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  1. Any folks here play a bit on Board Game Arena? Wondering if some of us fancied arranging a few turn-based matches Been playing quite a bit turn-based stuff on there recently. Some games work better than others, but it's a great offering considering it's a free membership (keep meaning to upgrade to Premium). The games I've been playing most on it is Nippon (which has the really cool coloured worker mechanic, and which BGG lists as on the heavy-side but I would say it's more middle-weight), Lords of Xidit and Puerto Rico to name just three. Every time I log onto BGA a few new games have popped up, it really does have a great range at the moment.
  2. Same exact thing happened for me, and Carcassonne. Even bought the damned big box version. My g/f does veto random 2p games that I expect she'd like too. Not annoying at all when you've paid out £30 or more for a game... Welcome To was the latest one!
  3. Many thanks sir, astutely summed up. Sounds right up our street. Will stick it on the "to buy" pile for post-lockdown funs.
  4. We watched this episode tonight. I genuinely phased out for about 5 minutes and still it was going on. Jamie is bloody annoying. I hope she's dead.
  5. So would you say that JooL is recommended for a very experienced Gloomhaven group? I'm just wondering if it's more of the same (albeit more refined) but ultimately the story is similar. Or would you say the whole experience is different enough?
  6. Interesting... would yourself (or anyone who has played both) say that vs standard Gloomhaven, JooL feels "too dumbed down"? Or is it adequately meaty enough?
  7. Been hammering Board Game Arena with my regular gaming crew the past weeks, playing: Russian Railroads Keyflower Puerto Rico La Granja ...and multiple quick games of 6nimmt and Colt Express. Really enjoyed all the above to be honest. I do think Russian Railroads is a bit OP for whoever goes first (and therefore whoever gets the first engineer - especially if he/she is a good one!) but otherwise very thematic, easy to follow and a enjoyable Euro game. Keyflower is great, but I have only played it once so hard for me to comment too much, other than love the multiple scoring mechanics, and the fact you 'build' your own town separate from the main board, taking planning to a level higher than I was able to get to grips with! Maybe next time. Puerto Rico I have forgotten all about tbh (long night!) but I did enjoy this, a fair bit more than I had any right to on my first play. La Granja...unfortunately I did not enjoy quite so much. I think it suffers from the excessive amount of "free actions" that each player gets to do - I get that doing so allows everyone to "do" what they want (at a resource cost) but it's just too stop starty and also very hard to see how well you're doing vs the other players. The theme and art style didn't grip me too much either tbh (Mediterranean farming) but that's super objective I admit! Also been playing a good amount of 2p games w/ the missus during past few months, will post again on that at a future date... TLDR: games, they is good.
  8. Jamin


    Just finished it, we're both absolutely raging. Watching stuff like this makes you think "lets burn the world and start again". I see that Linda Fairstein has launched a lawsuit against Netflix against her unfair portrayal and casting as the "chief villain".
  9. Jamin


    Cheers all (for multi posts above)... @grounded_dreams Much appreciated, we love a good docu. @Gambit Yep, Breaking Bad has been done, missed off the list. @Fierce Poodle Yep, forgot Making A Murderer too (he totes did it!). @Professor Puzzles Spookily enough we plumped for that in the end, one episode in & hooked (shame there's only 3 more eps to go). @Steely Cheers bud! @ZOK @ckny @Mike S Ta all, will explore all of these!
  10. Jamin


    Need a new series to watch with the missus and we've burned through a lot of Netflix and non-Netflix... based on our "past watched and enjoyed", any recommendations? : Stranger Things Mindhunter Sex Education Unbelievable Better Call Saul The Staircase Bodyguard Black Mirror Haunting of Hill House Madeleine McCann documentary After Life Travels with my Father The Witcher The Keepers Normal People Dark Tourist Living With Yourself Fargo Chernobyl Line of Duty Luther Game of Thrones Louis Theroux Suggestions welcomed!
  11. Call of Duty WWII single player is a bit... jarring? It's got this incredibly serious, realistic tone to the cut scenes, the voiceovers and overall presentation are incredibly realistic and the whole campaign revolves around your character and your squad buddies, Band of Brothers esque. But then the actual gameplay and set pieces are absolutely unrealistically mental! Even for CoD standards! That bit where you're escaping from the slowest collapsing church tower, hitting QTEs to avoid being squashed to death by numerous falling metal bells had my eyes rolling all over the shop. Then the very next mission has the longest "train derailing" sequence committed to film, with you in the middle of it prone on the floor miraculously avoiding any and all damage. It's utterly mental. Whose idea was it to stitch these two together? I'm playing it through on Veteran (a) because I'm a maschochist, b) because I just did CoD4 remastered and Blops 3 likewise) and am only 4 missions in, god knows what else I'm yet to encounter.
  12. I thought this was absolutely brilliant. One of the best Pixar films for years and quite the breath of fresh air.
  13. Sound Goonz/Keith's Dad - I'll post my Activision ID next time I'm online.
  14. Any of you guys play MW Warzone? Been hammering it lately, albeit with random squads and to not be teamed up with a gang of eejits would be joyous. Anyone sees me on ping me an invite. On mic time is a tad reduced these days but shall try me best.
  15. Yeah I'm properly hooked on the PS4 version at the moment, I just love the synergy between the different heros, and when you hit on a great combo team for a dungeon type it feels so good. The game always keeps you on it's toes with it's enemy composition, and unexpected events and I really like that on harder difficulties in the dungeons, new enemy types start popping up. It's a great game, I've had many hours out of it. No idea how much it is now but for the £6 I paid for it, it's been quite the bargain.
  16. A real shame indeed. Was hoping this might be the year EA realised it was all a bit stale and reintroduced real teams/players...
  17. I'm in for some MW2 remastered! It will likely be a painful reminder of how dulled my reactions have become, ha.
  18. Tacoma at £3.99 is a bit of a steal too.
  19. Haha, still have fond memories of that session we had Tom, where we failed the mission driving back to the depot, flipping it on an innocuous piece of kerb 3 times in a row Same session that Vinnie got wiped out by a chaos driving delivery van two attempts in a row too
  20. Haven't personally played but I know of a guy who has mismatched his old Catan with newer expansions, and all are supported. So, yes, you can.
  21. The last two FIFAs. Most of the previous Assassin Creed games. Open world games in general - recent abandonments within several hours of playing include Mafia 3, Breath of the Wild and Far Cry Primal. I have come to the conclusion I prefer narrative driven, slightly more linear experiences these days, as my time is limited and I want to get "captivated" quicker. For example Prey was the last game I had this feeling with and finished to completion, and with that I still wanted more.
  22. Cash N Guns is a good shout, very easy to understand and non-gamers like the whole "holding a foam gun" element!
  23. Survive: Escape From Atlantis has never let me down and I'll be whipping this one out this Christmas for the first time with the in-laws. Codenames is a good one for a big-ish group. I also had success with Ticket to Ride Europe, never seen my mum so animated!
  24. Haha, appreciate that pal and I miss the lols and party fun but I just don't enjoy playing FIFA anymore, fair play to those that do, you're more patient than I! I have less time than ever to game so gotta play stuff I enjoy. Hope you guys are able to get some kind of league going, I live in hope that the next iteration is better. I'll be getting Battlefield on day one and obvs RDR too so hopefully catch up with yas then. You should all be playing Rocket League too because games last 5 minutes, a fair few of us still play and it's super fun.
  25. Indeed get on it Dan and bit it some of your deserved time! Although saying that @Theholyhogg when are you boys on next? Been a while. Haha I love your signature btw Dan, love a bit of throwback serious @Baring talk.
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