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  2. Sorry, followed up my first reply with a cheeky (and ill-advised) PM. Asked for: Fearsome Floors Celestia Champion of the Wild Sentinels of the Multiverse Welcome to the Dungeon
  3. Just when I think I'm out.... Could I have A La Carte and Abracad...what?, And One Deck Dungeon please? And I'll inevitably ruminate on the rest of the list...
  4. Lovely! I think I would have experienced it in real life if my creaky PC had tried to render it...
  5. https://www.importtoys.nl/en/klask-4-sale.html 4-player Klask (with damaged packaging) for half price (although shipping from NL), equivalent to £36.40 if you use PayPal. Quick search doesn't find it cheaper than £50 elsewhere. I've got the 2-player version, and it's a lot of fun!
  6. God, I used to love these! Our Boots often seemed to have the reset thing turned off, or with a ridiculously long time-out, and it was all still a bit niche so rarely busy - my mum would leave me there for hours while she shopped, and I played all the way through SMB or Kung Fu Master
  7. There's a Kickstarter on for the sequel RIGHT NOW, but weirdly it's not possible to get the original without pledging at some all-inclusive mega-pledge
  8. Some tempting items there! I've got enough games though. Maybe I'll wait for some prices and then stupidly buy some things I don't need.
  9. RIGHT, I've already bought too many games during lockdown, but I'm not stopping now... EDIT: I mean, FFS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6naKWiZQjr3ajHsi8 Am I in pole position for Odin and Cats now? If so THEY WILL BE MINE EDIT: sorry about your situation Professor
  10. Wallet allowing, interested in Feast for Odin, and I'll be a backup for Isle of Cats...
  11. Thanks, but @Lochenvar has already generously hooked me up!
  12. If anyone gets that bundle and ends up with a spare Mysterium key, I'd be very interested in taking it off their hands! I've got it myself from a previous bundle, and want one from my current Coronavirus Gaming Buddy. Having said that, if I could just get the bundle myself (for the rest of the games) and then gift the Mysterium key that would be ideal. But they say they won't give out keys if you've already got the game? How does that work? Mysterium isn't greyed out like games sometimes are for me on the bundle pages. And I've definitely ended up with multiple copies of som
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