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  1. Cheers, missed the full games yesterday was going to do an intel sweep but no need. Indeed there was a filthy Spurs player who got a booking for a dive (video shows it was mighty harsh though!). Still... Winner! Shefellover! First player booked for simulation: £10 (Son, South Korea, Rsdio)
  2. Winner! We booked time off work for this, ffs First match to finish 0-0: £10 to each team (France - @Joffy, Denmark - @Adrock)
  3. Winner! Suuuperb. 75th goal scored: £10 (Kane, England, @pompey88) Both equally a loss by 5 goals; prize money would be shared.
  4. Winner! Wtf is up with my change player button? First match to involve 7 or more goals: £10 to each team (Belgium - @GrahamDunn, Tunisia - @Baring)
  5. Winner! I did a goal! Now look at my chest! First player to completely remove his shirt after scoring: £10 (Shaqiri, Switzerland, @Bleeders)
  6. This sounds promising, I might jump back on to give it a try. TBH one of the main reasons I stopped playing Fortnite aside from the fact none of us could build anything quick enough, but because it was absorbing entire evenings away, quite literally a time sink . Can't argue with your complaints about H1Z1 either smith, it was just a bit too rough and ready in the end for my liking - agreed about the car combat at the end, also the complete absence of rifles on the floor was also a killer, far few too weapon types to keep the combat fresh.
  7. Winner! Greeeat. 50th goal scored: £10 (Modric, Croatia, @Steely)
  8. Haha, maybe for the Euros sweepstake! First post updated...5 goals to go to 50 goal award.
  9. It's £9.50 on music magpie at the moment for the Wii U version...
  10. Winner! Igor Sentov First red card: £10 (Sanchez, Colombia, Darren) Congrats mystic Darren
  11. Peru... Mexico... close enough. Edited! (sorry Charlie!)
  12. Another winner from yesterday... Winner! Niiice 25th goal scored: £10 (Zuber, Switzerland, @Bleeders) First post all updated, including with a goal tally. Notable one-off prizes that are still outstanding: - First red card - First 0-0 draw - First match with 7 goals or more - First player booked for simulation - First player to completely remove his shirt after scoring - 50th goal scored (currently 29) - 75th goal scored - Biggest loss in the group stage - First team to win a pen
  13. Cheers, missed the tears, went football-less on Saturday! Video evidence has confirmed it, so... Winner! Dry Your Eyes Mate First player or manager to start crying during/immediately after a match: £10 (Cueva, Peru, kiko kylz)
  14. Winner! The Gareth Southgate Award! First penalty missed (money goes to defending side): £10 (Iceland, Bennette)
  15. Winner! Ivan Dragoal First hat-trick: £10 (Ronaldo, Portugal, Wincho)
  16. Winner! Wood you believe it! First goal in off the woodwork: £10 (Nacho, Spain, Hello Goaty)
  17. Winner x3! Not England First penalty scored: £10 (Ronaldo, Portugal, Wincho) Bit Keen First team to score in the first 5 minutes of the match: £10 (Ronaldo, Portugal, Wincho) F**king welly it! First goal scored in open play from outside the box: £10 (Ronaldo's 2nd goal, Portugal, Wincho)
  18. Match 4: 15th June 2018, 19:00 Portugal @Wincho v @Hello Goaty ♥ Spain Possible Prizes Too many to list! Jamin's Tip Iberian stalemate... 2-2
  19. Winner! The Hero First own goal: £10 (Bouhaddouz, Morocco, Gerry Helmet)
  20. Last game: Prey (PS4) - really immersive and hard as nails single player alien-em-up on a space station. Gunplay is so so but the rest is so so good. Would recommend. Next game: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U) - picked this up a month ago but I was balls deep into Prey and knowing it was such a big game I held off. Problem is I've started Fallout 4 Survival Mode so, whilst BotW is definitely next on my list, I'm not sure when I'll get to it!
  21. Match 3: 15th June 2018, 16:00 Morocco (@Gerry Helmet) v (@spork) Iran Possible Prizes Too many to list! Jamin's Tip Time for the Africans to step up... 3-0 Morocco.
  22. Match 2: 15th June 2018, 13:00 Egypt (mackenie) v (Luseth) Uruguay Possible Prizes Too many to list! Jamin's Tip Uruguay to edge out a Salah-less Egypt... 2-0
  23. Cheers, I will do just that. I played through about half of Link's Awakening a decade ago, will load on PH and LA and that should be more than enough Zelda goodness I'd have thought.
  24. Aye mack, Hogg is one lucky bugger! On the plus side carlospie, 5-0 seems decent for the biggest defeat indeed.
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