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  1. When guns are only available in Care Packages, are those always objectively better than floor loot equivalents? I remember that being the case originally when the Kraber and Mastiff (and maybe L-Star?) were care package only, but nowadays they swap them in and out - do they tweak the stats to make the CP ones, whichever they are, more desirable?
  2. Yeah, I used to like having e.g. a Scout and an R-301 with a massive shared ammo pool.
  3. I'm a bit out of touch for the current situation, but Longbow used to be Heavy, Scout was Light, and Triple Take was Energy
  4. Nice to see those stats now! Quick bit of Googling what random people on the internet think makes me more confused than I started , but it might be: A knock is dealing the damage that causes a player to be knocked, whether or not they're revived. If they die immediately (team wipe) it's not a knock (for this stat, although it counts for quests) A kill is a knock where the target goes on to die OR if the knocker gets taken out then whoever finishes them off gets the kill An assist is dealing damage to a player in a short time period (10s) before your team-mate
  5. I felt a bit sorry for them when the sister turned up with some old but manly men and basically said "that's enough boys, let the grown-ups handle it, you go and play with your frisbee". They'd been apparently fixing it all, with just the two of them, for ages! In a montage*! *great episode for montages! You definitely need a montage.
  6. I found myself thinking last episode that if they were going to have him singing a nursery rhyme in a charming/sinister way they should have chosen a song he actually knew the tune to! I'm sure they could have dredged up a suitable Sokovian classic.
  7. I'm still a bit of a Sleeve Noob, but I have just done a decent like-for-like test of Mayday Standard vs Mayday Premium vs Sleeve Kings - essentially it's made me vow not to get MD Standard ever again, the comparison does them no favours, bit of an air of clingfilm about them. MD Premium vs Sleeve Kings is much less pronounced, I think I'd generally go for Premium but wouldn't feel bad about getting SK for budgetary reasons if something had a ridiculous number of cards. Originally my thinking was games where you have big stacks might benefit from thinner sleeves, but probably that
  8. I finally listened to the wife properly, gave up for Lent, and and have kept it going. One Kickstarter has arrived since then, but that's Officially Allowed. No meetings or reparations, but like a lot of addictions I think it helps having the additional incentive not to break the current streak, when, for example, I find myself browsing certain Facebook Groups again with every sign of enjoyment... We've played quite a lot of games recently, I think this may represent the most productive period in terms of tackling the Many Shelves of Shame in my history!
  9. Since giving up buying boardgames (it's for the best) I've moved into boardgame accessories, and I got a good few wodges of sleeves from https://www.bgextras.co.uk/. Way under the prices I've seen on Amazon, similar to Gameslore, looks like. They only do Mayday, Sleeve Kings or Swan though. I've mostly gone for Mayday as a relatively ubiquitous brand that seems to cover all the sizes well. Got a couple of packs of Sleeve Kings as an experiment - slightly more in a pack, and thickness somewhere between Standard and Premium while still being Standard price, so could be a sweet spot.
  10. I don't want it, but only because I've given up buying games for Lent, and possibly for ever.
  11. Very kind of you, thank you! In fact despite wavering I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out, so didn't pause, and have my own keys. But that does mean that anyone wanting any of these is welcome! DM me: Outward - gone to Gabe Valkyria Chronicles 4 - gone to Welrain Endless Space 2 The Wild Eight Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest Lovecraft's Untold Stories
  12. I think the actual most important thing is that a 5yo bursts into tears at the end of it, as long as we're all striving towards that goal it doesn't really matter how we get there.
  13. You're blowing my mind with this lightgun talk! [rushes off to research, head full of thoughts of Point Blank...] EDIT: WHAT THE HECK, THERE'S RECOIL!?!?!
  14. Nice edifice! I don't want to be That Internet Guy, particularly in the context of recent posts re: gatekeeping etc, but...
  15. I only really fancy Moving Out of those - anyone committing to this month but not into madcap multiplayer removal services? Conversely, let me know if you're out but would be so happy to get any of the other keys that it's worth my staying in for the warm glow!
  16. +1 for Rhino Hero. We (44, 43, 8, 5) have also had recent success with Bank Attack, Echidna Shuffle, Klask (2 or 4), Castle Panic (there's a My First Castle Panic, but it's bobbins for grown-ups), Draftosaurus, Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters, Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures (bit more hardcore that one), Animals on Board, Dream Home. Maybe also Kingdomino, Potion Explosion, Quacks of Quedlinburg (although Quacks can take a while). Some of those are obviously a bit more serious than others! But the 5yo has done OK in general, so bodes well.
  18. Sorry, followed up my first reply with a cheeky (and ill-advised) PM. Asked for: Fearsome Floors Celestia Champion of the Wild Sentinels of the Multiverse Welcome to the Dungeon
  19. Just when I think I'm out.... Could I have A La Carte and Abracad...what?, And One Deck Dungeon please? And I'll inevitably ruminate on the rest of the list...
  20. Lovely! I think I would have experienced it in real life if my creaky PC had tried to render it...
  21. https://www.importtoys.nl/en/klask-4-sale.html 4-player Klask (with damaged packaging) for half price (although shipping from NL), equivalent to £36.40 if you use PayPal. Quick search doesn't find it cheaper than £50 elsewhere. I've got the 2-player version, and it's a lot of fun!
  22. God, I used to love these! Our Boots often seemed to have the reset thing turned off, or with a ridiculously long time-out, and it was all still a bit niche so rarely busy - my mum would leave me there for hours while she shopped, and I played all the way through SMB or Kung Fu Master
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