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  1. Quick defending question for you guys. When an opponent rolls the ball into an opponent on say the penalty spot, and you have a defender directly behind them (between them and the goal), what's the best method of defence? I found myself up against a guy last night in Seasons who did this time and again, each time receiving the ball and then moving swiftly with the attacker in one direction (up or down, adjacent to the goal) before getting a quick low shot off, and with the crazy finishing in this game it was super effective. My brain would tell me to quickly switch to the defender between the attacker and the goal using LB, and then use 'contain', but it never seemed quick enough to stop. Is this was you guys do? I think I also tried seconding guess him and close him down quickly using jockey, but I was never seemingly quick enough. I suspect there's a "most effective" way to minimize/combat this... thoughts?
  2. @nakamura - how come you have Schmeichel in goal? No decent Japanese GKs?
  3. Made a cheapo Prem team (Josh King upfront ftw!) switched back to 4321 and just absolutely breezed through the Weekend League qualifications, mental. Standard Fellaini in CDM brutalising folks, even won a penalty by just shielding with him for about 15 in game minutes I think I play better with worse players, all the years of FTL conditioning Packed Sterling earlier and he's as unbelievable as he has been when I've had to defend against him too.
  4. I'll not make it tonight sadly, 3 hours left for the download.
  5. Haha Jordz is a Fortnite veteran from what I can tell.
  6. Every fucker with an English team has Bakayoko - presumably over Kante. So I would agree, despite his stats, Baka seems more solid. I know a few Pros use him too as the solo CDM.
  7. Maximum squad number is 4, right? I'll get it downloading when I get in and should pop on from 10ish, hopefully there'll be a space!
  8. I'll have to download it first, is it a big DL?
  9. Awesome, sounds good. From what I've seen on PUBG, that doesn't have a lot of shootyness either, ha. I'll get it. Do you need to level up your character at all?
  10. I played 13 Weekend League games in the end all on Fri/Sat and ended 9-4 (9-2 if you discount router-washing-machine-gate). Enjoyed most of the experience, although most of the problems I have are with the game itself and not people being dickheads which was good. The main thing that still frustrates is how slow it takes for defenders to get moving, my defence in general (even the rapid fullbacks) were getting outpaced a lot and this pace abuse was where most of my goals conceded came from. Thinking of creating a team based purely on pacey defenders - any ideas which league/nationality is best? Also people playing park the bus and doing a counter attack against your defenders is still super efficient in the right hands, as Pants alludes to. Literally every player I played had a considerably better team than me and in the two legit games I lost, the quality of the players might have been enough of the edge (probably not like but I'll blame that ). The best players are too much £ for me to be arsed to try and wheel and deal my way up though. Also struggled for consistency at times, leaning away from the 4231, would quite like 2 up top, but don't enjoy the diamond any more. It seems most play the diamond or 433 (4) or 4321/4312 though? So I guess I need to try one of those and stick with it.
  11. Is it like PUBG? Have heard good things although it looks more cartoony. I think I'll probably be selling Destiny 2 so will need my shooting fix.
  12. They need to fix the chemistry / pause bug thing. Kind of shit to be maxiising more of an advantage in effectively breaking the way it's meant to be.
  13. Haha Al, that will never be surpassed! I just wasted two losses in the Weekend League. First one I kicked off and had ridiculous lag where it was pausing every 3 seconds for 1 second at a time, the guy got an early goal and was a good player so thought sod it, don't wanna endure this so I quit out. Didn't think anything of it so started another one, thinking I'll check the connection bar. Seemed fine so went through and then had the exact same thing again, couldn't believe it. Quit out again, I'm not arsed enough to have 20 minutes of torture even if I could grind out a draw. Then I just remembered I'd put my washing machine on, and the router sits on top of that so I assume that's causing the doom lag. Also remembered it's dedicated servers isn't it on WL so it must be my issue. What a bloody idiot
  14. Good news guys, my new GK made a real stellar start in his most recent match. Big Simon Migs woulda been proud.
  15. It's OK Pants, I'm the same. The heady days of being in the top 100 in UK/Europe in Modern Warfare 1 and 2 are long gone, the early FIFAs where it felt like childs play - long gone too. Our reactions have been sullied but we still have the experience, at least that's what I keep telling myself. Yeah you deffo create less with the 4231, which is something of an issue for me actually as my finishing isn't great. And yeah @gooner4life I think you're right, just trying to get as many played as I can as I won't be on tomorrow probably at all. Won my opening 6 but tbh most of those have been because the opposition has been pap and not that I'm setting the world alight, the moment I meet a good player it'd be curtains. Grinding out results atm, playing poorly. I'm saving up the money for Mbappe I think, then gonna try the French front 3 Timmo posted about on Monday. In fact Timmo, if I were to utilise Mbappe upfront, Martial LAM, Alessendrini RAM, who might be good in CAM?
  16. Played two, won two so far on the weekend league but it's already doing my head in and might forego the rest. Game two I won 5-2 in extra time but how it even got to extra time god knows, I had 18 shots on target and he had 2 - full time score 2-2. Past FIFAs used to reward good play a lot more, the newer ones things are a lot more uncertain and inconsistent. Why does it feel like when I'm on top in a game, my GK turns into a baboon on stilts? This might make a fun game when everyone can feel like they have a chance no matter the score, but for a satisfying experience it does not make.
  17. Yeah Pants I use the 4231 formation, it works pretty well. In fact if we're in the school of sharing clips, I streamed a session of mine the other night (pre GK and CDM upgrades!) which is here: https://go.twitch.tv/videos/186205107. Can't remember how I did, won some and lost some though. The key with 4231 in my opinion is definitely not allow your CDMs to wander too far forward (so no one-two passes where possible - you can see I mainly stick to that in the video). Btw Pants your team looks good but personally I'd bin Javi Martinez for someone quicker (Rudiger?). 51 pace just won't cut it against the best strikers.
  18. Yeah and just to add two more to my list: -shooting from outside the box - you had quite a few chances to but never did. It's super powerful in this version so do it more. This is also related to my next point... -variety of play. You need to mix up your attacking style a bit. Shots from the edge do this & keep opponents on their toes but also you went down the wings a lot & always passed inside before reaching it. I get why - it's effective in this version. Go down the flank now & then too, crossing early for Ibra (beast in the air) or pass back to the full back even. Essentially - mix it up, and be decisive with it too. It won't always work out but it will make the other player unsure of your tactics. PS Firmino is a beast finisher in this, get him in your team alongside Ibra. He's lethal in the box for me - you were super unlucky with him hitting the bar at the end there. #sadface
  19. I've watched the vid dude, you're better waiting for Timmo/Gooners thought but my criticisms are: -trying to force the play too much & losing the ball cheaply. Against the best players this will hurt you. Pass the ball around as you build up play more, don't force it to the strikers too early, or around the box too eagerly - use midfielders until the pass will definitely reach. -most of your short passes are "one-two" passes. IMO don't ever do a one two pass with your CDMs or full backs (unless you do want them to bomb on & leave you vulnerable to a counter). -defending. When a striker has the ball on the edge of your box, unless you think he'll shoot immediately I always try & control a CDM and get him to tackle back, rather than bringing out a CB. If your opponent is a speedy dribbler type who usually just tries to use pace, I usually try & get a pacey full back on the side he's attacking, waiting for him to try & speed past your CB before stepping out with said full back at full tilt to nick the ball. Admittedly this is due to my CBs both being mid 60s pace so if you have speedy CBs this might not be so important.
  20. Qualified for my first weekend league tonight, played some good stuff overall even registering a clean sheet in the final. Aside from a mental 5-4 defeat in the previous attempts' final (hit the post twice at 4-4, having come back from 1-4 grr!) I felt more solid at the back. Doubt I'll get chance to play many this weekend but will try to. Also opened 3 more packs from final SBCs - Glik was my best pick, goes for 8k, although I'll never use him in my team.
  21. Yeah I'm enjoying it. Kind of wish I bothered to play when I was much better at the game though, haha. It has definitely gotten it's teeth into me and will keep playing... tbh I think I actually enjoy working out the gameplay as much as the thrll of opening a pack. Keeping a clean sheet in this is more satisfying than a win! I just want to get good at defending, you think you're doing OK and then you come up against a good player and get schooled. Thankfully it seems a lot are in the same boat, so trying to take it less serious. How you finding this version specifically Timmo?
  22. 3rd surely, behind Michael Keane. See you tomorrow night pal.
  23. Cheers Pants. I've taken the worthwhile investment risk and bought a few Butlands and a Van Damme for 11k each. Worst case I'm sure I'll get my money back when the SBC drops, best case I'll use 1 or more for a valuable SBC and sell the others for cold hard PROFIT.
  24. Are OK so the monthly rewards are for the weekend league only, yeah? Also cheers for the red and black player tip. As I'm new to FUT this year all the different coloured backgrounds to different players means literally nothing to be, but I'm slowly learning. Black = IF, Blue = SBC player, White = Icon... hmm that might be all I got. Also another quick Q: a guy in my work just told me they're likely to have SBCs later in the year which require 1 or more scream players. If I fulful the current "untradeable" Scream player SBC, could I use these in SBCs? Wasn't sure if the untradeable means just unsellable but still OK to use in SBCs... or entirely untradeable.
  25. Stupid Q, what do you mean by monthly rewards?
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