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  1. RIGHT, I've already bought too many games during lockdown, but I'm not stopping now... EDIT: I mean, FFS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6naKWiZQjr3ajHsi8 Am I in pole position for Odin and Cats now? If so THEY WILL BE MINE EDIT: sorry about your situation Professor
  2. Wallet allowing, interested in Feast for Odin, and I'll be a backup for Isle of Cats...
  3. Love it! What's that you're playing?
  4. Thanks, but @Lochenvar has already generously hooked me up!
  5. If anyone gets that bundle and ends up with a spare Mysterium key, I'd be very interested in taking it off their hands! I've got it myself from a previous bundle, and want one from my current Coronavirus Gaming Buddy. Having said that, if I could just get the bundle myself (for the rest of the games) and then gift the Mysterium key that would be ideal. But they say they won't give out keys if you've already got the game? How does that work? Mysterium isn't greyed out like games sometimes are for me on the bundle pages. And I've definitely ended up with multiple copies of some things, I think.
  6. Thanks for the ideas, keep 'em coming! This is a good shout, as luck would have it I was watching Shut Up and Sit Down play it yesterday (on Tabletop Simulator, admittedly), looked pretty good. These are all great! The Sherlock Holmes materials will be a life-saver. Of course you're right about Roland Wrights, I missed off Welcome To... off my list of possibilities, and discovering there's an easily printable scoresheet makes that even more favourable. King of Tokyo is fun, but not very deep. Can be very short too! Good for filler or warming up, or with youngsters.
  7. I've got a large collection of games, and several sets of friends who don't own (m)any but love to play them. Despite loads of online implementations of games existing we set ourselves the challenge of combining a video call catch-up on Zoom with a few game sessions. We've sorted out a nice setup with a camera tripod holding a phone (logged in as "GameCam" looking straight down at the board, with a foldable laptop sitting just behind the board looking at my wife and me, which lets us see our friends while also being able to look down at the board in front of us, and our friends can see us on one feed and the board on another. It's turned out pretty well so far! Codenames works basically flawlessly, particularly with our friends using an app to generate a board colour layout, and keeping each pair of cluers or pair of guessers together at one end of the call. Without the app you could probably draw a card and copy out the grid with a bit of discretion. Burgle Bros is also entirely doable, and great fun. I Whatsapped pics of the character cards and turn order crib sheet over, and since it's co-op and everything else is open it was perfect. Oh, apart from when we spilt coffee over a good proportion of the layout We got out with the loot though! Other things we're considering: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - very word-based, could work well with most stuff being read out at my end. Thinking about sending over pics of the newspaper and map so that the far end don't have to spend the entire time listening to us talk. Pandemic - too soon? Maybe beating several global diseases would put us in good spirits. I think this would be very doable, it's only really each player's hand of cards that isn't shared, and you can have those open as a varianty anyway. Skull - so easy to knock up some cards at the far end (indeed, that's one of the USPs of the game, with bikers only needing a marker pen to create a set from beer mats in a bar); will the intense psychological nature of it work through a screen? King of Tokyo - nothing secret, relatively simple structure; would admittedly lose the pleasing tactility of those big dice! What other games do you think would suit this format? Everything physical only at one end of the teleconference (pretty much) Minimal pics of important info, or PDFs of the rules, can be made available to others Not too sprawling a layout, has to fit on one screen and be readable (about 1x2 feet on the table, I'd guess) Entirely shared info, or restricted to minimal notes at the far end
  8. Also Android!: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilecastles.castles
  9. I love 6 Nimmt, simple but exhilarating! Found that some people struggle to understand the core mechanic, but have fun when they get it. Has quite a different feel with different player counts, much more cerebral at the low end but chaotic with loads of people!
  10. Man, that is impressive! Not just the general accuracy etc, but how he always seems to know where people are, reacts instantly with exactly the right move when coming under fire, is constantly on the move, and so on.
  11. I had a hell of a run last night, smashed all my personal bests! Not really skill, more like lucky perk quirks... It's probably a bit spoilery on some level, so:
  12. I feel like the gods were a bit easily angered this time (I think I just knocked down a lamp and set the ground on fire...), but things ... escalated. Multiple nukes were involved. The temple may need some work.
  13. Helpful guide to wands and spells etc: https://www.steamah.com/noita-wand-spell-interactions-guide/ (SPOILERS)
  14. Latest patch gives you a starting item to make getting across lava much easier! Is there any point to doing that apart from ? Also,
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