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  1. Nice! I sold a Rare bronze Australian RW for 3.7k earlier... oof.
  2. What is the quickest way to find out the current lowest BIN on a player? I have some random players who possibly might be worth a bit, but the "compare prices" thing is totally useless as you can't order it by, for example, lowest BIN.
  3. Getting hammered 4-0 by Legendary standard NY Red Bull on my first UT match with my cack Bronze team was a harsh learning curve I must admit.
  4. Cheers dudes, I'll check it out later. One last weird UT issue I have - whenever I play the computer in Seasons (not Squad Battles), the difficulty is locked to Legendary or Ultimate. It's greyed out to select say World Class, which is what I'd prefer to play (especially as my team is a bit crap still!). Any ideas why? Tis a bit annoying but wondered if it was just because it was Seasons mode...?
  5. How do you qualify for the weekend league? And should I just be playing FUT Seasons? Or another mode? Tbh the amount of modes and options within UT is bloody daunting! P.S. Yep I have spotted crazy high "crap" players. A rare Bronze CB I got in a pack, who appeared utter rubbish to me, went for 1500 BIN!
  6. Best I've packed is a standard Lallana so far, pretty rubbish considering I've done most of the beginning SBCs which shower you with packs! Played my first online FUT seasons match and won 11-0. The guy was terrible, even if his team put mine to shame. Mine is a 75-ish all Brazil gold side. Shame you don't get crazy coins for every goal now, I guess they capped that? So generally, people make coins by simply playing games and then selling on any big players they have, right? I only have about 6k at the moment.
  7. Cheers chaps and Graham / Pants in party, went up from 700 coins to 5000 doing the initial squad building challenges.
  8. Quick UT question - what the easiest way to make money? I literally have 700 coins and having never played UT since the very first one I'm utterly out of my depth. I am nowhere near even having enough players for a full squad but no £ to buy more players!
  9. Jamin

    FIFA 18

    Have you tried portforwarding your Switch?
  10. Glad it's not just me. As @Mitchell has subtly alluded to in his posts, the defending is even shitter this time. Players refusing to stick a leg out when they're a foot away from the ball, the tackle button working sometimes and not others (when I charge it or not). Goals a plenty. GKs still very suspect even after patch. They also seemed to have messed with things which imo were fine. Crossing was great on 17, you could always find the area of the box you wanted with all the existing commands. Now they've changed it and the new system is confusing and doesn't work as well imo. I know @Fennas3 and @Actualbigbloke feel the same too. Just no fun to play. I know it'll prob get easier the more I play, but not sure I can be arsed to do that! Genuinely considering trading it in for a couple of months, seeing what the next patch brings and focusing on Destiny/Rocket League/whatever single player game I'm playing at the mo in the meantime.
  11. Not really enjoying this game at all so far, '17 feels far superior.
  12. I guess you all need to be 250-260 power? I'm at 160 now so hopefully will be up for helping by early next week Tbh I'm having an absolute blast on single player doing the story, just got an amazing triple burst gun which is eating through the ghostly enemies on Io like butter.
  13. Yeah I'll be manager. Odds are we'll have lower numbers anyway so less people in defence. Infact the later the next season is the better probably for numbers.
  14. Can someone explain in laymans terms for me, what Raids, Strikes and Crucible stuff are?
  15. Yeah even after just last night I went up from 50 power to 110 so it doesn't take long at all to level up. And I estimate about 50% of all the time last night was me and @Theholyhogg watching @sjvinnie fall to his death again and again on the oil rigs on Titan.
  16. Most were found through long winded searches on deviantart / pinterest / google image. A couple of them I bought (can't remember which, sorry!) because the "free" image sizes were not in high enough definition. The others I used an online printing website in A3, and bought the frames separately. Think I spent about £75 on all printing / frame costs all in which felt like quite the bargain. I have a few other images that I saved during that same image foray that I'm considering getting printed and framed too (I have wall space). I also might nab the Last of Us one further up this page too!
  17. Agreed. Also, you should step up @Theholyhogg.
  18. Got this little lot framed in A3 adorning the wall alongside my staircase. Well chuffed with them.
  19. Cheers Vinnie! I'll be online tonight from 10pm with my 50 character if yourself, or anyone else similar power wants to join (I assume folks can just join in my session? Or do we need to "party up"?).
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