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  1. If you mean have I got any probs with being put in a position/told to play a certain way by the manager if it's for the good of the team, then yeppo no probs at all B)
  2. *doffs cap* Well what to say, I'm new here (obviously ) so a little about myself. Single-player wise I'm a level 22. For BAP relatedness I've played over 800 clubs games with my Div 8 club, and currently have a BAP rating of 75. Preferred positions would probably be midfield, fave being CAM. That said I'd happily to fit anywhere on the park! Also you'd be safe in the knowledge that I won't galavant forward randomly if I'm playing in def! My strengths are that I do not dawdle on the ball, quick passing is the name of the game in BAP as I'm sure most of you would agree! Haven't really met too
  3. Thanks mate, it was a really decent game - what FIFA online should be all about! I must say since I started to only play unranked games the quality of the games and the lack of quitters really makes it a lot more enjoyable If you (or anyone!) fancies a friendly anytime feel free to add me and give me a nudge.
  4. Don't know if it'd be classed as a "cheat" but in GTA4 and Assassins Creed it must be imperitive to use a map if you want to try and locate all those flags/pigeons/stuntjumps/templars. I have a real gripe with those kind of "collectathon" achievements - realistically speaking, how in satan's behind would a normal player be able to complete those achievements without any help?!
  5. COD4 is a fave if I have a mate over (even better with a few more people round).
  6. Wow, he was surprisingly positive in that InFamous review! But I have to disagree with him about the whole moral choices aspect of games being messed up. Surely the point is you come across a situation and deal with it as you see fit? There is a middle ground because some missions you might decide to be "good" and others may tug at your heart strings in the different way and you take the "bad" route. At least that's what I did in Fallout 3!
  7. Frijj milkshakes are indeed the bomb. If they weren't so calorific I'd have them more often
  8. You could always take it to a Gamestation / Blockbusters who do a disc clean service for (correct me if I'm wrong?) 1 pound sterling.
  9. LTTP is probably my favourite game of all time. So you can't go wrong with that If you enjoy that I'd suggest picking up Ocarina of Time, it's essentially in the same vein (albeit 3D obviously!). I remember being totally blown away by OoT when it first came out when I saw it in HMV. Happy times B)
  10. Jamin


    I'd love to see them revamp Jet Force Gemini for XBL. Then do a sequel for the 360. That would just about make my year!
  11. Bloody hell, so there is! Cheers pal. Well I do have 3 months until ODST is out so it's not impossible to have them all finished by then...
  12. For Scouser, I'd also add that starting off playing the Zelda games in order isn't necessary, but they do have a natural progression in terms of the hardware they were made on. I for one had to get used to the slightly rough looking Ocarina of Time again after having played Twilight Princess/Wind Waker.
  13. A Link to the Past is the quintessential Zelda game in my opinion. If you can get past the fact that it's 2D then it's a wonderful game - closely followed by Ocarina of Time in terms of Zelda-goodness (imo). I'm very jealous of the OP for having not played this game - I'd pay good money to have my memory erased just so I can play it again freshly, as I've completed it more times than I care to remember.
  14. I'd recommend the Halo series of books, there are 3 or 4 out in total. They're only around a fiver each on amazon. I've read the first two and half way through the third. Aiming to finish all 4 in time for the release of Halo: ODST.
  15. Jamin


    Nuts and Bolts was decent, but still fell a bit short that all the hype surrounded it imo. What really got my goat about it was that the combat aspects of the vehicles was terrible - you had no idea if you were within range to hit an enemy, and most of the races were a case of trial and error. I'd love to see a sequel though, one which used the same impressive engine but ironed out all the flaws (perhaps introducing some platforming stages alongside the vehicular ones).
  16. They were good solid ports. The camera was the only main issue I had with them - and obviously that isn't a problem that Perfect Dark will face
  17. Hiya, I'm a new member (redirected here by a friend who I'm in another FIFA league in) - just wondering if there's a space free in any of the teams? If not, could I be put down incase anyone drops out?
  18. Hi, new member here. Could I be put down as a fill-in incase of drop outs too!
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