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  1. Looks like a bit of a poor month to me. Will give Bound a go though. The Unitl Dawn VR giveaway is decent if you have VR though.
  2. Did all the new SBCs last night and the best I got was my third bloody Sommer (some swiss GK). Also got Fellaini but it appears he goes for pittance. My best packed player on FIFA 18 remains Nelson Semedo of Barca (someone I literally had never heard of ) who I got 15k for. Oh and Willian. Utter utter rubbish considering that's basically all of the SBCs completed in that time. Snapped up Fernandinho last night, his base price seemed to have nose dived a bit I guess because people were upgrading to his IF? Either way, him alongside Fabinho = beastly. Came up against a ridiculous team last night in the WL qualifiers - he had 94 Messi alongside Overmars and CR7 upfront, with Vieira, Kante and Bakayoko in midfield, Ramos some Spanish SBC guy I didn't recognise. Anyway it turned out he wasn't the best and my fullbacks were tearing him up down the flanks, he rage quit on 70 minutes. Presumably to go and spend 3 million coins on some Icon fullbacks.
  3. Spotted your Fahrmann in goal for you there Timmo. He been good for you? He's only 84 rated but his kicking is so bad (52) that means his other stats are really high for his rating.
  4. Rumours on twitter that the new patch (now out) still hasn't fixed the Pro Clubs friendly invite issue .
  5. Unless I'm being super blind I couldn't see it on futbin or sofifa? Btw I secured footage of the next guy who signed my old GK...
  6. Yeah I can't stand playing the AI either. It's the way they score goals (that @Pants McSkill mentions further up) - superfast ping pong into your area first time finish into the corner. Every time, near impossible to defend against. Probably every time because every team you play in Squad Battles are amazingly high rated players, but still. I find it utterly tedious and even the promise of high rewards can't entice me. PS. @gooner4life where does it tell you if he's traditional or acrobatic save style?
  7. Excellent. I look forward to my Fahrmann turning into Simon Mignolet the next time I'm on then.
  8. Bizarrely as I'm still rocking a Brazilian team I turned my nose up at Ederson as I felt Neto's stats looked better on paper (i.e. I'm not arsed about kicking or speed really). I just splashed out on 84 rated Fahrmann at Schalke, whose chemistry matches up with Naldo to sustain 100 Chem. His stats are all mid-high 80s in the ones that matter so will see how he does. Btw @Bleeders cool article cheers for the link. Some of the videos on there (particularly the goalpost one, and the one where his CB passes it to an attacker despite clearly pushing the opposite way) are just crazy and hard to argue against querying that things are a bit broken.
  9. Dunno, the icon Casillas card has some pretty impressive stats and I seem to have a real issue with my GKs literally not saving a shot, or having the ball trickle through them in a manner I never score from was hoping having an icon at the back would instill some general confidence. RE: keepers De Gea and Lloris have always been the worst I've faced. Played someone with P. Schmeichel icon card last night and he was nothing special. Which of the GK stats do you guys is most important?
  10. New patch is out on Xbox apparently. Soon for PS too I'd assume.
  11. I've completed 4 of the 18 challenges for the Icon Casillas card and it's not too bad going. There is a silver LW in one team who must be rare as hen's teeth - his cheapest BIN price is 6k . Holding off to try and get a 2am bargain one night. So far it's cost me about 20k with a quarter done. Although admittedly I did recoup much of that back from a reward pack in which I got some 85 rated German Bundesliga GK I've never heard of.
  12. I started the lengthy Casillas SBC today (fed up of my GK doing an impression of a swiss cheese) and was also checking out the other icon SBCs. Which in turn led me to checking out the Promes icon card, which looks insane. That one requires you to complete a team of Russian players / teams. This in turn led me to check out how much some of my random Russian League players went far... jeez Louise! Just sold a 70 rated silver CB for 4000, a silver 66 RM for 5300, and several others for 1000 a pop. Definitely worth checking out your clubs, particularly if they're silver/high bronze.
  13. Apols, basically collapsed. Then woke up again at 1am and played Rocket League till 3am
  14. Haha @SteelyI just played a Seasons game against that Scream Crouch, he wasn't anything special (sure he'll be mint in your hands obviously ).
  15. I'll be up for any Destiny action this Thursday from 9pm!
  16. I'm out as a manager for the new season, sorry Luseth. Struggling to enjoy the game as it is and I have a busy few months ahead so I'll skip S1 (when it happens!).
  17. Is there a reason you're playing the CB Felipe at LB? I've struggled for a decent Brazilian LB too - one who actually depends, ha, Felipe Luis is apparently the best but on paper he looks more like he'd be an attacking full back due to his High/Med work rates. He will also cost more than 15k I suspect. I've settled on Alex Telles and he's been very solid for me. He's 80 rated but has good all round attributes, and pretty good in the air for defending those back post crosses. I'd also personally get in Miranda / Naldo for Marquinos but thems my prefs.
  18. It's a good job I'm away this weekend so I'm not raging - was 3-0 up in the final of qualifying last night when the EA servers decided to disconnect, when I restarted I found the game had awarded the other guy the win and I was back to square one. Also had the PS blue screen error during a match the other night and was also told it was my fault when I reconnected. What a joke. Did have an amusing rage quit last night - I was 3-0 down to some guy after about 20mins, him dabbing after every goal. I then somehow scored four goals - all before half time (clearly we've both mastered defending ), so thought I'd return the dabbing favour. As the fourth one went in and I got my dab on, it was clearly too much - instaquit. He must have yanked the cable out or something such was the quick reactions of the message popping up .
  19. Really struggling for consistency the past few days, a clean sheet has become akin to more satisfying than a victory. I finally won the Division 4 title at the fourth match of asking (needed three points from 4 games). Consistently getting done for pace at the back and CDMs not staying back. Just splurged on Dani Alves and immediately won 3-0. Coincidence? Probably . Also had an annoying bug where I'd gotten to the final of the weekend league qualifying yday, so turned it on today to play the final and I was back in Round 1. Wtf?
  20. From my MM packs I got absolutely sod all. Schneiderlin Otamendi Motta Rafinha Infact best of all was a bronze Panathinaikos player that I sold for 8k
  21. Literally just about to place in my final Swiss CB for the final MM SBC and then open all 5 or so MM reward packs at once, when FUT servers go down! Classic timing
  22. I must have tried all Brazilian strikers for my Brazil squad. Luis Adriano is a good cheap bet to start off with, though he's only 78 rated. I saved up for Firmino, who has been unreal since I got him. I play him as a False 9, much like how he plays for Liverpool. I only play 1 upfront now, but when I did play 2 or 3 upfront, I converted Felipe Anderson and Taison into RF/LFs respectively, and stuck chemistry cards on both for finishing. Both did very well up there as they have naturally high finishing anyway for wingers. Make sure you get Giuliano in CAM behind whoever you do go for, his runs from CAM and finishing in general are unreal.
  23. Yeah, like at the moment, that SBC requires one player from Plymouth or Hansa Rostock. All players for both those teams (mostly bronzes) are going for 7k+. Bear in mind usually bronzes don't go for more than 300. I just realised there's a SBC featuring PSG players, so searched my Club and found a LB - promptly sold him for double the price I bought him for a month ago. There are sites that help with SBCs btw Bleeders, such as futbin or futhead.
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