next five or six years at least, and by that time I'll obviously be a billionnaire so I'll just buy another copy then.


    I've not posted here in years, but I've been lurking, and obviously especially loving Stanshall's Mushi adventures. Hope you're all doing well.

  11. Lately I've wasted pretty much every other evening watching Marlinpie on YouTube. He pretty much just plays the game and says "oh no!" or "oh I got lucky!" and occasionally does a doom ting. I'm sure I would suck at actually playing sf4 now, but recommencing watching mvc3 is like riding a bike, except easier.


    Oh hi guys.

  12. I thought I was going to have a bad last night on this, at first: I lost my first game heavily and was immediately kicked from the lobby, then spent half an hour waiting for another match and it was so free the opponent quit midway through round two. But then I eventually ended up playing a great little set against a 4k/16k chun player and getting the upper hand by the end of it. I think with a couple more games he would have adapted again but he won't get a couple more games now - nor ever, I guess, since that's my last day of home broadband done and dusted. GG, no runbacks :-)



    (I'm still around to press buttons at someone's house, of course!)

  13. I just did my second ever real-match dash ultra with Chun ...but I did it too slow and my opponent blocked it. But for that brief moment as the ultra flash happened after the dash, the fireball hanging useless in the air between Chun and my opponent, I felt truly godlike.


    Earlier I played against a man with a Russian flag who changed characters every game, won 3 lost 3, and then switched to his main and began taunting while winning the second round, only to lose it and then go on to also lose the last round in hilarious fashion and kick me from his lobby like it was 2011 or something.


    I also played a bunch of games against that man Gen Kan who used to post GIFs on the reddit before it became so SFV-focused. He is a good man and imparted many words of wisdom. USF4 Revival is doing right by me.

  14. Mushi is brilliant fun, though. I think I'm at about the same place as you - in most of these games I get some way through stage 3 and maybe see stage 4 once before I drift away from it.

  15. On ‎19‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 19:25, catinthehat said:

    Other than BluFlame, does anybody still play this? I enjoyed it a lot on release but never had any desire to go back to it once I'd played through it. Fun while it lasted, though. 


    This is pretty much how I feel about every Lightning Bolt album!

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