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  1. Anyone sourced a cheap disc version location? I miss the old days of super cheap TheHut release day deal that came with 5 packs of free pants
  2. Thanks Jay. I might buy FIFA on Switch right now even though I don't own a Switch. I hope I don't regret it!
  3. Ooh yes great shout. I really want Burgle Bros, heard only positive things from about 5 or 6 people. Only it's price has put me off (£40 ish). Let us know how you found Paperback! I bought Mr Jack Pocket last week for us to play but we spent all weekend painting so haven't had a chance to play it yet. She seems super keen on the theme though, I also like that it's quite portable to take on our travels easily enough. Kingdomino is still the winner of this thread so far, she loves it (as long as she goes the pink castle ). I think I've won one game against her so far too, it's a good job my ego is bruised enough as it is, haha.
  4. Fook it, I'll get it on disc too for rllmuk FC lulz.
  5. Aye I've sold a few games with bubble wrap, brown wrapping paper and myhermes. Never had a problem, even had a compliment from someone how well wrapped it was. I bought my bubble wrap and brown paper from Wilko, seems super cheap and good quality from there. I'll probably list a few games for sale too in the upcoming days/weeks, do we have a thread in this sub-forum or do folks just use the Trading folder?
  6. I'll try the demo but the problem is that the demo is often way off the final released version of the game as usually the community screams and wails about not enough goals or excitement or xyz, and EA patch it accordingly. I like the idea of tight games but like smith and charlie I've never enjoyed the new defending - and it was essentially bad in FIFA 18. That's why I sold it half way through the year because it's such a fundamental part of the game. I agree with Timmo that you can get better at it if you put the time and effort in and learn it's nuances, but tbh, it's virtual football, it shouldn't need you to play 500 online games and be an adept virtual finger gymnast just to defend properly. Same goes for all the skill moves. Like most here I feel pretty disillusioned with the focus the series is taking as a whole. My main draw would have been Pro Clubs luls, but if it's unchanged what is the point in spending that £50? I wonder if other peeps will vote with their wallets in a similar way.
  7. Been a long time since I played BF1 (at least a year) but I'll be going in for the Open Beta on BF5 to give it a try. Need a good MP game and if people are committed this then I'll be fully in. Nothing better than squadding up with Kriess / Stig / Fishy / kerraig, finishing top of the leaderboards each game and then pretending like you personally actually did enough to merit that squad top spot
  8. Hmm, I shall investigate that! Likewise any more game suggestions to my (very niche!) set of circumstances are most welcome! As is anyone who might wanna buy Carcassonne Big Box off me
  9. As an update to this thread (more for my own reference!) I ended up plumping for Kingdomino as a new which has thankfully gone down extremely well. In fact a little too well, she's beaten me in all 3 games we've played She really didn't like Betrayal at House on the Hill though for whatever reason. I think I've narrowed down a little more why - basically any game over 45 minutes and I've lost her. Carccassone she struggled with because she didn't enjoy the theme or the prettyness of it all (which is half of the pleasure imo). So next games I want to try on her are Patchwork and maybe Azul (although the latter is quite pricey and also a bit concerned it's too similar to Patchwork?). I have also heard good things about the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle which might be another potential.
  10. After a two month hiatus because LIFE, our group got back in the groove this Thursday with a semi-epic 3 hour session. No spoilers, but a main-story leading villain was put to the sword, and it felt goooood. Every room in the dungeon was crawling with Cultists, who did their unpleasant "spawn an Living Bones" ability, at least half the time. We are wise to them a little now, and immediately prioritised them above the rest of the mobs. One of our party is pretty super powerful at this point, and was giving out much of the hurt having nearly reached Level 8. Apparently just by sods law but his retirement requirements just haven't come around yet. Towards the end of the missions I expertly (or riskily, depending on who you listened to ) left my three fellow heroes to finish the rapidly dwindling boss off, popping my flying ability and YOLO'd into an adjacent room to smash and grab the sweet sweet chest therein. Last turn chest swag! Love that you can go off and do stuff like this. I got an excellent cursed axe for my troubles, which probably doesn't fit with my playstyle tbh (again, no spoilers, but my character is insect-borne), so I might flog it when I'm back in town and upgrade a card with a +1 instead. Such a great game, never known a co-op game like this 'grab' you so much as this one does. It was calculated that our party, who started back in November, and usually play every week/fortnight, have now completed 18 scenarios. We estimated we're only about a 1/4 of the way through (taking into account quests that get left behind due to choices). Crazy amounts of gameplay, even with the price tag! And that's without mentioning the incoming expansion...
  11. So would it be a case of just finding a habitable building, then reconstructing a base computer (I assume?), and then claiming it? Happy to guinea pig it, though my old base will literally gift me back the 4 planks of wood I built at the time anyway so I have nothing to lose In terms of combat btw, which weapon do you guys favour? I'm using the javelin at the moment, with a few mods, which is great at one-shotting the lowest level sentinals as long as they haven't registered my presence but my non-upgraded scatter blaster seems better at one shotting the whispering egg creatures so I haven't found anything consistent. Also nothing I have seems adept at killing sentinels at wanted level 3 or above... Also in terms of jetpack upgrades, if, like me, you've stupidly not alligned all the upgrades next to each other for sweet sweet stacking bonuses, is it worth deconstructing and reconstructing them together? I guess this Q applies to all upgrades, I'm unsure how valuable the boost is.
  12. A couple of noobish questions: - I set up "base" (by that I mean I built a computer and 3/4 of a room, then left ) on another planet in my home solar system, but the planet itself wasn't great at all. I'm now about 4 warps down the road and I'd like to move base to an awesome new planet that I found last night. How do I do this? I see people mentioning hydroponics, wormholes, teleports, frigates and freighters and I haven't encountered or have access to any of these. In the main story I'm just up to meeting an alien and his pilot in an anamoly who have asked I come back in 2 hours. Does this stuff open up to me naturally, then I can move base, or can I technically do it now? If so, how? In animal news I encountered an amazing mega-wolf like creature last night which really made me think of Sif from Dark Souls. The way he moved and held himself was uncannily Sif-like. He even started pouncing and killing these little bouncing crab dudes, much how he attacks in Dark Souls. Will get pics tonight.
  13. I rebought this last Sunday. So far I've put in 14 hours, absolutely insane for me, it's really got its hooks in. Really enjoying it, I just upgraded to a mega 23 slot A-grade multi-tool (from my 8 slot B-grade one) and it feels good man. I've around 5 hours away from surpassing my day one save which I apparently got up to 19 hours on. Last night I kept encountering the same annoying bug involving Sentinels where the "wanted" level would randomly shoot up to 5* once the mission is completed (i.e. once you've bust through the door, or once you've raided a facility). Then it became a race to find a save point before getting murderised and having to reload your save to then remove the fake wanted level. Anyone else had this? Jus strange it only started happening last night, on three separate occasions. I do appreciate the changes they've made regards to suit slot upgrades - specifically the myriad of things you need to unlock one. Makes it find like a proper mission. I always keep a spare antimatter with me just solely for pod discovery. One big annoyance is that I came across two different pods on the same world (one I stumbled across, one I used data to find) but neither remained on my map despite me tagging both. I refound one by sheer chance but the other is lost forever, which is bloody annoying when it costs a shit load to buy those specific pod data nodes. Anyone know how I could have prevented this from happening? I've noticed sometimes "tagged" locations will just disappear even in the time it takes to turn around and get in your ship.
  14. Cheers, that vid looks very useful so I might go for that. I've universally read that kimchi smells pretty bad during the fermentation stage? I guess sticking it in a cupboard or the like might fix it.
  15. I've always been tempted to make some kimchi - was thinking of following this guide - does this look decent enough? And current rllmuk kimchi makes - how do you get around the smell issues?
  16. Jamin

    Alien: Isolation

    @Keiths_Dad stick with it. The game opens up very soon. It is a single-player masterpiece in my opinion, I really enjoyed it on standard difficulty, then replayed and fell in love with it on Nightmare difficulty.
  17. Y'all should have your winnings, cheers for taking part and see yas all in a couple of years for the Euros
  18. Congrats to Joffy! Commiserations to Steely. First post all updated, will send PMs out to the last few folks tonight.
  19. What about Blue WKD? Every supermarket sells it.
  20. This weekend I picked up Phantom Hourglass, Elite Beat Agents, Professor Layton: Spectre's Call and Sonic Rush. Not played any of 'em before. All set for holibobs. P.S. Has anyone played Phantom Hourglass with the d-pad control hack? Is it easy to do/worth it? I popped in PH last night to check it worked and have a strong feeling the stylus controls might do my head in.
  21. Jamin


    ^ 100% this. My gf who usually doesn't dig documentary style things is absolutely obsessed with it, we binged 4 episodes in between World Cup matches yesterday.
  22. Winners! It's The Taking Part That Counts Biggest Loss in the Group Stages: £10 (£5 each to Saudi Arabia - @carlospie, Panama - @Rocafella) Definitely Not England First team to win a penalty shoot-out: £10 (Russia, @Theholyhogg) That's all the bonus prizes claimed, just awards for 1st / 2nd / 3rd and the golden boot winner left! Will send out all prizes after the Final, for ease of adminness.
  23. Jamin

    Rocket League

    Ahh the epicness! Watching that back makes me realise how much I have improved in those 2 years. Wholly comfortable aerially (whereas in this vid I was still finding my feet) as well as general all-round amateur/naive play for many of their goals.
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