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  1. Another small bug I've just had, I got promoted to the Champ but didn't receive any notifications, so didn't get any money for promotion and all my good players have retired. I have no money to replace anyone. Has certainly increased the challenge. Anyway here's Tuny scoring his 90th of the season, how I miss him! https://www.kamcord.com/v/E4r8mV5wyrf
  2. Encountered an odd bug today. Accidentally scored an own goal with my goalie / I was swiping madly to try and get my goalie to save a shot in the last min, even though I know it doesn't do anything! Anyway, instead of drawing the game the OG ended up counting for 2, I only noticed after the game so didn't get a screenshot. I have tried to recreate it, but didn't happen again. Also when you do score an own goal it says xth goal of the season.
  3. Remember it's the quarter final of a Confederation tournament too. Shocking
  4. Amby

    Destiny: FIN

    Cheers Wavey and Harsin. That was far too bloody difficult! Couldn't jump on the mic cause my nephew was going mental in the same room and didn't think you'd want to hear him scream in your ears!
  5. I think I've read somewhere that if it's available on the ps4 it'll be transferred across. No clue what they're going to do about those that aren't, or even if they'll try and add them in time. The biggest issue for me is not being able to use your old ps3 and ps2 discs anymore.
  6. Amby

    Destiny: FIN

    The speaker also sells things for motes of light too. Can't really remember what they are though. Cosmetic things I think.
  7. Had this happen to me the other day. I'm the one dying, apologies for the awful editing (it's all the same clip from different angles).
  8. For names to appear on the flight crew do you have to be friends on Game Center? Or is that just another bug? Cause mine is currently almost full of empty spaces. If it is GC I'm Amby on it.
  9. I joined earlier today too. Have a nice little operation going in Austrailia, am up to 90 odd jobs for the event.
  10. That game ended Man city 1 - WBA 1 fact fans.
  11. Fantastic run-through. I pretty much did this to get my 15.944, apart from at the very beginning I didn't do the first hop, I just ran down towards the springboard thing and you land at the bottom of the slope. My run wasn't perfect though and I'm sure someone can beat it.
  12. Thought I'd just have a quick go before bed, that was 20 minutes ago. I'm Amby on there.
  13. Yeah, I've lost all of my progress too, not that I mind too much cause I'd only answered about 10 on each canvas. Also just to let you know, I managed to update from the old version but a friend can't download from the app store. It says it's currently being modified or something, has been like that for the last half hour or so or is it just him?
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