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  1. Anyone up for a bit of Fortnite squads tonight? I'll be on from 9...
  2. So close to 3 Squad wins in a row last night! Quality games nevertheless. I'll be on next Monday from 10pm if anyone might be on then.
  3. Jamin

    Rocket League

    Count me out sorry guys, got a busy day on the 25th lined up now so can't guarantee attendance
  4. Did some research and the Elgato is good (but expensive) but there is a better option through a few different types of capture cards (I-O DATA GV-USB2, for example) in conjunction with OBS / Amarec software. I'll change the typos thread title now, oops.
  5. Aye composite, whoops. First post edited!
  6. I'm excitedly digging out my old (PAL) N64 in a few weekends time and will be playing it through my old CRT (via composite (not component - soz!)) as soon as I get the spare room changed into a man's hideout! Other than the simple method of streaming through twitch on my PS4, I have no idea how I'd go about this . Does anyone here stream N64? What kit do I need? I have tried google for answers, but most of the hits on there seem to involve an N64 and a HDTV or PC monitor so assume it'd be different for a CRT.
  7. Jamin

    Rocket League

    I'm down for the first two February dates, aye.
  8. Yeah he's shit that Pele like.
  9. I've got Raptor arriving as a not-so-surprise gift for my birthday this weekend. The idea being me and the new-to-games gf will give it a try. At the mo we've only got a few 2-player games - Port Royal, Portal of Heroes and Cube Quest. On the look out for more 2p stuff, especially ones intended to be played in that way . Not heard of Mr Jack though - is it a similar sort of game to Raptor? Different enough to warrant a purchase?
  10. Us Fortnite'ers in the Football League forum love a double dip of Trailer Park / Race Track. Usually decent enough loot for a squad of 4 and most folks in that area tend to head to Retail Row. The update in the map is phenomenal! I wonder if they'll work on an entirely different map next. After the shooting mechanics update of course.
  11. Congrats to you and yours mrs Hogg, she's beautiful.
  12. Apologies for last night had to bail early doors due to women. Anyone on tonight? I'll be on from 10pm.
  13. Awesome video Hogg, quality games last night. Me and Vinnie racked up a couple of duos wins after you all slinked off too, great fun. How did you guys get on @Baring @Pants McSkill @Steely? Anyone on tomorrow (Sunday) night? @Luseth come join us.
  14. Haha it does sound like that in fairness, apologies (especially for someone who killed 1 guy in 6 games the other day ). More the merrier, but deffo I think at first you need to practice, it is unforgiving. If anything because there's nothing worse than dying at the start constantly and spectating the next 20mins. Also no one should bear witness to the rage Vinnie has, a la when his mate started playing & kept accidentally firing his gun alerting everyone nearby to our position.
  15. If you haven't played that much pal I'd highly recommend you just play some solo games and go to busy locations. You'll die lots but gotta get used to building quickly and the shooting mechanics!
  16. (shooting starts at 1min onwards) Video showcasing the new shooting mechanics which will be rolled out sometime this year. I'm pretty hyped for this because the shooting in Fortnite can be really random at times and ultimately pretty frustrating. When this improvement drops (no ETA, just "sometime this year") hopefully where you aim is where you'll shoot, accuracy will be key, and will hopefully will lead to less of those "but I'm aiming right at him!" moments. That said... anyone on tonight? I'll be about from 10ish
  17. I've got just Black Museum left after binging on the other 5 episodes in 2 days. Brilliant, addictive stuff. Thing about Black Mirror is that even the few dud episodes and the ones with glaring plot holes feature such amazing ideas, are portrayed so interestingly, and that the concept of the show is rather unique, those trio of reasons alone will always keep me coming back for more. Roll on Series 5.
  18. Deus Ex is fantastic - would recommend, I got it for £20 and didn't feel short changed. A warning though that the first mission (prologue training mission) is utter tripe, you're given little guidance and the end is quite combat heavy, which isn't the game's strength imo - I nearly gave up after that. Was glad I powered through, it's fantastic onwards once you get to the first hub city. Particularly the second hub world imo.
  19. Yeah nice half past midnight victory last night I'll be on at 11ish if there's space.
  20. More the merrier we could always alter who plays on their own or have a duo and a 3.
  21. I know it's usually seen as the ugly duckling of the three DKC games (which is incredibly harsh, DKC3 is brilliant imo) but I always loved the snow level from Donkey Kong Country 3. Music is ace too.
  22. I've become quite obsessed with these bad boys in recent months. Mainly the Soy and Vinegar flavour. Japanesey crispy goodness.
  23. Many thanks Mortis, as a late Xmas present for my sister, this sound perfect.
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