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  1. Winner x2! The David Beckham Award™ First free-kick scored: £10 (Golovin, Russia, theholyhogg) Fergie Time First team to score in 90+ minutes (extra time doesn't count): £10 (Golovin, Russia, theholyhogg)
  2. Winner! Fresh Legs First goal scored by a substitute: £10 (Cheryshev, Russia, theholyhogg)
  3. Match 1: 14th June 2018, 16:00 Russia (theholyhogg) v (carlospie) Saudi Arabia Possible Prizes All of 'em! Jamin's Tip Russia to nick it (but don't expect a classic) 1-0
  4. Off on my holibobs in a few weeks and have had an old 2DS gifted to me and currently own no games for it! Specifically, I've not played either 2DS Zelda game - which is best? I also plan to pick up Elite Beat Agents too.
  5. Haha, sorry @tomakasatnav - was Petey's explanation the real story behind your name then? I swear we had a convo one late night about you being amazing at navigating city streets. Maybe I was high on luls. No worries @gooner4life - £20 via Bank Transfer we agreed on, aye? @Darren I can state for definite I was. XXL side. Who knew they were so comfy. Sorry to all those who got pap teams (myself included!). You may still get a random prize! I'm in 3 different sweepstakes for this WC and got drawn Senegal, Egypt and Tunisia. Bloody Affffricaaaa! *shakes fist*
  6. Draw is done! See first post! YouTube decided to process it for approximately 16 hours for some reason so apols for lateness. Good luck folks... I'll update the thread for each day of games and when a prize has been won.
  7. So I reached Concord last night. Managed to battle past a single raider outside the museum, finding time to loot a dilapidated diner for a pistol rifle and some antibiotics that I'm sure will come in handy later. Arrived at the museum in the dark, with the moon sparkling overhead, Garvey helpfully directing me to a laser musket just outside - dropped by a long-dead raider - and I then delved straight into the museum. It's amazing how vulnerable you feel during every combat situation in Survival. The Raiders that were terrorising the survivors I don't think I even gave a second thou
  8. Super hyped for this! Absolutely loved the first one, easily the most "vulnerable" I've ever felt in a zombie/post apocalyptic game. Agreed about the power creep, but those first 10 hours or so are bloody glorious. Still stands up well today, especially with the new content they've gone and released lately.
  9. Haha, I'm sure many many people would have paid £20 to see you in a bikini, pompey. This was your money spinning chance and you BLEW IT.
  10. If I was awesome enough I'd post a photoshopped pic of myself on a yacht in Monaco or something. Sadly, I am not awesome enough The draw failed to occur this weekend because of bloody LIFE. I tried but my glamorous assistant was ill so I spent it drinking cider getting sunburnt in beer gardens instead. And I tried doing it solo but my bikini caused some serious chafing around the buttocks. Draw has been confirmed to be getting recorded Tuesday evening, uploaded promptly Wednesday morning.
  11. Anyone seen the excellent Bethesda documentary that NoClip produced? Here's the link, would highly recommend: Off the back of watching this, I was hyped to re-download an start a PS4 Survival Mode Playthrough, and played about 4 hours last night. It's really got its teeth into me (no deaths yet! yay!) and I can see this being my "main" game for some time. I never finished Fallout 4 back on release, did about 75 hours before lethargy set in. It also seemed really easy to me, so less of a challenge. Oh boy no need to worry about that so far! Firstly, I've
  12. A week behind but it's a real shame Jon has left. I always got the sense that he was always waiting for the opportunity to pipe up with some informed gaming opinions and interesting insights, but he'd only get about one or two opportunities to do so in the course of a whole show and therefore his presence was a bit of a waste. Which I guess what someone further up this page meant when they said "he didn't really fit into TCGS". I do think they'll miss that angle on the show though - as much as I enjoy listening to it (and I do, it's the only gaming podcast I listen to) I do look forward to so
  13. Haha, I might wear a bikini. But it'll be under my shirt.
  14. In other news, draw will be made this week! Hoping to get the video up this weekend. Good luck all
  15. Haha tom. I could probably afford one Mickey mug with all the sweepstake money, bloody Disney. Nice goons, you been before? It's pretty awesome tbh. Probably less awesome more annoying if you're taking some kids mind
  16. No worries charlie! Florida or Paris? I'm going to the former in July so might mine you for info next time we're on PSN together.
  17. Just 8 folks left to pay and the draw can then commence!
  18. Either my eyes are in worse shape than I thought or that image isn't big enough to read the words.
  19. Quality, always wanted to play Xcom 2, loved the first. Perfect timing too as I'm a few hours from the end of Prey. More alien based goodness!
  20. Hype tamed. Online shm-online. We just want a good Fallout with quests that have actual choices in them. Besides, how would VATS even work online? That alone baffles me.
  21. Thanks all, some great suggestions. Made a similar topic on BGG and have now got a chunky list of go-to 2p games. FYI the games that kept coming up were: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Specter Ops 7 Wonders Duel Cave vs Cave But I essentially now have a chunky list and shall be keeping my eye out
  22. Cheers Bleeds - you and keeks are in as are you Mardigan and we have our 32! Everyone should have a PM, and I'm bolding names in the first post who have paid. Once everyone has I'll do the draw.
  23. Quality vid Vin, some insane kills in there tbf! Sniper is quite rare in H1Z1, only had it once from a crate, and only killed once by it in-game.
  24. Any recommendations for this category? Been trying to get the g/f into more games and it's been quite hit and miss so far. She has enjoyed Raptor "because you have an objective to do", but has not at all appreciated Carcassonne "it looks pretty but there is no back story and it kind of all feels a bit pointless". Despite this she enjoys Port Royal for the ship theme, and has expressed an interest in Betrayal at House on the Hill which I'll lend from my buddy and research 2 player set-ups. I'm also going to pick up Forbidden Desert, although I'm personally not a huge fan of that (only, I suspec
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