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  1. @Bleeders SBCs are Squad Builder Challenges - essentially you'll be given a scenario for making a team (e.g. chemistry / nationality / league requirements) and you try and do it as frugally as possible! Rewards are usually decent packs... but obviously it's risk reward as to whether the contents end up being worth more than what you've spent to complete the SBC in the first place. Squad Battles are matches against the AI, but the AI morphs into a real life person's Ultimate Team squad.
  2. The Terror from the Deep SBC challenge is a bloody nightmare. All Hansa Rostock / Plymouth mids and atts are going for 7k+ each. I managed to snaffle a Plymouth RB for 1k, but even slotting him into RM and having the 6 chemistry hit, I just couldn't get a squad together to meet the tough chemistry demands. Mainly because the dedicated wing backs are in such low rated divisions, and the challenge asks for 4 golds too. Bad times.
  3. Cheers for your post on the SBC Pants/Steel, managed to do it just with players already in my club.
  4. Excellent detective work Pants, will deffo try and pick up some Sunderland players. How often do the new Halloween SBCs update? I think I only saw the Valencia / Levante ones on Friday night, so I assume the Wolf one went up Sunday? So maybe the next new one will start today?
  5. Packed this fella earlier, I'm on board with the 1.30am pack opening Goons! Particularly sweet as my main squad is still a Brazilian one. Currently rocking the following, with stay back on Fabinho & Paulinho I've definitely been conceding less. Also to concur with Timmo, Naldo & Miranda are juggernauts at the back (although slightly susceptible to pace).
  6. Yeah I can't be arsed with playing the AI anymore for exactly those reasons, even if the coins make it worthwhile. Currently in Div 4 in seasons. Bit annoyed I forgot to apply for the weekend league considering I've very little on this weekend, ha. Also is there a way to see other friends' record? There definitely used to be but all I can see in the leaderboards is other superfluous info. Also it's annoying you can't see how good an opponent you've just played is (ie their win record). This was the best 650 coins I've ever spent. Anyone do any better for value for money? Giuliano has been immense at CAM too btw, cheers Timmo et al for the recommendation. Another 650 coin bargain.
  7. Do these Scream players just occur in normal packs...?
  8. This FIFA more than any other requires absolute concentration to defend effectively. Even then the game fucks you, I gave away two penalties in three games by another defender bumping into an attacker, both times I was literally pressing nothing other than run/jockey with the guy I was controlling. Speaking of which, what custom tactics do you guys use? I've been using some FIFA YouTubers (I literally can't remember which) and, with high def defenders, it's definitely made a slight difference.
  9. Fair point about packs, I just half expected something worth a few bob, having nearly completed all the SBCs. Shows how useless packs actually are, especially when there are real bargains to be had on the transfer market. These are my two squads at the moment. I used to use the 4-3-2-1 with this Brazil team but found that no CDM would stay back. The 4-3-3 (4) feels a lot more solid, especially if you tell your attackers to come back on defence. I've only really played Seasons, and in Division 5 now having exclusively played with the Brazil one since Div 10. My RF converted Felipe Anderson has scored 28 goals in 12 games and is a definite Brazilian/Calcio A recommendation. 5 star weak foot too. His in-game player likeness is shocking though, he looks like Jonathan Creek . The Prem one I only created today after having realised I had loads of random Prem golds lying around for some reason. Picked up Firmino two days back and he slots nicely into both squads, but haven't even played with him yet. Probably will ship Benteke out and get someone quicker and nippier to complement Firmino. P.S. Pants, ha, that's crazy. Just shows you that EA definitely game the packing %s of certain players - I've packed no less than 4 Mame Dioufs in my short FUT life, and 3 Bradley Wright-Phillips (a player who I'm sure Luseth, Sladey and Gooner said they had picked up too).
  10. I've done all 4 Hybrid league SBCs in the past few days, and packed absolutely nowt in return! The best has been Aurier, and Pizzi, who go for about 3k each. Pap. I forgot to try and qualify for the weekend league, so assume I've had it now in terms of trying to qualify? Although the chopping and changing in my squad/ability at the moment anyway, I'd probably fail to qualify regardless, ha.
  11. Yeah I was saying last night to the guys who were on Clubs, I think I'm gonna hold off on the single player game until the next patch and see what it's like then. There seems to be so many FIFA youtubers moaning about the game that EA will take note that not everyone wants to play Kevin Keegan Football Simulator where every game is a goalfest. Personally I'd just like to see better defensive responsiveness, improved tackling, more passing error (it's far too easy for any shit player to tiki taka it around) and toned down edge of the box shooting. I'm struggling to enjoy the game much in it's current form because it's so heavily balanced in favour of the attackers, it really takes away the enjoyment of actually scoring a goal which is what any good football game should be about! Clubs is still fun though - it's definitely a lot easier with human CDMs actually able to track players.
  12. 68 dribbling too. He'd need a few tissues after that!
  13. Suspect you're on your own there! SOMA is quality though, enjoy
  14. More I read of this, the more I want it. Has the actual combat changed since the first game?
  15. I haven't had anything like that mate, no sorry. In other news I believe I have found the best FIFA 18 clip so far seen by man. There's something new to see even on the 10th watch https://twitter.com/foxgangstah/status/920009313783083009?s=09
  16. I'm gonna struggle to get on before 11pm annoyingly, having to nip out as an emergency taxi service.
  17. @tcharliel I think in a practical sense I'm high enough leveled - it unlocked as an option the other night. Whether I'm good enough is another matter!
  18. If anyone fancies a bash at it tonight, I'll be on from 9/10ish. My guy is about 245 power at the mo.
  19. Cheers for the Muriel tip Timmo! He's bagged 7 goals in 3 games for me. Linked him up with Ben Yedder upfront, with Ganso behind and it's working wonderfully. Also having the super slow Ganso is making me be more patient and less likely to try forcing it with runs behind all the time. What instructions, and tactics is anyone using? Need some tips for both, haven't played 1v1 solidly for many a FIFA.
  20. Actually the answer to my Q is Fernandinho but he's top dollar. Paulinho might be better, I'll compare him to Luiz Gustavo, cheers Baz.
  21. Just spunked 2500 on a BIN Fabinho, easily my biggest purchase so far. Hope he's worth it, the one downside to my sub-standard Brazil team is the CM lacks brawn and fight. Currently got Allan in there alongside him, looking for a replacement...
  22. Giuliano it is then, haha, cheers! I've just picked up Felipe Anderson and he's smooth as silk, 81 rated and a quality cheap Brazilian attacker.
  23. Ahh I see cheers Pants. Which are the go to attribute cards then for different positions? On a separate matter, can someone suggest the best Brazil CMs?
  24. You've been ripped off there Gooner. As Timmo says the shooting seems low! I amazingly packed two Ben Yedders yesterday in two subsequent SBC reward packs, and some 82 rated Barca Portuguese right back. When those funds come in I'll have a nice little 30k to spend (which is a lot for someone like me who has no idea how to make money quickly just from trading). Can someone explain player training to me? I just slapped a shooting +10 on one of my players & it now has a little symbol next to him. Are the effects permanent? Why don't more people do this? Also I do not understand the "Hunter" etc player attribute cards...what do they actually do?
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