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  1. A real tricky one that's for sure, but for me: 1) The Wire 2) Chernobyl 3) The Shield 4) Breaking Bad 5) Better Call Saul 6) Line of Duty 7) Mr Inbetween 8 )Game of Thrones 9) Band of Brothers 10) The Witcher 11) Mindhunter 12) The Pacific 13) Fargo 14) Black Mirror 15) Unbelievable 16) The Thick of It 17) Peep Show 18) The Detectorists 19) Boardwalk Empire 20) Severance I'm currently watching a few other potentials to go on here (The Expanse being one) but as I'm not even through Season 1 at the moment I will leave it like this.
  2. Playing 5-player Twilight Imperium with the new expansion on Sunday. 9.30am kick off, expected end of 7/8pm. Factions to be picked on the day. Only played base game once before (with Ghosts of Creuss - so quite a non-vanilla faction) so very much looking forward to it. Potential picture-based game report to come.
  3. I'm about to start this, never played before but giving the 5 hour trial a go and if like will just pay the PS5 £20 price. Quick question - I assume there are difficulty levels, which one would you recommend? I like a good challenge and often find Normal difficulty in games these days is too easy and so it loses my attention by mid/end.
  4. Another devotee to the church here. I haven't quite finished it - a few episodes of S3 left, but burned through the whole lot in the past 10 days. It's just brilliant. Far and away surpassed all my expectations. It's one of those shows that is incredibly hard to follow up with any other drama, annoyingly (any suggestions for when I'm done?).
  5. Me and the other half are obsessed with these. We've probably tried all the "healthy-ish" snack bars and these are by far the best. Quite chocolatey, soft inside (not hard like others) and a good size. Seem to always be £1 in Asda and Tesco, would recommend. Be aware they also do a "Fibre" one which is packaged dangerously similar (we've accidentally bought it a few times!) which is less nice and you only get 4 bars per pack.
  6. Those who have played Jaws of the Lion solo - did you play it with 2 characters or 4?
  7. Always great to see this thread "up there" on the Discussion forum. This was one of my favourite and memorable single-player experiences of the last generation, such a shame it wasn't more successful - it really deserved to be. With my gaming backlog I doubt I'll get around to a second playthrough but if there's ever a re-release I wouldn't hesitate jumping in.
  8. The Witcher S2 - 9/10 Bloody excellent stuff. Only downside is it is only 8 episodes long. On par with S1 for us. PS for anyone who has seen this, recommend the Netflix mini "Witcher - Bestiary" episodes - two of em at 10mins apiece. Sex Education S3 - 7/10 It was fine and very watchable. Just felt it was a tad predictable and the writing a little flat. Still enjoyed it regardless and it didn't outstay its welcome.
  9. Had some very amusing games of Cockroach Poker Royal, Anomia and Just One tonight with friends we don't see very often. They loved the first two, and promptly bought a copy of each online as we left! I had also brought Quacks (w/Herb Witches expansion) and Sheriff of Nottingham neither of which sadly made it to the table - next time...
  10. Did AVGN ever open up as to why Bootsy left? I know it doesn't strictly matter now but just thought of it when I saw this thread pop up. I'm currently on an AVGN binge during lunches. On Season 5 at the moment, most of his earlier videos stand up really well today I must say.
  11. I'm playing Twilight Imperium (4E) - 4 player in a couple of weeks - my first time...any tips? The other guys I'm playing with have played at least once before so after a leg up! Suffice to say I'm cramming up on rules videos, but any general gameplay tips or factions etc?
  12. Sadly for a casual PC gamer like myself, the digital version is quite the specs hog. My relatively modestly powered laptop falls short on the GFX minimum specs, sadly.
  13. Mini bump before I brave listing these on Facebook / BGG
  14. BAP would be back in some form if EA allowed some sort of Online Team Play with real players option again. I know the league might have waned anyway for numbers, but that was the true nail in the coffin.
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