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  1. Boo! Not to worry, thanks for the rapid responses.
  2. Boring technical Q about save games - on PC, with the game installed via Game Pass, is it possible to copy a local save file over to a different Microsoft account? I started the game on a "£1 for your first month" deal, and the sub is now over, but I want to continue it on another account.
  3. Ha, I did sign up to Game Pass to give proper Minecraft a spin to see if the kids liked it (they did...), managed to resist leaving it subscribed even though I got halfway through Halo Infinite. Can anyone recommend a nice little local multiplayer top down racing type game, Micro Machines style?
  4. No, that's a good idea, would certainly align very closely with the interests of some of the group! Not in the Steam sale though! In fact never seems to have been discounted according to SteamDB, they clearly know there's a market for their product.
  5. Great idea for a topic! I barely complete anything these days (quite likely to be playing with the kids watching, which in my defence slows things down considerably), but I might as well record it when I do. 1. Webbed (?-3/1/23) A charming little 2D spider platformer, where you swing round a small but perfectly formed world of three main regions, finding your way past obstacles and helping natives with webby physics puzzles. The swinging is lovely when you get the hang of it. Everything's very cute, and it has very catchy music and SFX. Recommended! 2. Jedi: Fallen Order (2/6/22-21/3/23) I think I liked this more than shirubagan above (definitely worth the £0.29 I paid on CDKeys!!!), although I agree that there were some annoying difficulty spikes. Some spectacular set pieces. Never got bored of the lightsaber stuff, and found it very satisfying when I got in the zone with parries etc and made mincemeat of a roomful of troopers. My kids also never got bored of instructing me to force push people off ledges, which I was happy to do. I see that completing it has opened up a new game plus with a combat-only training mode, might have a go at that since it's basically the funnest bit. I won't buy the imminent sequel on release, but will definitely look out for a sale.
  6. Pile of Shame is already to the moooon, but can anyone recommend any fun family multiplayer games in the sale? We really like Overcooked, Unrailed, Moving Out. Co-op probably preferred, but competitive silliness also valued!
  7. I've never played Stuffed Fables, but I do own it, and have finally got serious enough about downsizing the Shelves of Shame to put it on The List. @Hylian, you're welcome to have it for a bargain Mukker price if you want to give it a go!
  8. Titus Andromedon's desperate attempts to get this gig would have made a good Kimmy Schmidt episode, initially blowing it after insisting on singing the theme tune as a 10 minute long Broadway extravaganza, and then via some complex hijinks ending up hopelessly overacting but unrecognisable in the Tinky Winky costume.
  9. I'm really enjoying this in all its frothiness. I'm fully expecting a bit more of an arc to turn up at some point, but am also 100% comfortable with it not having any kind of arc. It'd be a refreshing change, I've seen series after series start off extremely enjoyably before disappointingly getting bogged down in unwanted (by me) overarching high stakes megadrama.
  10. Just spent a fun 20 mins trying out Frogue, a standard turn-based roguelite frog ninja vs penguins omni-directional platformer. I wasn't quite why things were happening the way they were, but I liked it!
  11. https://buried-treasure.org/2022/06/the-best-of-junes-steam-next-fest/
  12. Cool, sounds good. I've asked a local print shop what the damage would be, I think getting them to print nicely on decent card and then cutting and sleeving is probably quite a good compromise. Maybe the cartoony graphics would help the fear, it seems to approachable! I found that I was certainly not making optimal moves, but I had a lot of fun getting it completely wrong.
  13. Nice! I've got files from here https://gtr.stormtide.net/Instructions, but I got as far as uploading them all to https://www.printplaygames.com/ before losing my nerve. Did you do something like that, or print your own and sleeve, or what? I must admit to having a fondness for the cartoony version now, seems like an underdog having been usurped by the new hotness!
  14. I keep being a bit conflicted about Quacks. I definitely enjoy it while I'm playing it, and I like the idea, but the actual bit where you're pushing your luck seems to end up being "OK I'll stop there, that's boring", or "woohoo, here we go, oh I've exploded, now I'm losing forever". Rarely, "yay, that was a bold and exciting move, now I'm on top". Might be that I've been playing with some quite risk-averse people, and none of us is a tactical master at the purchasing stage. None of that stops the core mechanics being fun though!
  15. Yeah, I've been investigating the various "almost Glory to Rome"s, they all apparently lack a certain something if you're a true afficionado, but I'm not so maybe any of them would do!
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