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    I guess the question thing is what counts as innovation. MSFS is definitely innovative in how it's made. But in the end it's also "just" a better flight simulator. Bigger world, better graphics, I imagine a deeper simulation. So the end user should be endlessly impressed but is the experience innovative. For me I think all of the innovations are interesting, be it really visible in the end result or just a new way of doing something But I think developers have burned a lot of bridges over the years by discussing amazing "systems" and "processes" they're using to simulate NPC's lives even when not on screen, map real people's faces using photos, use the cloud to destroy buildings, and all sorts of other bullshit which always turns out to be exactly as shit as we had already seen or not meaningfully better given the time and money that was spent. Does the experience need to be different or new or can simply how the experience was produced be enough?
  2. Most people don't and shouldn't worry about it. To be frank, either spend time reading/watching about this stuff or just stick to the defaults. The whole thing can be an exercise in trail and error across the board. For Chrome... it's a PC it does PC things in desktop mode. Linux == Windows for the basics just a bit different.
  3. You should be able to do it all directly. It is a PC. Switch to desktop mode, get a keyboard and mouse attached and it can do anything a computer can.
  4. Was trying to remember the Doom story from this week. Then realised I only finished listening to the "latest" episode this morning and that it's already Friday again.
  5. Instant or 4-7 days depending on delivery choices.
  6. Most of this forum (and the internet) is about not looking for information. In the fucking Steam thread people cannot be bothered to read even the same page to find the delivery times. In the Game Pass thread it's been through times where 90% of the posts are people asking if the cheap access is still a thing and how to do it.
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    I'm in two minds. In most stuff I think there is a lot of stagnation. Most of triple A output has for me become irrelevant. It's full of terrible stories and too much combat (I've come to the conclusion that real time combat in games is just generally not for me apart from a few exceptions). Listening to the Back Page Pods first episode (XBSX vs PS5) this morning as Matthew went on about how Sony's first party line up still destroyed MS's (at this gen's launch) and listed games I realised not one of them appealed. 1st and 3rd person action is dead to me for the most part. Having said that "Indie" games also have their problems. I think the top-down rogue lite combat game can fuck off now. Every other title is basically just rooms of enemies to smash through endlessly. Slightly different on each run maybe but still the same thing. When perfected it's amazing but it's still a rut. But there's so much more to gaming. So many weird and wonderful creations that are actually different.
  8. Finally watching this. Oh. I'd heard nothing. Honestly I assumed they were faking this to an extent. Then the incident. Completely unnecessary. A show desperately trying to out do itself I guess. Taken the sheen off watching the rest of it. Although, on the topic of this forum... Is there water or not?
  9. They will not notice their pie. They haven't after any of their constant u-turns and failed projects to enter new markets. They will continue to be stupid. Google is going to end up with two means. To Google something might mean to search for it or to start with great enthusiasm and then fail to ever really evolve or improve it before you give up on it.
  10. Of course GetMyDeck was bang on. It is not a prediction. It's simply a summary of actual orders that are known to have been completed.
  11. And no one was surprised. Except Google of course because they are utterly utterly inept in so many ways. A perfect proof of how too much success can make you overly confident. At what point does their number of failures make then stop and wonder if they're not as smart as they think they are. Trying to refund as much as possible is better than expected of them I think. Although many will still be out a bit but they will have used it for a while too.
  12. I'm not actually surprised to be honest. I've found the whole device to be pretty flake-y a number of times. This morning I started playing X-COM 2 (only "playable" not "verified") and had the audacity to click the key bindings option in the game options. I assume something might have popped up in a different window but a) I couldn't see it, b) whilst I could still move the mouse pointer around in the game, music was still playing and animations happening it wouldn't actually respond to input and c) the overlay no longer appeared when clicking either the Steam or "..." buttons. Had to hard reboot it by holding the power button. The third time in a week. I've had it get stuck switching between Game and Desktop modes. I've had Return to Monkey Island repeatedly start with music but no graphics (you see a flash of it, it's clearly running but the device has failed to make it the focused window). If I had a main guess with most of these it's that its window/display management is very dodgy. It simply gets itself into situations where its picked the wrong thing (or nothing) to render to the physical screen and so the user cannot see what they're meant to.
  13. WTF! Installing Edge did that? (because it's only that and the flatpak command that really do anything to the system).
  14. Edge has a built in Extension store/manager. Simply click the extension button in it's toolbar
  15. Yes. But miles of sand dunes could look fucking stunning. In that video it looks like very uniform surface. Maybe my video quality but it just looked very flat.
  16. Hmm, I hate to say it but this looks quite average. That's not typically an issue to me but this just looked a bit bland in a game where you should feel like you're exploring an exciting landscape.
  17. Maybe. But I think many would bounce straight off of it. Make a level or two. No one plays them. Done with building. Play some stuff but I'm not sure the number of people who played AC for a hundred of days do the same here. What I think would be interesting, inspired by Smoothy's comment would be a Super Mario Maker 2: Player. A 'free' version for people on Nintendo's online service to play levels made by people with the full game. Maybe put some limitations in it but it would turn the main game into game builder rather than a level builder. Off the back of that I think you might even be able monetise periodic content drops adding new biomes or items.
  18. Razor is jumping on to this ship... https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2022/09/razer-is-making-a-streaming-focused-handheld-console-for-some-reason/ This one has 5G. So I'm sure it'll fit the bill of the cheap handheld streaming machine for all. Or not.
  19. No reason they cannot but no one can say if they will unless MS have said they will in public. Logically I think it's unlikely something that has just left will come back in general. It leaving suggests that either a) MS and the dev/publisher could come to new terms that suited both or b) MS didn't see it as being valuable enough to the service in terms of retention or attracting new subscribers (against its cost to them).
  20. No. They've continually (I think) demonstrated they want xCloud everywhere. Everyone using that service. Regardless of device. It's all money in their pockets. In this case the why is here...
  21. So just 4 extra months of polish. Better be pretty darn shiny after that amount of time in the oven given that "development is finished". And yet I place money now on some massive day one patch anyway.
  22. MS offer their own instructions for it. Simply search and it's often the top result. It's not actually hard but it is fiddly because you need to type/copy some strings from the page into dialogue. But there's an extra step (I've not done yet) that they don't document to tweak your user agent string so you get the best stream quality.
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