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  1. There does seem to be a factor in most reviews/opinions that this COD is a bit different, and a bit special compared to the other past version. But as messers Pants and Luseth say, Battlefield is just bloody awesome with a squad of you on and usually offers some longevity. I only stopped playing BF1 because my mate demanded his copy back and I was too cheap to buy another, haha. I don't find the gunplay unresponsive either though Goons, though maybe vs COD it might feel it. Anyhoos awesome, I'll be Day-One-ing BF5.
  2. I am tempted by COD! But can't justify both and historically preferred BF and it's gunplay, it's a bit slower paced to COD. It also has a single player mode which is usually pretty decent.
  3. I've finally pulled my finger out and committed to selling a few games in the Trading folder:
  4. I'll be getting Battlefield Luseth, not sure if others here are getting it (Kriess will be I'm sure!) so ready to squad up when it launches.
  5. Picked this up from base.com for £14, it's really rather good isn't it? I'm having a great time, I remember enjoying Shadow of Mordor before I got to a standstill with available missions, but this is several further steps forward and it's the first game I've played in a long time has had me up until 2/3am in the morning. Traversal controls are exceptional and you feel a lot more able to manoeuvre and pivot around scenarios than the first game. I love how flighty you can be, and yet also how it doesn't just require hold a button to run - well timed presses of "X" to get the boost ru
  6. English rules can be found in all their colourised PDF glory here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/78/b4/78b4b240-ec1d-416d-8486-970fb5a941c9/whitehall_mystery_rulebook_small_copy.pdf Up to you of course but I personally think that rules aside, you should be fine to muddle your way through (or translate flavour cards as and when you use them!).
  7. Aye it's a proper shame, though @GrahamDunn what do you think of the game?
  8. I will indeed! I've been on a bit this week but not seen you or Mack about! Rocket League has kind of ruined FIFA for me tbh because playing it before or after FIFA and it's like chalk and cheese with how responsive the controls feel, really highlights how to me how stodgy the other has become. On a side note anyone yet to play Rocket League really should get back into it, a fair few of us football league folks still play it regularly.
  9. Apols Mitch, just saw this! I wanted to like it, I wanted to even tolerate it, but I just can't. Whenever I played it I felt like I'd rather be playing something else which isn't a great sign (Clubs games aside generally). The main reasons being: the game is near identical to '17 and '18, delay in pressing a button to something happening on screen (pre '17 FIFAs were always much more responsive to me), player changing/defending still joyless, shooting so erratic, game in general so reliant on AI - you never feel like you're playing another player instead the AI defends for them
  10. Had a 5 player game of Mission Red Planet last night, a game which I have played once before. I had forgotten what a great strategic game it is, all wrapped in a pleasingly thematic yet accessible package! Also, for a competitive 5-player game it only took around 90 minutes which ain't too shabby me thinks. For those never to have played, the theme is that Earth has been pillaged too long and we're all out of juicy energy. Don't worry though! A large number of Mining Corporation have all set up shops at the exact same time, and now they're all off to Mars to gather up precious reso
  11. I was thinking last night, how amazing would it be if they re-released one of the old FIFAs with Online Team Play working
  12. I'm out sorry guys. Can't get on with the game, I even brought it to my gfs place today to see if it was just my crappy internet making it so unenjoyable...nope its just the game
  13. Another in the "not bothered" vibe. And this coming from someone who Day 1'd Fallout 3/NV/4. Fallout online smells me up a bit and I can't get on board, sadly. P.S. If it turns out it's absolutely amazing I'll be back here like the sad wrong fool that I am.
  14. I'll be on tonight if anyone is about. Made my pro but not taken him out for a stroll yet. Baring why don't you make a new PSN chat? Makes sense like!
  15. Timmo do you play PC now or something? I gots mighty excited reading your post only to discover Hollow Knight ain't out on PS4 (Spring 2019).
  16. What is your secondary account, Al? You should probably put it out here for everyone to add! My physical copy of the game is apparently on it's way. I'll be on tomorrow night if it's arrived by then, failing that some of Saturday eve too.
  17. Had an excellent "gamey" weekend with a full day this Saturday from midday until eve and a bonus eve last night after work Played two games of 6-player Captain Sonar... finally got this out having owned it for about 3 months! Anyway... what a great game! Played both games in the turn-based style, and I realise from bgg people saying this isn't the most fun way to play, but it has a lot of advantages and we still got a lot from it. Both games were a bit of a write-off as errors crept in (game one had numerous rules ignored/altered), second game one radio operator completely balls
  18. Haha! I reckon SaintM will get it. Whenever I pop onto PSN he's always there playing FIFA 18. If he can't get enough of that cancerous ruin, he'll be all over this un-irradiated haven. I think we should crack on without him though, league-wise. The impression I got from him is that he's done being the ringmaster but might take part if the leagues restarted.
  19. I just pre-ordered this on disc via eBay ShopTo for £40. There's a 10% off voucher live on all purchases on eBay just for today fyi.
  20. I see what you're saying, and I'm hardly FIFA's biggest fan, but your two videos just show the bad side of FIFA versus the good side of PES. Both have bad moments and neither are perfect. I want to like PES and I do in many respects but the flaws are there and are imo bigger than FIFA. At least the 18 versions which I played both of. The one thing I don't get about PES is how fucking shite the menus are - and have been for literally EVER. Surely that wouldn't be too hard a fix? FIFA has had a problem with bullet headers for a few versions though, agreed, and that video shows it at
  21. BAP will need 4 teams for deffo, gotta be an even number. I think the sweet spot for numbers in a team is 6/7 ish per team, to ensure that each team has enough to fulfil their fixtures each week. In a perfect world then Steely's list would have about 30 in, which would work out at about 7 players per team which would be about right. From week to week not everyone would turn up so players would have a chance to play in different positions if they wanted to.
  22. No way we're gonna get 60. I think part of the problem in the past was the recruitment itself, which whilst it worked well, it attracted a load more casual peeps who never posted on the forum and then dropped out early on. Much better to get a small group of people who post and are reliable, even if the numbers are small. I think anyone looking to join the league has to be active on here to promote the bants, etc. With the numbers we've got atm maybe we should do a proper 1v1 league with a couple of divisions, 10-12 teams per division? As good as it would be for Saint to come
  23. This all seems mental to me, do Sony even know this happens?
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