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  1. Games were already good 20 years ago. Has football really advanced in the last 10 years? The problem with games is the business model insists on constant newness for the sake of it. This cult of progress has a stranglehold on the landscape, when actually we don't need progress. Let United play in last year's kit and it won't affect how they play. Let us play last year's games and we'll still be hanging out with friends and winning and losing. The rest is window dressing to appease the gods of consumerism and convenience - who, by the way, are basically married at this point. "But the graphics are better", "but the networking is different", "but the themes are more mature". If that stuff was critical nobody would have bought a Nintendo 64.
  2. This has really tickled me. Been thinking about it all day.
  3. This is the nature of the Amazon-era publishing world, sadly (sadly for me, at least). The general rule for aspiring professional authors nowadays is that, outside of one or two genres, author names no longer sell books the way they used to, but series names still can. So instead of writing something self-contained, genre authors who want an income from their writing are encouraged to swing for an extended series until they hit something which people will buy into continuously, then ride it as long as possible. It's bad for the narrative art in the same way as the standard TV series format, but it is economically more sensible than pouring everything you have into one novel/movie which will, statistically speaking, probably flop. Asimov wrote a zillion Foundation novels, Scott wrote a zillion Waverley novels, and the crime and romance writers have been at it since the dawn of time too, so of course it's not an approach without history. But it's beginning to marginalise other approaches. My own solution is to read a lot of Dostoevsky and have a desk job. i just realised this is a thread from six months ago.
  4. It's been twenty years or whatever but finally I can honestly say I liked something about SFII better than the equivalent SFIII feature.
  5. "There's no way he'll do it again." Me losing to meaty UOH > super ten times in a row last time I played this.
  6. Leaving aside that I don't understand how you got upvotes earlier for listing multiple songs in a "pick one song" thread, I approve of editing Hail To The Thief. Here's the track list for my "Hail, Thief" CD which I pretty much always listen to in place of the proper album: 1. Sit down. Stand up 2. Sail to the moon 3. Where I end and you begin 4. The gloaming 5. I Will (Los Angeles version) 6. There, there 7. Paperbag writer 8. Myxomatosis 9. Scatterbrain 10. A wolf at the door 11. Where bluebirds fly (Tracks 5, 7 and 11 are from Com Lag). The proper album is their only incoherent record, in my opinion, and you have to sacrifice some stuff to make it make sense. Pick a direction to take it, basically.
  7. yaaaaaas I tried to play this game against strangers tonight, found one person, and convinced them (using the language of divekicks) to ragequit on me in game three. Still got the moves! Now I'm alone.
  8. ah


    Damn. I suck at this.
  9. That lame trap against the Boxer.
  10. I actually pretty much wasn't for about two years, then I foolishly took a new job which requires me to use social media and am currently struggling to avoid that leaking into my personal life. Check my posting history from a couple of months ago, though. As much as I miss people here when I'm not here (this is my favourite community on the internet and I'm sure you'll have fun here), I'll be gone again soon. I can live better without this thing which, as exciting as it was when it began, now exists to manufacture compulsions*, flatter moronic consumer behaviour**, and diminish the will. *Check the weird, and weirdly justified, desire of the post immediately below my first one here (including user-generated advertising for good measure), which, unless Darren's account has been hijacked, I can assure you was written by an otherwise thoughtful and sensitive human being. **Check the upvotes on the post immediately below my first one here.
  11. The less time I spend on the Internet, the less I struggle with these urges. The internet works dark magics of desire to make you want stuff you don't even actually want that much.
  12. ah


    FOOTSIES is now out on Steam. Pros: - fun game which focuses on the most fundamental of fighting game fundamentals - it's by that hifight person who seems to be responsible for every fighting game tweet I ever read Cons: - it costs £2.89 and will probably last you about as long as that cup of coffee - not even I bought it (yet) But if any of you want to give it a go then I'll consider donating half my online poker fortune to the cause. Come find me on Steam.
  13. ah


    Been in an Internet-free cave in the forest building meter for the last couple of years.
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