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  1. Donkey Kong Country 2 - "Glimmer Galleon" level. An underwater level where it is largely pitch black and you're followed by a fish with a light on it's head. The level itself used to be a tad frustrating but I loved that when you switched from swimming in one direction to another - from right to left for example, the fish would turn with you and flash the screen with its light, giving a pseudo 3D impression. Used to love that touch, even if I did wonder how many epileptics it caused issues for. Example from 1m20s onwards:
  2. Aye the PES UI is always terrible, the action on the pitch feels decent though. I went straight from PES to FIFA and I felt a lot more in control of my players with the former. I've more or less given up on FIFA tbh for this version (barring a radical patch) so hoping PES holds up over time to fulfil my footy fix.
  3. I've done the skill games to get a hang of the controls, but haven't played a match yet. It feels and looks good so far though. Also created my MyClub team but again didn't have time to play a match.
  4. Btw on an unrelated note: Pro Evo 2018 Lite is apparently now free on PSN. Includes full My Club mode. I'm gonna give it a dl (26GB) this weekend and see how I get on. I've seen enough vids to see that the UI is still absolutely shocking but hopefully the game itself will be fun.
  5. Yeah I think I prefer PUBG slightly, because it's more raw and less gimmicky, but as smith says it's not out on PS4 nor probably will be for at least a year (if at all). Are there any other of these type of Battle Royale games on the horizon? Fortnite is still hella fun though, I still need Duo and Squad wins. Just seems to be if you're the one with a Rocket Launcher by the end game then you've got it won.
  6. Saying to Gooner last night, think I might be done with UT. Really enjoy the mode, but the gameplay doesn't hold up it's end of the bargain the vast majority of the time, and frankly I have better things to spend my time on. Realised it this weekend when I qualified for the WL but didn't feel inclined enough to even play a single game. If I even vaguely enjoyed playing the AI I reckon it'd keep me hooked via Squad Battles, but much like the last four FIFAs, it's still lacking any fun to do so. I'm sure I'll dip back when the next patch hits to see if things have changed but until then...
  7. Still need wins from Duos and Squads. Squads seem the hardest mode to me, just because when a good squad is good, they seem gooood. That said we had two or three 2nd finishes last week so hopefully will do better tonight! I notice the new Patch has been announced, including a few proper additions: The Launch Pads sound like a possible good tactic to surprise attack people who have built a big tall fort, everyone spring up into the air and reign down hell...
  8. Cool Maybe we can get a few of us on then. If we get more than 5 people on I'd suggest we split into teams, it's brutal defending against more than 5 on Clubs. I'll be on from 9.30/10.
  9. Yeah it's sad to say but I think general impotus to play is quite low. I think looking for a early-mid Jan start might be a good idea Luseth. That said I'd still be up for clubs sessions at random times, it still can be fun but it's vital all people are on the same wavelength. Defending is so hard in Clubs this year, especially without a @tcharliel who has hardly been on this version.
  10. I'll be up for trying Clubs this Wednesday night if anyone fancies it. But yeah, this version seems to be the least loved version in a long time. I've purely been playing it because UT is addictive, the actual game is 90% of the time trash.
  11. Cheers Steel that's a decent thought. I already have Manolas, so him and I guess Dunnarumma at GK (or whatever his name is) is probably the best bet? Those Path to Glory cards are absolute pap!
  12. I had David Luiz on loan for a bit and he's decent, why don't you want him Al?
  13. Haha aye Steel I have all had of those equivalents (Talisca is also fun at CAM, 6 foot 3, rapid, strong, 90 shot power (!)) but Giuliano has been awesome there. The minor problem with the line-up throughout is a lack of pace through the centre so I'm constantly having to turn back. Lucas Leiva is on the bench in case I need CDM cover at the end of a match! Aye cheers Timmo, tempted by Jesus, but he's like 50k (and his stats don't suggest quite why he's so expensive!). In terms of buying players, are we sure the market won't dip much more from here on out? Or should I hold out? E.G. I bought Firmino a fortnight ago for 22k, he's worth 8k now (not that I'm too fussed as he's been class for me, but still...). I don't mind dipping on Jesus but I'd like to at least get near enough my money back if I bin him in a week. Ta Limu, I did have Marquinhos but he is neither tall, fast, or particularly strong so binned him off. Felipe Luis lacked the pace and most attackers I face have ridiculous speed, Telles is quality btw. Ederson is hella money, but yeah if I ever bin Naldo off (and therefore bin Fahrmann off), I will get Ederson. This Brazil team is super fun to play with btw, all are great dribblers and passers... they just miss that something exceptional in the striker position and a bit of pace at centre back. The latter problem could be fixed with Icon Ronaldo... who is only going for a paltry 6 million .
  14. This is what I'm rocking at present: Anyone see any obvious improvements? I'm really enjoying the Fabinho/Fernandinho combo, they've helped my defensive play no end, but Willian and Costa at RM/LM have hardly been setting the world alight. I don't like Costa's M/M workrate as he's often slow to get forward, even on "stay forward", and he has missed a lot of chances for me. Also I can't find a reasonably priced alternative for him. Coutinho is one, but he's lacking the pace. Ideally I'd also move Firmino into CAM and introduce a lighting fast ST but again struggling as to who that could be.
  15. I'll be on tonight from 8/9ish too, decent games last night. We all came 2nd three times I think? The circle was very unkind to us.
  16. You haven't traded this year?! Did you get the £ for your team via just playing games?
  17. Ha. His first name is definitely Max.
  18. Too much punctuation in that sentence Baz, tone it down a bit in future please pal.
  19. I've been properly into Salt and Vinegar Golden Wonder. 20p a bag at Home Bargains, and each bag is 34.5g. In a world where McCoys multipack bags are now 27g, this is marvellous.
  20. Packed Sterling and Rafael from my SBCs, none too shabby. Also played four Seasons games tonight, just one goal conceded. More happy with that than the 8 points accrued! This is still a too common occurrence for my liking. I can literally only think of one single time I've scraped a draw with the stats reversed. I get this nightly when I play, mental. Have been trying to improve finishing by doing the driven double tapped low shot but for me GKs are even saving those.
  21. I must have sunk about 10 hours into this, even getting as far as Meridian and level 12, but I just struggled to feel invested in the world. Storylines were dull and combat always went the same way for me - hide from cover, sneak attack one or two enemies that could be sneak attacked. Arrow to weak spots on a few others, before all hell breaks loose and either run away and rinse/repeat, or come out on top due to somewhat OP spear attacks. The story never gripped me either, all the clans and tribes, none of which I really truly knew enough to care about. The world is super pretty, but for me, other open world games do each aspect of the game in a better manner, sadly. I really wanted to like it, I did.
  22. I saw you guys all partied up last night so cracked on with some Solo play. It's very more-ish, and I had a lot of fun with it. Was the 8th left a couple of times, but the start can be quite brutal as it feels like there are a real lack of buildings to loot from at the start. Would be up for some Duos/Squad play on Thursday eve if anyone is up for it? Say from 9pm?
  23. The fucker doesn't post for a month and he comes in kicking and screaming with a post like that. Who says Scottish football lacks subtlety.
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