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  1. Agreed, get used to rolling with DK and then jumping, as you're gonna need that "speed roll jump" skill a fair bit later on in the game. Also one other thing peeps should be aware of control wise is you can speed roll "off an edge" and press jump really late (in midair), and it'll still register as a jump. I know this is a legacy move from DKC 1-3 on the SNES but the game doesn't tell you it's in there. Very useful for getting low lying letters / jigsaw pieces. I completed this very recently on Wii U (hard mode aside!), collecting every jigsaw and letter piece into the process, and I absolutely loved it. 2D platforming perfection. And this coming from someone who didn't like DK's movement to begin with - persevere and you will begin to appreciate it.
  2. I still plan to get FIFA 19 Hogg so maybe we can reconvene for Clubs games in September. If it's trash I'll get rid soon after again, no loss because it retains it's price pretty well. I'm done with '18 though, genuinely not missed it at all since I binned it, how people have the patience for it I just don't know. Have played some other great games I probably wouldn't have had the time for otherwise. Hopefully H1Z1 will be a decent Battle Royale game we can all get on with!
  3. That's great to hear I might get him back later Aye I completely agree that all his best abilities are throwaway ones, I seem to be one of the few in our group who can manage cards effectively - every scenario so far I have been alive by the end in terms of exhaustion. Agreed re: exposure at the front, especially as we're not rolling with a Brute... I tend to try and make sure I do my heroic dash into rooms when I'm at full health and/or with a shield buff from myself or the Tinkerer, and/or where I use my multiple disarm attack. It is truly fantastic though, even just on the combar: every character brings something different to the table, and I love the multiple ways in which enemies can be defeat (attacks, multiple AOE attacks, pulls, pushes, status effects, etc). Since we started it Pandemic Legacy hasn't had a look in, and that's a damn fine game in itself (except that Asia is a complete zombie write-off, perhaps that's why we're all ignoring it ). The game has even caused a minor schism in our group, in that we started without one of my mates (who allegedly was promised a spot by the owner) but who is notoriously unavailable, and yet he seems oblivious to this fact. So he's having a massive sulk as a result, who knew gaming could get this serious Where is anyone else's group up to with it? We're on the cusp of levelling up to Level 3.
  4. I'm playing this on Friday evening, and then Monday lunchtime. Double BH weekend session GET! Our party of Cragheart, Spellweaker, Scoundrel and Tinkerer have undertaken around 8 scenarios, successfully completing 5 of them. My char (Cragheart) is literally one scenario away from completing his personal objective, and (presumably, newbie here!) I'll take a new character. Will be sad to let the big man go though, I have come to love his adaptability. Fantastic game though, easily the best legacy game I've ever played. Fully deserving of it's rep.
  5. Jamin


    As it's getting into steak season, and I for one am hankering after some grill-based action, what recipes/methods do people follow when frying a steak on a standard hob? And for the more occasional steak-er like myself, what supermarkets/cuts of beef are recommended to go alongside your method?
  6. Exactly why I'm a bit excited about it, the building is so integral to Fortnite but I just don't think it's for me. Speed builders are ten a penny, hats off to them they're very good at it, I just want a BR game with just the guns, on PS4. So well up for this. Cheers charlie for the link, I've signed up. If I don't get into the Closed Beta then I'm all in for the Open Beta.
  7. Any of you boys getting on the H1Z1 battle royale beta when it drops? Coming to PS4 in mid May. Think I'm a bit burned out by Fortnite. That and being perpetually shite at the building!
  8. That packet puzzles me greatly @tcharliel - the text suggests they're German in origin and the picture looks like dog food. That said, I'm still interested. Where did you find them?
  9. I started playing this last week on PS4 - it's really rather special isn't it? It easily wins the "hardest game on normal difficulty" award for a single-player in the last few years, but that is part of it's charm - you are meant to feel vulnerable, you are not meant to fight everything you see, you do need to play is slow and steady. It fills an itch I last felt playing Alien Isolation. The unlock skill tree is frankly overwhelming and is begging out for replaying through a second time. I've just left the Arboretum, ran away from you know what and eager to see where it'll take me next.
  10. Sad news, but like others I can't remember the last thing I bought from them. Actually tell a lie, I do: Dark Souls 2: Sotfs on PS4, preowned about 3 years back in the Maidenhead branch. I worry for Argos on the high street too, I read an article recently that they make a loss for 6 months or the year or so, only actually making money the rest of the year thanks to Christmas/sales. Surely that ain't sustainable in the long run.
  11. Nice work Al! FG can also be cheesed a bit as sometimes he gets stuck behind one or two of the gravestones. Can't remember the next boss, it might be BSB (non spoilers acronym there) which is a great fight. Lemme know if you/anyone needs a hand with something Bloodborne-y, I haven't restarted yet but the beginning I can happily blitz through.
  12. When you come online Ricky, check if me, Vinnie, tcharliel or Baring are in a party - if so jump in. We play a few nights a week usually.
  13. I was generally in favour of the video up there, that was until he got to Netflix and failed to bemoan the fucking "play preview" video you get when you rest on every fucking title. Maybe I'm in the minority but I tend not to enjoy the "Netflix skip to next video before the audio fucks you off" mini-game it thrusts upon me each time. My self-imposed title of the mini-game needs work I grant you that.
  14. Aye, us rllmukers from the Football League folder: myself, @sjvinnie, @Baring, @tcharliel, @Theholyhogg, @gooner4life to name a few, we very rarely build structures - usually just ramps up hills and under gunfire in an open area of course, we still rack up a fair few wins (usually at least 1 per night, each 2 hours session). Agreed though that those who can build well and quickly are always our toughest foes. With all these new modes (50 v 50, 20s, etc), I would love a "no building" mode, or even a "no jumping" mode.
  15. The gunplay is too random for my liking at times, and the incessant jumping when in close quarters is a bit rubbish too imo.
  16. Haha, such beautiful raw Dark Souls truths. I had trouble with that tree too, stupid postules on its body were hard to reach. The trek to get to it isn't that much fun either, through that swamps with the big crabs. The great thing about the Souls games is how the game really does try to stop you at every hurdle (in everything except controls and mechanics, which are spot on) so mistakes you make are very much your mistakes, not the games. That and the excellent bosses. I always hated bosses in games until the Souls games came along. Everyone is different, offers a different challenge. In Bloodborne I remember there was a big furore about a boss further on in the game - Vicar Amelia I think it was called? Yeah I did her first attempt. Easy peasy. Yet people in the Discussion thread go on about her being the hardest boss in the game. Conversely, the very first boss which people seemed to have no trouble with took me a good 6 or 7 attempts TLDR: is gud game play it ok.
  17. Haha, have you played Dark Souls 3 Mards? For me it's the toughest one (aside from Dark Souls 1 as newbie of course).
  18. Can't believe you'd turn down the first one Pants. 95 dribbling! Cor blimey.
  19. Done! Bloodborne comes on tomorrow, grab it mate, create your character and try to play the first 2-3 hours yourself, getting to grips with it. It's quite a gentle intro level if I remember correctly. If you're having trouble though with the pre-boss area let me know I'll pop on and teach you the basics. I'll be online Wednesday eve this week too.
  20. Bloodborne is one of the best single player experiences on PS4. Get it. I would add that in true Souls style the first boss can be quite the "brutal" introduction. If anyone fancies giving it a bash I would happily utilise the PS+ promotion to join them in a co-op wrecking spree.
  21. I picked this up the other week from a Facebook sale, and was thoroughly enjoying playing it (I'm still undecided if this or the recent 2D Rayman games are better - both are awesome)... that was at least until I got to level 4-2, when my disc refused to load the stage. Again and again. I tried everything under the sun (and google!) to fix it, until a close examination of the disc reveals a tiny bubble on one part of the disc, presumably the culprit. Contacted the seller but no reply... really frustrating as it's a fantastic wee game and was keen to finish it (how close to the end was I?). Not sure I can justify buying it again for £16 on eBay/CEX with a pile of shame looking on at me with puppy dog eyes.
  22. I just did some research and aye there seem to be loads of places near my work, but none near my home. C'est la vie. Grand, I'll probably post a small list up in here next week of things I'm looking to shift.
  23. Parcel tape and bubble wrap makes sense! Grand. Also, and call me stupid (go on, I dare ya!) but how to do you drop off the parcel with MyHermes? I tend to be out at work for 11 hours each weekday so I always thought that actually getting the thing to the delivery company might be an issue.
  24. How do you guys tend to send out second hand games that you've sold? I have a few that are gathering dust and thinking of selling, but unsure what to use to package it up / who to use to send!
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