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  1. i take it if you want a higher score exotic (ie nemesis sniper) you need to find a higher score blue print of said exotic?
  2. Sell it at £150 and you have a 4k streaming device that can play games as well.
  3. Was the underground lab created for Walter White to make his meth or was it already there?
  4. I don't understand the case I have lawyers for that - Terry Colby
  5. Does anybody in here actually want Mourinho to replace LVG?
  6. Its been uploaded to archive.org (the internet archive site). https://archive.org/details/TheInterview_MovieHD
  7. The codec used by the X1 is not capable with the 360.
  8. Thanks for that just found the kinect guide under help. Too busy playing Forza and not really exploring around the console to see whats what.
  9. Is this setup at the start or something I have to do myself through the settings.
  10. Silly question but can you use the x1 hands free with the kinnect (like you can with the 360) without using voice commands?
  11. M416 with Holo + Magnifier is my go to gun atm,
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