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    Banjo Tooie

    I bought Banjo Kazooie on Xbox Live last year. Can someone who owns both tell me have they changed the camera, or made any other meaningful changes to Banjo Tooie? I'm kind of in 2 minds whether to get this one, even though I did enjoy BK.
  2. Speaking of Zelda, I noticed this week Miyamoto came out to say the "New Zelda game won't be radically different from past incarnations". The article I read this portrayed this news in a negative way, but I for one was pleased. I know Zelda games are all very similar, but it's the fact the core of the games are so good that means me for one will happily let them off as long as they keep bringing them out!
  3. Where do you think Man Utd will try and play him? I remember from watching him at Anfield during Houllier's crazy times he was no winger!
  4. Indeed. The only reason I can understand why a Liverpool fan would be bitter about this is if they thought we should have bought him instead. As i said above we should be glad - Owen's past his best and I for one (famous last words here) can't see him being the star striker Man Utd need/want.
  5. I don't hate Owen for going to Man Utd. I wouldn't have wanted us to re-sign him anyway! I'd rather Man Utd signed him than say Benzema. He's got no pace now, and, lets be honest that was his main attribute. He's a decent finisher but not world class. Looking forward to his potential failure at Man U
  6. This is the only Zelda game (since ALTTP) that I haven't completed and I'm still planning on going back and finish it off. Word of advice - starting this game with a hangover is a real brain-f***!
  7. Another vote for Tekken 3 here. Played it quite recently, and compared to a lot of PSX game the graphics have held up pretty well!
  8. Coldplay's Viva La Vida. I consider myself a big Coldplay fan, and love all their previous albums. But this album...it's just rubbish. I was shocked when I first listened to it and have tried it a few more times. But no. It is just a bit crap. How the hell did it win all those awards? Also Keane's last album : the exact same as above. What went wrong?!
  9. I was watching the Hitman movie the other night (not too bad btw), and after it had finished I suddenly thought - Mass Effect would make a damned cool transition to the big screen.
  10. Great time for my 360 to freeze - after 10 mins of the 2nd game! I'm back (but on invisible) if you guys have a 3rd match can someone can throw me an invite?
  11. Sorry mate just re-checked my inbox - I haven't had any emails!
  12. If you mean have I got any probs with being put in a position/told to play a certain way by the manager if it's for the good of the team, then yeppo no probs at all B)
  13. *doffs cap* Well what to say, I'm new here (obviously ) so a little about myself. Single-player wise I'm a level 22. For BAP relatedness I've played over 800 clubs games with my Div 8 club, and currently have a BAP rating of 75. Preferred positions would probably be midfield, fave being CAM. That said I'd happily to fit anywhere on the park! Also you'd be safe in the knowledge that I won't galavant forward randomly if I'm playing in def! My strengths are that I do not dawdle on the ball, quick passing is the name of the game in BAP as I'm sure most of you would agree! Haven't really met too many guys on here yet (think just fenerbeejay in a friendly last night!), but looking forward to the whole forumsy-banteryness of it all. Oh and of course I do have a mic! Cheers
  14. Thanks mate, it was a really decent game - what FIFA online should be all about! I must say since I started to only play unranked games the quality of the games and the lack of quitters really makes it a lot more enjoyable If you (or anyone!) fancies a friendly anytime feel free to add me and give me a nudge.
  15. Don't know if it'd be classed as a "cheat" but in GTA4 and Assassins Creed it must be imperitive to use a map if you want to try and locate all those flags/pigeons/stuntjumps/templars. I have a real gripe with those kind of "collectathon" achievements - realistically speaking, how in satan's behind would a normal player be able to complete those achievements without any help?!
  16. COD4 is a fave if I have a mate over (even better with a few more people round).
  17. Wow, he was surprisingly positive in that InFamous review! But I have to disagree with him about the whole moral choices aspect of games being messed up. Surely the point is you come across a situation and deal with it as you see fit? There is a middle ground because some missions you might decide to be "good" and others may tug at your heart strings in the different way and you take the "bad" route. At least that's what I did in Fallout 3!
  18. Frijj milkshakes are indeed the bomb. If they weren't so calorific I'd have them more often
  19. You could always take it to a Gamestation / Blockbusters who do a disc clean service for (correct me if I'm wrong?) 1 pound sterling.
  20. LTTP is probably my favourite game of all time. So you can't go wrong with that If you enjoy that I'd suggest picking up Ocarina of Time, it's essentially in the same vein (albeit 3D obviously!). I remember being totally blown away by OoT when it first came out when I saw it in HMV. Happy times B)
  21. Jamin


    I'd love to see them revamp Jet Force Gemini for XBL. Then do a sequel for the 360. That would just about make my year!
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