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  1. I started this at the weekend, my god it's good isn't it? The shooting is just top notch, the only thing that comes close to it is popping Grunts heads back on Halo. So so satisfying. I'm at work today but I wish I could be at home powering through more. Anyway I've done 4 single player missions (don't really understand the story, even if the cut scene graphics are rather amazing) and my guy is about Power 50 at the mo. So too low to join in the fun yet . But I'll try hammering it this week when I can do to level myself up a bit.
  2. I thought this was really good - surprisingly good, I've tried googling but does anyone know when Episode 3 is released? Edit: never mind, 15 episodes in total, each released weekly on a Monday. Aces.
  3. Cheers for the season guys. Fair to say it's been a bit up and down, and defensively this was easily my poorest yet - usually we can eke out wins when we're not playing well by not conceding many goals, this season was the complete opposite. My apols again. Even despite the on-field issues to say we always had 6-7 on each week shows a massive credit to you all, and the banter in the party has always been top notch even if the actual flowing with the ball has been less than top notch. Hopefully see most of you in FIFA 18 (where I can at least confirm that crossing is a lot less effective!). Cheers guys for all your efforts and see you on the newer, shinier pitch soon hopefully.
  4. Sounds like you got enough @gooner4life!
  5. Worst case, someone from City could always join you Goons to make up the numbers.
  6. Cheers Goons! Yeah is anyone not about tonight? As it's the last week I probably won't be about for practice but I'll be on FIFA 17 at ten to 10. If anyone has positional preferences please say, assuming we have enough on I'll just do the defence let everyone else go further forward. Be nice to end the season with a couple of wins!
  7. that night was one of the funniest I can remember on the 360. Big Gus rage quit on hole 3 if I remember correctly, and Saint went on the last hole, a devilish up & down course which was approximately 3 miles in duration. Top stuff
  8. It's a micro USB cable apparently. I've bought about 4 over the years, mainly because the default one is about 3 inches long. Ebay sells ones which are 3M long for a couple of quid... they are good to stretch the cable across the living room.
  9. Just picked it up (it's only £33 at Simplygames), should hopefully be on a few evenings next week once the campaign is done!
  10. First impressions: The game is definitely a little slower, but defending is harder because the AI never sticks a foot in for you, you always have to manual swap to the guy nearest the ball to make the tackle. The problem with this is that the change player system is still not intuitive enough so it's very frustrating when the ball is in your own box to get the "right" defender. Also the 'X' tackle button is also far less effective in general, sometimes defenders barely even jab their foot out towards the balls. Slide tackles feel less effective too (they seem to "reach" a reduced distance). Goalkeepers are a bit worse as saving shots. The new crossing system feels weird, the default cross button makes every cross super floaty. I need to do the tutorial for this as apparently there are lots of different types of crosses, some of which will be effective no doubt. Shielding still feels quite effective, but slightly toned down from FIFA 17. Possibly it just felt effective last night because defenders weren't sticking their foot in as well due to the nerfed X tackle. It plays a good game against the computer. The driven low pass is still king, and attackers who know what they're doing can still run through your defence with the fast dribbling, although it does feel a little less effective than FIFA 17 (judged purely from a defensive point of view). Mostly though, it just feels pretty similar to '17 but with minor tweaks.
  11. Cheers guys. I'm going to get the game over the weekend. I never played Destiny so all the terminology is completely lost on me, but I do like shooting things in the face which I imagine will be beneficial. Like, what's the max party size if you squad up?
  12. If I were to buy this would it be a pain to catch up? Like could I join you guys with a low level guy or would I need to level up a bit?
  13. I'm glad I bought the physical copy by the sounds. That said, I remember FIFA 16 and 17 were initially really unbalanced, they will issue a patch soon to address some of the issues, I guarantee it. If anyone wants some 1v1 friendlies tonight, let me know.
  14. Just to echo most people's thoughts, I saw this on Thursday and it's just as good as the first one in my opinion, 2 hours of superb action, genuinely well executed laughs but most of all it's just really fun.
  15. Good man! Ha, nah it'll be fine, I've probably been at fault for about half the goals conceded this season so I have full faith in Jordz (who will probably do the ANY).
  16. Any news if you'll be here Luseth? I'll be missing on Thursday too, sadly, Jordz and Steel (if he's on mic) will take over for the games, team TBC based on who is/isn't here.
  17. Sorry lads, wasn't on last night for FIFA. Is anyone missing on Thursday?
  18. Perfect alt rock, reminiscent of Beach House.
  19. I'm about 10 hours into this. It's pretty good isn't it? I'm enjoying it anyway. Basically Mass Effect 4, but with fewer characters you genuinely know or care about, a less interesting premise (imo that is - they could have made it interesting, but so far it all seems a bit...meh), combat which is serviceable (though doesn't feel as well formed as ME2 / ME3s to me), and I would also add that it doesn't appear startlingly prettier in comparison to the last gen games. The facial animation in particular looks worse to me than ME 1-3, although that could be the rose-tinted glasses effect. Despite all the above, it definitely has got its hooks into me - if only because there's nothing else quite like it, and none of the above is especially bad it's just not superb. As someone further up this page says, it definitely needed another 2-3 months of polishing and this could have been quite something incredible. I've currently got 3-4 quests in some new locations to explore and looking forward to getting out there and seeing what is what.
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