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  1. Quality, always wanted to play Xcom 2, loved the first. Perfect timing too as I'm a few hours from the end of Prey. More alien based goodness!
  2. Hype tamed. Online shm-online. We just want a good Fallout with quests that have actual choices in them. Besides, how would VATS even work online? That alone baffles me.
  3. Thanks all, some great suggestions. Made a similar topic on BGG and have now got a chunky list of go-to 2p games. FYI the games that kept coming up were: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Specter Ops 7 Wonders Duel Cave vs Cave But I essentially now have a chunky list and shall be keeping my eye out
  4. Cheers Bleeds - you and keeks are in as are you Mardigan and we have our 32! Everyone should have a PM, and I'm bolding names in the first post who have paid. Once everyone has I'll do the draw.
  5. Quality vid Vin, some insane kills in there tbf! Sniper is quite rare in H1Z1, only had it once from a crate, and only killed once by it in-game.
  6. Any recommendations for this category? Been trying to get the g/f into more games and it's been quite hit and miss so far. She has enjoyed Raptor "because you have an objective to do", but has not at all appreciated Carcassonne "it looks pretty but there is no back story and it kind of all feels a bit pointless". Despite this she enjoys Port Royal for the ship theme, and has expressed an interest in Betrayal at House on the Hill which I'll lend from my buddy and research 2 player set-ups. I'm also going to pick up Forbidden Desert, although I'm personally not a huge fan of that (only, I suspect, because I've already played it many many times). Any other suggestions? Can be a mix of co-op and competitive!
  7. I played a fair bit of H1Z1 battle royale at the weekend, and I really rather like it. It doesn't look that impressive (the display for me had Brightness at default a "0" - raising this to 50 makes a world of difference btw) but it plays an excellent game. The only downsides to it imo are that on Duos and Squads, when a team-mate dies they die - no "going down" and being able to be revived. That's a bit of a shame. But the gunplay is good, sniping isn't too OP, and I like the military crate find/reward mechanic (essentially rewards you to keep searching the environment/buildings for crates, or looting dropped crates Fortnite-style). I also like the way in which you kill players and if they had a skin/cosmetic item equipped you can loot it from them and then it's in your inventory. Reminds me of the dog tag system in MW2. I played a fair amount of 1 player matches and I much prefer the gunplay to Fortnite. Strategically using cover, flanking and getting used to quickly using grenades I'd deffo recommend. No risk of somebody just building above you and dropping down onto you. Also nabbing a vehicle (preferably not a buggy) early doors, getting a rifle and using prone when you hear a vehicle I'd also recommend. It's very hard to spot you prone and is essential at the end game if the circle is in an open area. I got three 2nd place finishes, gonna keep at it for that elusive win...
  8. Aye you're in vin. Just 5 spaces left. PMs sent to all posted as wanting in. Once you've paid I'll bolden your name in the first post so it's all confirmed and so I can keep track. Once everyone's paid up am hoping to do the draw weekend of 9th/10th June... the g/f has agreed to facilitate as drawmaster although I highly suspect the bikini apparel is out.
  9. 12 spots left. If anyone sees any of the usual suspects online direct them this aways.
  10. I came in here to say "Ticket to Ride", but with that gone I'd recommend Century (Golem edition is particularly bright and pretty), Sheriff of Nottingham is great for all ages too (bluffing game which is just a "fun" not-so-serious game).
  11. Cheers all for social media work! List updated. 15 spaces left, shall send out blanket PMs once list is full up.
  12. Odds that Battlefield 5 has a Battle Royale mode this year too? Gotta be high ish.
  13. Sounds good, I'll deffo be giving it a go tomorrow.
  14. Hogg of course the team selection is random! That's what a sweepstake is . Draw will be video form.
  15. Lawro aka @pompey88 has handed over the reigns to myself this year, so thought I'd get it up nice and early. First 32 to confirm below that they're in are guaranteed a team. It's £10 for a team, with lots of prizes on offer below! Some kind of video taped draw will be arranged, probably with the help of a glamorous assistant. The Prizes World Champions 1st Place: £50 (Joffy, France) Always the bridesmaid 2nd Place: £20 (Steely, Croatia) Lucy Bronze 3rd Place: £10 (GrahamDunn, Belgium) The Tris3d Award™ Team with the golden boot winner: £10 (pompey, Harry Kane, England) Ivan Dragoal First hat-trick: £10 (Ronaldo, Portugal, Wincho) Igor Sentov First red card: £10 (Sanchez, Colombia, Darren) Not England First penalty scored: £10 (Ronaldo, Portugal, Wincho) The Gareth Southgate Award™ First penalty missed (money goes to defending side): £10 (Iceland, Bennette) The David Beckham Award™ First free-kick scored: £10 (Golovin, Russia, theholyhogg) F**king welly it! First goal scored in open play from outside the box: £10 (Ronaldo, Portugal, Wincho) Wood you believe it! First goal in off the woodwork: £10 (Nacho, Spain, Hello Goaty) Shefellover! First player booked for simulation: £10 (Son, South Korea, rsdio) I did a goal! Now look at my chest! First player to completely remove his shirt after scoring: £10 (Shaqiri, Switzerland, Bleeders) We booked time off work for this, ffs First match to finish 0-0: £10 to each team (France - Joffy, Denmark - Adrock) Wtf is up with my change player button First match to involve 7 or more goals: £10 to each team (Belgium - GrahamDunn, Tunisia - Baring) The Hero First own-goal: £10 (Bouhaddouz, Morocco, Gerry Helmet) Fresh Legs First goal scored by a substitute: £10 (Cheryshev, Russia, theholyhogg) Bit Keen First team to score in the first 5 minutes of the match: £10 (Ronaldo, Portugal, Wincho) Fergie Time First team to score in 90+ minutes (extra time doesn't count): £10 (Golovin, Russia, theholyhogg) Definitely Not England First team to win a penalty shoot-out: £10 (Russia, theholyhogg) Dry Your Eyes Mate First player or manager to start crying during/immediately after a match: £10 (Cueva, Peru, kiko kylz) It's The Taking Part That Counts Biggest Loss in the Group Stages: £10 (£5 each to Saudi Arabia - carlospie, Panama - Rocafella) Niiiice. 25th goal scored: £10 (Zuber, Switzerland, Bleeders) Greeeat. 50th goal scored: £10 (Modric, Croatia, Steely) Suuuperb. 75th goal scored: £10 (Kane, England, pompey) As per previous years, any prizes that aren't claimed get added on to the winners prize fund. There are 32 teams up for grabs and a decent-ish chance you'll at least get your money back. Even if it is courtesy of the biggest loss. Post in here if you want in and give other forumites a heads-up too if you they'd be up for it. I'll PM you details of how to pay, this needs to be done ASAP though to give me time to arrange the draw. 1. Jamin - Senegal 2. pompey88 - England 3. theholyhogg - Russia 4. Steely - Croatia 5. Stigweard - Costa Rica 6. tomakasatnav - Poland 7. spork - Iran 8. Adrock - Denmark 9. Gerry Helmet - Morocco 10. Kriess - Japan 11. gooner4life - Brazil 12. Darren - Colombia 13. Bleeders - Switzerland 14. Rsdio - South Korea 15. carlospie - Saudi Arabia 16. Baring - Tunisia 17. Bennette - Iceland 18. Rocafella - Panama 19. Tomox - Serbia 20. Petey - Australia 21. Joffy - France 22. Mackenie - Egypt 23. Wincho - Portugal 24. GrahamDunn - Belgium 25. tcharliel - Mexico 26. sjvinnie - Argentina 27. Hello Goaty - Spain 28. Pants McSkill - Germany 29. tobert - Nigeria 30. Kiko kylz - Peru 31. MardiganX - Sweden 32. Luseth - Uruguay
  16. Cheers for the headsup Charlie, I'll be on Thursday eve if anyone fancies trying it then.
  17. Haha, I should have reloaded myself, but I don't like to do that. Gotta roll with the punches I guess. I only wanted to reload once I'd read he had his own mission. I also completely forgot about (and therefore killed) the person requiring the meds. I am a terrible heroine.
  18. Just to echo the above poster, this game is bloody ace and I genuinely feel guilt at not buying it new instead of getting it second hand. Easily the best single player experience I've had for a good long while. Currently mopping up all the crew around the station whilst dodging operators, stunning & hacking those I have time to deal with. Then on with what I assume to be the last few missions. Not really spoilers as it's a name, but did anyone else accidentally kill Igwe in a really obvious stupid way (when you first meet him)?
  19. Agreed, get used to rolling with DK and then jumping, as you're gonna need that "speed roll jump" skill a fair bit later on in the game. Also one other thing peeps should be aware of control wise is you can speed roll "off an edge" and press jump really late (in midair), and it'll still register as a jump. I know this is a legacy move from DKC 1-3 on the SNES but the game doesn't tell you it's in there. Very useful for getting low lying letters / jigsaw pieces. I completed this very recently on Wii U (hard mode aside!), collecting every jigsaw and letter piece into the process, and I absolutely loved it. 2D platforming perfection. And this coming from someone who didn't like DK's movement to begin with - persevere and you will begin to appreciate it.
  20. I still plan to get FIFA 19 Hogg so maybe we can reconvene for Clubs games in September. If it's trash I'll get rid soon after again, no loss because it retains it's price pretty well. I'm done with '18 though, genuinely not missed it at all since I binned it, how people have the patience for it I just don't know. Have played some other great games I probably wouldn't have had the time for otherwise. Hopefully H1Z1 will be a decent Battle Royale game we can all get on with!
  21. That's great to hear I might get him back later Aye I completely agree that all his best abilities are throwaway ones, I seem to be one of the few in our group who can manage cards effectively - every scenario so far I have been alive by the end in terms of exhaustion. Agreed re: exposure at the front, especially as we're not rolling with a Brute... I tend to try and make sure I do my heroic dash into rooms when I'm at full health and/or with a shield buff from myself or the Tinkerer, and/or where I use my multiple disarm attack. It is truly fantastic though, even just on the combar: every character brings something different to the table, and I love the multiple ways in which enemies can be defeat (attacks, multiple AOE attacks, pulls, pushes, status effects, etc). Since we started it Pandemic Legacy hasn't had a look in, and that's a damn fine game in itself (except that Asia is a complete zombie write-off, perhaps that's why we're all ignoring it ). The game has even caused a minor schism in our group, in that we started without one of my mates (who allegedly was promised a spot by the owner) but who is notoriously unavailable, and yet he seems oblivious to this fact. So he's having a massive sulk as a result, who knew gaming could get this serious Where is anyone else's group up to with it? We're on the cusp of levelling up to Level 3.
  22. I'm playing this on Friday evening, and then Monday lunchtime. Double BH weekend session GET! Our party of Cragheart, Spellweaker, Scoundrel and Tinkerer have undertaken around 8 scenarios, successfully completing 5 of them. My char (Cragheart) is literally one scenario away from completing his personal objective, and (presumably, newbie here!) I'll take a new character. Will be sad to let the big man go though, I have come to love his adaptability. Fantastic game though, easily the best legacy game I've ever played. Fully deserving of it's rep.
  23. Jamin


    As it's getting into steak season, and I for one am hankering after some grill-based action, what recipes/methods do people follow when frying a steak on a standard hob? And for the more occasional steak-er like myself, what supermarkets/cuts of beef are recommended to go alongside your method?
  24. Exactly why I'm a bit excited about it, the building is so integral to Fortnite but I just don't think it's for me. Speed builders are ten a penny, hats off to them they're very good at it, I just want a BR game with just the guns, on PS4. So well up for this. Cheers charlie for the link, I've signed up. If I don't get into the Closed Beta then I'm all in for the Open Beta.
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