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  1. frumious

    The Humble Thread - Now with Destiny 2

    I took Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2. Very, Much, Obliged!
  2. frumious

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Yes! And the slightly delay on the unprecedented second sabre blade igniting. And I also like the way he casually force pushes some debris to open the door behind.
  3. Also very interested in this question! I grudgingly got some enjoyment out of episode 3 (with the hangman games), but collectively the three editions of My Struggle I've seen may be the worst television I've ever watched in my life.
  4. frumious

    A movie watchers blog

    Saw Raiders of the Lost Ark on Thursday in a performance with a live symphony orchestra playing the soundtrack, truly excellent. The film being discussed on here recently got me extra hyped! I think I must have seen it 10s of times when I was little, then had a break of a couple of decades, it was quite a nostalgia fest.
  5. frumious

    A movie watchers blog

    Me too! I'm now going to scoff this Aero...
  6. frumious

    A movie watchers blog

  7. Jesus, the game's hard enough (I don't think I've ever got to the fifth level), and then there are so many ways of making it even harder! Never even heard of that rainbow mode, I think I'd die on the first floor.
  8. frumious

    A movie watchers blog

    HunkulesHercules has some serious divergence from the Real MythsTM (probably quite a wise move to make his parentage a bit more ... traditional, if you can say that about a god...), but is fantastic for all the reasons you mention. Love the songs, the songbook is currently sitting on my piano! The bit right at the end where gives me goosebumps.
  9. You're probably right. I think actually I'd be a bit happier if the early rooms were a bit harder, I begrudge having to take a while to work through them (obviously you need to clear the whole map for completeness) despite the initial lack of challenge (a few RNG spikes aside). And, of course, I suffer from extreme Videogame Inventory Hoarding Syndrome, I won't use anything but the starting gun unless it's a boss, Just In Case .
  10. I'd quite like a way to practice bosses, I find the skills you need for them are so different from the gungeon rooms leading up to them (apart from maybe a handful of bullet-hellish configurations) that it's hard to make the mental leap and I often get destroyed even if on a good day things go a lot better.
  11. Neither did I! Just checked the wiki, the key and case requirements have to go together, but the others can be done separately. Not sure why, possibly because you can easily buy keys.
  12. Oh, sorry. At least some of the other requirements (maybe for another floor) can be done independently.
  13. No, don't think so. Cases one time, keys another, hard-earned Master Round another.
  14. The blob thing just buys guns and items, you get less than half of what you'd pay to buy them in the shop. For the other two

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