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  1. Haha, still have fond memories of that session we had Tom, where we failed the mission driving back to the depot, flipping it on an innocuous piece of kerb 3 times in a row Same session that Vinnie got wiped out by a chaos driving delivery van two attempts in a row too
  2. Jamin

    Settlers of Catan

    Haven't personally played but I know of a guy who has mismatched his old Catan with newer expansions, and all are supported. So, yes, you can.
  3. Jamin

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    The last two FIFAs. Most of the previous Assassin Creed games. Open world games in general - recent abandonments within several hours of playing include Mafia 3, Breath of the Wild and Far Cry Primal. I have come to the conclusion I prefer narrative driven, slightly more linear experiences these days, as my time is limited and I want to get "captivated" quicker. For example Prey was the last game I had this feeling with and finished to completion, and with that I still wanted more.
  4. Jamin

    Recommended Family Games

    Cash N Guns is a good shout, very easy to understand and non-gamers like the whole "holding a foam gun" element!
  5. Jamin

    Recommended Family Games

    Survive: Escape From Atlantis has never let me down and I'll be whipping this one out this Christmas for the first time with the in-laws. Codenames is a good one for a big-ish group. I also had success with Ticket to Ride Europe, never seen my mum so animated!
  6. Haha, appreciate that pal and I miss the lols and party fun but I just don't enjoy playing FIFA anymore, fair play to those that do, you're more patient than I! I have less time than ever to game so gotta play stuff I enjoy. Hope you guys are able to get some kind of league going, I live in hope that the next iteration is better. I'll be getting Battlefield on day one and obvs RDR too so hopefully catch up with yas then. You should all be playing Rocket League too because games last 5 minutes, a fair few of us still play and it's super fun.
  7. Indeed get on it Dan and bit it some of your deserved time! Although saying that @Theholyhogg when are you boys on next? Been a while. Haha I love your signature btw Dan, love a bit of throwback serious @Baring talk.
  8. There does seem to be a factor in most reviews/opinions that this COD is a bit different, and a bit special compared to the other past version. But as messers Pants and Luseth say, Battlefield is just bloody awesome with a squad of you on and usually offers some longevity. I only stopped playing BF1 because my mate demanded his copy back and I was too cheap to buy another, haha. I don't find the gunplay unresponsive either though Goons, though maybe vs COD it might feel it. Anyhoos awesome, I'll be Day-One-ing BF5.
  9. I am tempted by COD! But can't justify both and historically preferred BF and it's gunplay, it's a bit slower paced to COD. It also has a single player mode which is usually pretty decent.
  10. Jamin

    Games Exchange

    I've finally pulled my finger out and committed to selling a few games in the Trading folder:
  11. I'll be getting Battlefield Luseth, not sure if others here are getting it (Kriess will be I'm sure!) so ready to squad up when it launches.
  12. Jamin

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Picked this up from base.com for £14, it's really rather good isn't it? I'm having a great time, I remember enjoying Shadow of Mordor before I got to a standstill with available missions, but this is several further steps forward and it's the first game I've played in a long time has had me up until 2/3am in the morning. Traversal controls are exceptional and you feel a lot more able to manoeuvre and pivot around scenarios than the first game. I love how flighty you can be, and yet also how it doesn't just require hold a button to run - well timed presses of "X" to get the boost run is essential with a gang of orcs on your trail. Combat reminds me a lot of Batman albeit slightly more forgiving, but it's incredibly satisfying trying to stealth kill your way around an encampment/surround a Captain, only to stumble into a massive kick-off and still come out in tact (mostly!). And as others have said, the Nemesis system is quite brilliant this time around and builds on what we got in SoM - it's a real triumph. I'm in the first area (level 9) and more or less cleared out most of the Captains now - it's just so fun and how varied they can be. I love the random things that come up too - there's one captain 'Hura' who is an absolute cock. I've killed him like 3 or 4 times, and each time he keeps coming back, giving it all the lip "you might have got the better of me last time... and the time after... but I'm back... again!" the big optimistic idiot. These little dialogue touches you get when you encounter a captain are really great. Last night Hura decided to ambush me on a rooftop in a City, when I was stalking 2 other Captains - each had their own bodyguards. It meant I had to try and kill him on the top of a spire, in one sitting without giving my position away to nearby archers and without alerting anyone else in the City! Pretty tense but really satisfying (his corpse rolled off the spire but I got away with it ). The main missions have been pretty good so far too, sexy spider lady included, and I love the epic weapons you get from Death Threat-ing and then killing some of the Captains. The sword I have at the moment gifts me 23% more damage from melee attacks, but first I have to kill 3 poisoned enemies with it, which is no mean task as poisoned Orcs seem to go down in about 5 seconds once they're made toxic. Great game though, just lots of fun. I went a bit OCD last night collecting memories and those puzzle pieces and bam suddenly an hour had gone. With all the talk in this thread of upcoming Acts, Level 30 Captains and dying lots (and me having had a relatively easy time of it so far) I look forward to the challenge ahead!* *may regret these words
  13. Jamin

    Quick Whitehall Mystery question

    English rules can be found in all their colourised PDF glory here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/78/b4/78b4b240-ec1d-416d-8486-970fb5a941c9/whitehall_mystery_rulebook_small_copy.pdf Up to you of course but I personally think that rules aside, you should be fine to muddle your way through (or translate flavour cards as and when you use them!).
  14. Aye it's a proper shame, though @GrahamDunn what do you think of the game?
  15. I will indeed! I've been on a bit this week but not seen you or Mack about! Rocket League has kind of ruined FIFA for me tbh because playing it before or after FIFA and it's like chalk and cheese with how responsive the controls feel, really highlights how to me how stodgy the other has become. On a side note anyone yet to play Rocket League really should get back into it, a fair few of us football league folks still play it regularly.

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